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Protein Shakes Side Effects
Please Select less than 4 times a month 1 - 2 times a week 3 or more times a week. As excess protein cannot be stored in its original form in the body, if you are not burning these calories by doing a sufficient amount of physical activity, or doing enough weight bearing activities to build more muscle, these extra calories are likely to be converted to fat. Equate Weight Loss Shake Drawbacks: But, this shake was good for a start, most importantly because it was cheaper than the other available brand names in the market. The unheard of is the consumption of foods and beverages containing food additives including preservatives and flavorings. I found I could not give up actual food that easily.

Common Protein Shake Side Effects

The Rich Chocolate Equate Weight Loss Shakes

The kidneys then try to restore the balance of acid by excreting more acid, at the same time the skeleton releases calcium which is also lost in the urine as a buffer. This results in the loss of calcium from bones which can increase the risk of osteoporosis if it occurs over a longer time frame, particularly in high risk groups such as women. There is a possibility however, that a diet which is high in alkaline fruit and vegetables in addition to protein may help to counteract this effect.

High protein diets can put increased strain on the kidneys due to the need to excess waste products called ketones that are generated with such a diet and the need to excrete these products.

For people with reduced kidney function this stress can worsen the condition and may even contribute to reduced function in people with healthy kidneys if followed for a long period of time.

A high protein intake, particularly if you are not eating enough carbohydrates, can push the body into ketosis, a state in which there is a build-up of toxic ketones in the body. Your kidneys then go into overdrive trying to eliminate these substances and in the process a lot of water is lost as urine. This increases the risk of dehydration, particularly if you are also losing a lot of fluid through sweat during exercise. This dehydration not only puts stress on the kidneys, but can also affect the function of the heart in extreme cases.

If you consider that an average steak contains about 42 grams of protein, this is not difficult to achieve. And i didnt have a lot of time to go to the gym aren't a lot of us like this lol.

But i walked my butt to the end of my street and run back everyday with the drink it worked fast but it made me pee alot!!! So, basically it was a part of the beginning of my journey towards weight loss.

I was new to these shakes and had no clue how do these things taste. Have always had fresh shakes in the past, and was kind of skeptical with what all go in these ready to drink shakes.

Though it tasted good, it had some aftertaste, probably due to Vitamins added. I felt hungry in a short span after having this shake, it might needed sometime to get used to this product, but I was lucky enough to come across another good brand of diet shakes, I got to know through my friend.

But, this shake was good for a start, most importantly because it was cheaper than the other available brand names in the market. See all my reviews. These shakes follow a simple premise, restrict your caloric intake to help you to lose weight.

Well that is fine and dandy, although you do start getting tired of drinking shakes twice a day instead of eating any real foods. And the diet snack bars are often too sweet with artificial chemicals for my taste buds.

I like to drink just one shake a day for breakfast, since it is my most hectic time of the day. If I do not have breakfast I find I graze all day long. So I take a Creamy milk chocolate shake and down it for my morning meal. I haven't noticed any massive weight loss, however it does give me enough energy to keep me going through my morning and into my afternoon. The taste is surprisingly good for a diet shake, although I do like mixing a little fresh fruit or peanut butter in mine to give me a little variety.

Having the shake come from Equate means I don't spend nearly as much money as I would buying the name brand. Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. Was this review helpful? Equate Ultra weight loss Shakes are almost identical to Slim Fast shakes, as far as nutrition goes.

A good product for a good value. If you compare label to label, you will see that the calorie count is identical for both BUT you actually get more product with Equate 11 ounces , versus 10 ounces for Slim Fast. The fat, protein, carbohydrates, and fiber counts are absolutely identical. Equate has slightly more potassium than Slim fast mg for Equate vs mg for Slim fast , and Equate has less sodium than Slim Fast mg vs mg. As far as taste goes, I love Equate's shakes just as much as I do Slim-fast.

As far as weight loss goes, Equate shakes do help you control your calorie intake, while providing you with a decent amount of nutrition and vitamins, but I always find that these shakes make me crave something crunchy after less than three of four days of being on the shake diet.

They do taste great and are especially satisfying as breakfast, but I will always get hungry within less than three hours. I will usually revert to Equate's shakes whenever I have a couple of pounds to lose after too much indulgence, and I will have one shake for breakfast, one shake for lunch with a fruit or some protein , and a light dinner. These shakes are great for calorie control, but there is no magical formula here and I do not recommend this sort of diet for any longer than two weeks.

If you are crunched for time for breakfast or lunch, these are definitely healthier than not eating at all, or eating junk food, so I always have at least 6 cans on hand in my fridge. Because these Equate shakes are so much more affordable than their Slim Fast counterparts, I can actually have more than one variety, to avoid boredom I especially like the vanilla and strawberry flavors. I always like to cut costs where I can. The creamy milk chocolate flavor tastes good to me and are creamy.

They have vitamins and nutrients that are healthy for you. If you replace one or two meals a day with a shake you can significantly reduce your calorie intake thus loss weight. I must admit this is not easy. I found I could not give up actual food that easily. Although the shake has protein and other things in it to help you feel full I still didn't follow this diet plan for very long.

Based on our research into this product and formula, we believe that consumers may be able to see weight loss results with the product, provided they approach usage in the right manner. To successfully see weight loss results, consumers will need to put themselves on a VLCD very low calorie diet by replacing all three of their daily meals with a bottle of equate meal replacement shake.

Our top 10 best rated weight loss shakes based on effectiveness —. This product is available in the Walmart stores and via their official website www. While it is cheap and cheerful, the formula is totally lacking in pretty much every way. Equate Weight Loss Shake Benefits: Low in calories Contains lots of vitamins and minerals.

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