Beyoncé mordue au visage par une actrice "droguée", la folle anecdote !

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But being deprived of oxygen for at least eight minutes took its toll. Some of her guests include: Marconi in the West. Either way this list has the names of beers with a 7. Much of her journey has already been documented but there was one area that I missed. Sutter was interviewed by phone late Friday afternoon, after the aforementioned staff meeting.

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List of beers with 7. This list of 7. List includes any ales, pilsners, lagers, porters, stouts, etc with 7. Some of these beers might be popular 7. Either way this list has the names of beers with a 7.

This list answers the questions, "Which beers have a 7. Magnus Heller Bock Allgauer Brauhaus. Ambly Cuvée Ermesinde Ambly. Annoeullin L'Angelus Bière de Froment. Antares Cream Stout Cervecería Antares. Henson, Sara Foster et Sanaa Lathan, toutes présentes à ladite soirée.

Sur Twitter, la dernière avait d'ailleurs rapidement publié un message pour démentir son implication. Sous aucun prétexte je n'ai mordu Beyoncé et si je l'avais fait cela aurait été une morsure d'amour ", a écrit Sanaa Lathan.

Under no circumstances did I bite Beyonce and if I did it would've been a love bite. Malheureusement pour elle, les langues se sont vite déliées. Cette histoire a en tout cas eu le mérite de faire jaser les foules pendant de longues heures jusqu'au dénouement final. Entre-temps, le créateur de la série American Horror Story Ryan Murphy en a profité pour rebondir avec humour en annonçant son nouveau projet télévisé, qui est évidemment totalement faux.

Qui a mordu Beyoncé? Un clin d'oeil aux deux dernières saisons de sa série American Crime Story , la première ayant été dédiée à l'affaire O. Simpson et la seconde ayant pour thème le meurtre du créateur italien Gianni Versace. Who should play Beyonce? Une publication partage par Ryan Murphy mrrpmurphy le 27 Mars 2: Téléchargez l'application et recevez les alertes de la rédaction en temps réel. Qui veut épouser mon fils? L'Amour est dans le pré. Danse avec les Stars.

Beyoncé mordue au visage par une actrice "droguée", la folle anecdote! Photo publiée sur Instagram en mars Davis Foundation et de la Recording Academy. New York, le 27 janvier Le 24 juillet Jay-Z et Beyoncé sont allés au cinéma en amoureux pour l'anniversaire du rappeur. Le 4 décembre à New York. Beyoncé et Jay Z, photo publiée sur Instagram le 17 septembre Exclusif - Jay-Z et sa femme Beyoncé sont allés diner avec des amis à Miami, le 9 février Exclusif - Beyonce et son mari Jay-Z regardent le coucher de soleil sur un yacht avec leur ami Emory Jones, à Miami le 9 février In , WGY experimented with a ,watt transmitter but interference with other stations necessitated a return to 50, watts.

In , KFI became the first 50,watt station in California. This morning beginning at 10 a. The recent influx of unaccompanied child immigrants has triggered an onslaught of questions from affected border residents and local governments alike. This news special will do a deep dive, not just interviewing those involved but also attempting to answer the tough questions surrounding this escalating situation, according to a KFI press release.

KFWB in from Mr. Pop Culture Click the Artwork. The picture of Mike, when he was 16, what are all those flat cartridge like looking things behind him? The rest of the day parts must have problems. He-he] Also, lost in the discussion is the fact that KFI is still the top talk format by a long way.

The only spoken word format to beat them is KNX, a news only format. Does KFI have some soul searching to do? Of course, they do.

Do they need to do something to bring a younger audience to them? Are they destined for a format change? We should have an open mind and review the total picture. Perhaps my thoughts will help others look at KFI a little differently. I hardly even tune in any more, and removed it from the presets in my car months ago. Get a new AM drive host. Handel is an overbearing, obnoxious blowhard [which can be entertaining, I know] but he jumped the shark at least 6 years ago, maybe even before that.

Bring Phil Hendrie back in the evening, from KFI Marc Germain for 9-midnight. Find spots in the lineup for Tammy Bruce and April Winchell. The programming was entertaining, edgy at times, and original. Surely somebody heard this before it went on the air. Oh well, plenty of people are hearing it now that's for certain.

Somebody doesn't like her. It's distracting to the cause, it's an insult to her and it certainly would be worthwhile getting rerecorded, thereby showing some respect to the Office of the President. I mean, really, come on, and give her some respect. Everybody has an outtake now and then, but it's not fair to put it on the air. Netflix Part of the Media Future. I am one of the 50 million. We are almost through season four. Aaron Sorkin created the series with Thomas Schlamme.

They delved into the personal and professional lives of those in the White House who worked directly for the President of the United States. It was fascinating to learn some of the back stories. The series had its challenges: Rob Lowe, deputy communications director, departed midway through season four; John Spencer, chief of staff and the glue that held all story lines together, died during season seven; and creators Sorkin and Schlamme exited after season four.

NBC executives were underwhelmed with the pilot script. Sidney Poitier was first offered the role of the President. Since the show began in , if Sidney had taken the role, that sure would have been a portent of things to come. Since the original focus was on the White House staffers, Sheen was to appear in only 4 of the first 13 episodes, but he ended up being the highest testing character in the pilot.

The role of the press secretary C. Schiff said that she became the heartbeat of the show. She was in Calgary on a layover when she got the call from her agent. For her audition, she was thrown into an evening gown and had to descend a staircase with the President.

It was not even in the top five shows on NBC in the first year, but the attractive demographics were strong. Joshua Malina played Will Bailey, deputy communications director. I sent Aaron an email: When looking for that next assignment or next opportunity, be amazed at how Mary-Louise Parker made it happen, even when there was no job. Day at the Races with Conway, Jr. Is it true that we are hours away from learning where Jim Rome will land on an LA radio station?

While in high school, Bergman formed a comedy group and worked as an announcer for the campus intercom radio station. They recorded 29 comedy albums and starred in several films.

Bergman died of leukemia in Passion and excitement brought me to radio, and kept me there my whole life! I'll never forget my special time at 93 KHJ or any of the incredibly talented people I had the privilege of working with at that 'three-letter-legend.

I remember a gargantuan studio which held a sizeable audience. Musical instruments adorned the empty stage. Must have been live shows at the time. Those were real radio days. After being there for a while, one of my friends asked me which waitress I would like to be stuck in an elevator with. I told them "The one who knows how to fix elevators.

I'm old, tired, and pee a lot! I also got the impression he did not suffer fools gladly. There are plenty of good reasons to have people [with guns] patrolling the Texas-Mexican border staring into Mexico. I think in Stephanie's little finger pointing exercise, the four pointing back at her are more telling. Rick Perry is being a good manager of an awful big piece of real estate.

This is a station that has been adrift for quite some time. Formerly a consistent Top 10 station, albeit many years ago, it has floundered around 40th in the recent past. With rumors flying that KABC would once again become the Dodgers flagship, it is a bit of a surprise that a deal was made with the hockey Kings. I totally agree that it will certainly wreak havoc with the on air line up.

This will consume lots of air time. Other changes must be forthcoming at KABC. As for Rush leaving KFI and the ratings falling, I believe the ratings were already heading south while he was still there. KFI sounds tired and continues to be overloaded with repetitive commercials. Changes need to be made at KFI to return to the Top An award-winning broadcast journalist with more than 25 years of experience, Frank currently anchors the business reports on KNX.

Frank began his career in broadcast journalism in high school at a top-rated fm station in Miami where he was promoted to news director at the age of During that time, he provided the live descriptions of all space shuttle launches for the CBS Radio Network from through In , he was an eyewitness to the Challenger disaster at the Kennedy Space Center.

Cool, precise, no hysterics financial reporting. It is so much fun when people discover LARadio. Then to business manager at KFWB then into cable. Rusty retired with Lou to Palm Springs.

They were together 36 years. He had fifteen grandchildren, thirteen great grandchildren and one sister. I guess I did. I believe he was brainwashed in the prison camps. He should be there. I might end up being even busier than before. Prior major market experience is required and a background in Country is a plus.

Morgan — the W stood for Wilbur — is born in Mansfield, Ohio. Was he destined to be in radio? Robert died in at age Phyllis, Michael Jackson and Vladimir Putin! Name a Diller, a Thriller and a cold blooded Killer! Jim had the most entertaining sports show ever.

Lasorda never could figure out how Healy got his profane laced comments on tape. But then again Tommy is a total honest and down to earth guy with a big heart, especially for kids. He was addicted to the word and sprinkled it in everyone conversation about anything and everything, you know like the guys down the pier unloading ships back in the old days before cargo containers.

Vin Scully is the classic baseball story teller. I miss him to this day. BZ Was a Pirate. Ben went on to radio station ownership in North Dakota at Ben was born in Glendale and moved to San Diego at age 6, where he listened to many of the radio talent that would influence his future. As a young boy he knew that he wanted to be that voice in the radio someday. Shotgun Tom Kelly was also a big influence and his now a friend.

He then returned to San Diego to work at Country outlet In , he partnered with Jim Babbitt and they are still a team in North Dakota. Ben has done it all from programming to operations. Ben loves morning radio best. The long lead time is due to the construction materials arriving in pieces. Bradley is looking for information on the original KRKD, especially airchecks. I am not sure if they had any jingles or other imaging. I am with REC Networks.

I have been involved with LPFM advocacy for the past 15 years. I lived in Los Angeles from the s to the early s. IHR is a Catholic Radio network. We had delightful dinner at the Tee-Off on State Street. He really had a wonderful time in his career working with Art Laboe and shared so many wonderful stories. I guess you have to do something when your ratings are nearing 40th place.

Programmers should be ashamed of themselves by representing one of the largest radio audiences in the US with such poor program choices. It seems every station I turn to at night is now all sports programming and we don't need another.

Very disappointed in this decision. I am sure KFI is jumping with joy over this stupid move. This report validates what anyone with common sense knows. The Red Cross effort expects to draw more than 6, pints of blood.

The timing is once again perfect, as there is a severe summer shortage of the community blood supply. All blood donors will receive one voucher for a single event ticket. Event vouchers are limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last. Walk-ins will be accepted, but donors with scheduled appointments will receive priority.

More than three decades later, the KLOS Blood Drive has grown from a single-site, single-day event to a multi-site, multi-day event — making it one of the largest media-sponsored blood drives in the country. With the help of thousands of Southern California blood donors, the KLOS Blood Drive has collected more than , units of blood since for patients needing blood and blood products.

This summer, the Red Cross and KLOS anticipate a phenomenal public turnout to break past records for the most blood collected. The LA Times ran a story this morning on the front page of the Sports section that poses more questions than answers. The story indicates that there is a 5-year deal between KABC and the Kings hockey team to broadcast the games.

Is this the precursor to a format flip to sports for KABC? If not, running a sports franchise plays havoc with regular programming. Larry Elder , Mark Levin , and Peter Tilden depending on where a game is being played East coast games will begin at 4 p. Tough to get an audience on tv, let alone radio.

Dan Avey , former Kings broadcaster once said, "There are 17, hockey fans who come and watch the game. There are only 17, fans who care about hockey.

Just when you thought the Casey Kasem story couldn't get any worse, now we get reports from the Northwest that his body is missing. They went to an Ouija board and weird things happened and they definitely decided to keep the name for the band. A year later, he was moved to mornings and his show began syndication. At its peak, it was heard by 20 million listeners in 60 radio markets in the United States and Canada. In KLSX switched to a talk format on weekdays but continued to play music on weekends.

Thanks to your overwhelming support and generosity, I'm paying off her prior medical bills and hospital costs, and feel optimistic about covering the medical bills that are yet to arrive. As a result, I'm suspending the fund-raising appeal, at least for now.

But I'm not fooling myself into believing that this nightmare is over. Even with a great support group of friends and relatives, the shock, horror, and depression runs deep. I don't know what to do with all her stuff. Once again, thanks for all of your love and support. My thoughts go out to Marlene during this sad time. Fond memories of great dinners with the two of them and my Lou. Thanks for having Lou as part of this history. To get to that level would mean increasing the sample size by a factor of 10 or more.

While this would be more accurate, who would pay for it? Radio stations are the customer here. They would have to pay much more for any rating process that delivered real significantly reliable numbers. Will they pay our just continue to gripe? They are paying for a Kia and they expect a BMW.

LARadio Archives from September For over four decades KFWB was where you went if you had 22 minutes and wanted the news. The station has flipped to a Talk format and left hundreds of KFWBers with a chance to rekindle memories.

Pete Demetriou; front row: Earlier this month he had a function where Joe Vinyl was the dj and Bill paid some high compliments to Joe. He was playing songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and the 90s. These kids in their late 20s knew every word to every song.

In an internal memo to staff, Ed Krampf wrote: We wish him nothing but success in his future endeavors. The well-liked sales executive has had various positions including: After nearly 20 years of performing on the Rick Dees morning show and Weekly Top 40, Greg Berg checks in to say that he continues his work as a comedy actor and voice talent.

Many of his colleagues staged a farewell gathering for Howard. Maggie got Roland to come to the party to surprise Bob and to share some pictures of them from 45 years ago, which were used to decorate the party, it was a big hit. Larry Van Nuys and Bill Polish; 2. Roland Bynum and Howard. Paul Lowe, Howard, Ted Sobel; 2. Andi Marshall, Howard; and 3. Sheryl and Bob Howard.

He spent over 15 years with Cox. He may finally be the general manager who gets his arms around the CBS cluster. The team has never felt more appreciated. He had a lung infection, a bladder infection and was not doing well when I finally got to see him. Much of her journey has already been documented but there was one area that I missed. We actually thought this might happen. So, we had a heads up on this that this may happen to our family.

One of her guests was Mike Gatto, supporter of a visitation bill to protect the rights of children to visit ailing parents, a bill that is getting traction. The bill was inspired by the plight of the Kasem kids. KFWB switched to a news format in and Angel remained as a news anchor, finally retiring on his 64th birthday in Want to know how the Texas Long Horn symbol was created? Stan White of Seattle provides the answer to the mystery if you will scroll down.

These clients are the ones that need to step up now and demand change. We as radio can scream and yell until we are blue in the face [and we are]. Once that happens then we might begin to see some change from Nielsen.

Hal was my boss at KRLA and a hero to me. Honest, strong and fearless. I'm sure that was true when he served in World War Two. Ken was President of our group. Ken exuded leadership from the first time we met.

He was admired and well respected by all. Over the years we took several trips with our families and became very dear friends. Ken loved KMPC and was involved in all aspects of the station. He was always articulate and knowledgeable. Hal had traveled back to Beltsville, Maryland to find out about the methodology of Arbitron and to actually look at the diaries.

He spent hours talking to me about independent variables, samples sizes, projections, and the horror of seeing diaries almost written in crayon being the foundation of an entire industry. The politics of big money interests and well established survey protocols kept him from ever getting it off the ground. This was in Yes, the smaller the sample size and the less random that it is [where every member of the population does not have an equal chance to be selected] makes commercial surveys wildly inaccurate and unreliable.

My doctoral dissertation covered all the media and focused on what best predicts mass media behavior. Killer sampling and controls. Mike Lee researched the effect of independent variables, such as demographics, location, consumer habits, etc. Demographics like age, sex, income and education had no predictive ability for radio listening. There was only one variable that did: An index of political cynicism.

He called her a pig, right? Gary was always upbeat, cheerful, and happy to be on the air presenting the music he loved. A potential health emergency looms, firefighters are changing the way they battle fires and some areas are already on the verge of running out of water. Can you give me the telephone number for Jack? He was overall, a good guy.

Chuck Southcott and Bob Fox are big time and alive good guys. My condolences to Marlene and the family. I majored in sociology though I earned my worst grade, C, in Statistical Analysis. Bob's solution is to distribute more diaries again, but any sociologist will tell you the diary method is counter-productive. NEVER let the subject of a study collect and report the data. Subjects record their biases as much as their behavior, and their record keeping is often inept.

Sign up thousands of qualified participants through social media every month among the millions of mobile subscribers in major markets like L. My Dad suffered cardiac arrest, was revived twice on the way to the hospital, but remained in a coma for 29 days with little or no brain activity, then died.

I've always been fascinated by research and the numbers. When I was a pd in San Diego and San Bernardino, we did our own in-house call outs and calculations that constantly predicted the entire quarterly book within just a few tenths of a point, including all the demos! If I ran the same call-out program today, I wonder how closely it would match the meters. More and more stations sound like robots.

Radio has ceased of being fun to listen to. It has become a bore. These Foots Are Made for Walking. Roadmap , was obsessed with alternate routes to the local maze of complicated freeways and roadways. He was a breath of clarity who helped listeners to the KABC morning drive show navigate around trouble spots on the Southern California highways and byways. In the late s he contacted every major radio station to offer his services.

I got nowhere, anywhere. At fifteen, I even got a ham radio license. I still have it all these years later.

I never shut off the radio. Roadmap retired to Phoenix a couple of years ago, only to return. He felt like he was in prison. Please keep them coming as we're just starting to receive the first round of new medical bills, and we have to pay the mortuary upfront.

God bless you all. Centinela Avenue, Culver City. Ken and Marlene were married for over 50 years. He leaves behind his wife Marlene, four children and grandchildren. Twin Towers of Radio. These are the heads of the conglomerates that have collectively fired thousands of broadcasters and are responsible for the McDonalds-ization of radio.

Tout a l’air bon… Bravo !