Foods to Eat to Keep the Endocrine System Healthy

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10 foods that help balance hormones
Reproduction Puberty Energy levels Bone and muscle strength Metabolism Libido That time of the month for women Maintaining nutrient, water and electrolyte balance of the blood Mobilising body defences against stressors Your body produces, stores and releases hormones, and when all is good, your body functions properly and you operate at your maximum. Eating too much or too little each day disrupts your endocrine system -- excess fatty tissue secretes abnormally high levels of estrogen, and people with very little fat also face a risk of hormone imbalance. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Doctors recommend consuming magnesium-rich foods such as:. It will let you know in the form of fatigue, moodiness, sleep issues, unhealthy amounts of weight gain or weight loss, hair loss, focus problems, blood sugar spikes, and a low libido. These are endocrine-disrupting chemicals EDCs —they come into your body and send your hormones, like estrogen and progesterone, into a tailspin.


6 Ways to Strengthen Your Nervous System

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Tips for Taking Care of Your Endocrine System