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Heidi Ho Posted on August 25, by admin. Retrieved December 10, Her head was a jumble of thoughts, as she considered the crumbling school building, the poor quality of the teaching, and the obnoxious-at-times students. She has said that she believes her "adoptive" nature is due to the fact that she herself was adopted. Jamal stepped forward, and pushed Jeri against the wall. Jeri Ryan knew that her acting career was at a crossroads.

Jeri Ryan’s Day At School: A Ronnielott Story

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The whole act is recorded on Video for a later blackmail. Click for Sophie Aldred Fakes. Heidi The Seductress Posted on March 21, by admin. Naked danger Posted on March 8, by admin. Lesbian Vampires, Part 3 Posted on November 24, by admin. Closing her eyes, Jeri put her finger down at random on the list of schools in front of her.

Upon opening her eyes, Jeri discovered that she had chosen Roxbury High. Anxious to know more about this high school, Jeri looked it up and found that this particular school was one of the more racially-diverse schools in Massachusetts. Jeri, wanting her experience to be as genuine as possible, decided not to call the school ahead of time to announce her impending visiting.

As she pulled into the parking lot of the school, Jeri for the first time started to think this might not be so good of an idea. As she stepped out of her Porsche, she could feel the penetrating gazes of a group of black youths — several of whom were making cat-calls in her direction — staring at her. If her presence gave those boys something to jerk off to that night, Jeri guessed that there were worse things in the world. Her head was a jumble of thoughts, as she considered the crumbling school building, the poor quality of the teaching, and the obnoxious-at-times students.

She had to admit, however, that the way many of the students had been staring at her had excited her clit. After a moment of thought, Jeri realized that she had not been laid in over a month.

Just at that moment, the bathroom door slam open. Behind him, Jeri saw two more black youths and a tall Latino. Jamal stepped forward, and pushed Jeri against the wall. You think you can force me to touch that thing? Jeri pulled her head back, not believing that this black fucker had violated her face like that. Before she could say a word, the other guys behind Jamal had made their move. She decided to go along with the boys wishes, and get this over as soon as possible. Knowing that the best way to get this whole thing over as quickly as possible was to make Jamal cum quickly, Jeri went to work on his knob.

His friends Tony and Andre did, though. What the fuck, your brains all go to your dick? With that, Jamal took over where Tony had stopped. She got in seven inches or so that time before coming up for air. Jamal let her up, and Jeri was sure she would be let go. Not believing that the bitch had actually been able to go down all of the way, Jamal instantly felt his balls fill up with cum. He smiled down at her and wiped his dick off in her long blonde hair.

He then tore off her bra, revealing the nicest set of tits any of the boys had ever seen in person. Meanwhile, Manny and Tony decided that it was about time they got in on the action. The bitch was wet! She was actually enjoying being fucked by the group of them, Tony thought. He had always heard how white bitches liked nigger dick, but he had never really believed it. He would know better for now on. No one has ever done that before, not even my ex-husband!

Before Jeri could reply, Andre shoved his dick back into her mouth, and she was forced to resume sucking.