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Much of the body was constructed from wood, and could seat up to eight occupants. Stakeholders were forthcoming with ideas, offering proposals for efficiencies and opportunities for improvements. What does it mean to be a vanguard party in circumstances where a revolutionary trade union movement plays the role of a leading detachment of the working class? This high-end fixture was built by the same brilliant minds that helped astronauts aboard the International Space Station grow their own food. Prokaryotic cells are limited in size because their energy production only takes place at their cellular membranes. I already have 6 eggs, protein biscuits, nuts and a very basic protein supplement as i mentioned before along with other protein rich food.

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As far as the shoulder sitting higher that could be I just dont know if the growth plate ties into muscle or tendon growth as well, just something I will have to look into. I am looking into getting a second opinion on it for sure. And also yeah I see what you mean about muscle building helping to keep the shoulder in place because it only popped out once while i was in high school and doing padded football almost everyday with people bigger than I and we also had to lift just about every day.

And now it cant even hold up in a game of sandlot? Definitely a defining moment in wanting to take my fitness life back on the right track. I checked out the creatine, dextrose, whey, and fish oil and will probably be purchasing that and giving the super drink a try at least due to it being amazingly low in price and actually may be even better for me in general considering whats on the rest of the market.

I just finished some Intek evolution protein powder that Lou Ferrigno at total nutrition recommended when I went in asking for the equivalent of a product I used to take and saying that was the same thing but this just has more natural vitamins and it tastes good even after I said I dont care about taste just how it affects my body in terms of health and results.

But I am pretty positive he just looked at my size males subconsciously judging other males based on shoulders etc… and figured I was a January resolution monther and just wanted me to buy what he needed to sell. So I would rather buy from people who actually care about what they are telling people to put into their body. I can at least use your links to throw some kickback your guys way. I would like to get the largest amounts possible from those sites but like I said a little strapped lol.

I would love to discuss more and more like how I workout and where the hell you guys go and jump in water with icebergs in it and everything but hopefully I will be able to in the near future. Thanks for all your help and if you have anymore you feel like offering please go right ahead haha.

Have a good one. So you rate universal torrent better than optimum serious mass then? Great read dude, Checking in here from Los Angeles. Honestly, every single thing you described in the video on the product description page has been a feeling or experience that I have gone through personally. Props to you for speaking the truth.

Should be a lot better and more legitimate. Gonna have a sample sent to my email from the product description page. But the program I use Stronglifts is not necessarily tailored specifically to ectomorphs.

It works, but I feel if it was more personalized, I could legitimately have a chance to reach my goal of lbs, with a nice body not a fat ass.. Otherwise, great work guys. Thanks for keeping it real on your site. Hope to hear back from you soon.

First off congrats on the gains! I gave the site a look and it looks like classic strength training, which is pretty badass. I quite like it. We place a big emphasis on nutrition, and mastering things from that side as well results, health and feeling great. We try to make it easy and enjoyable. We can help you track your results, tweak the program to fit your goals and situation, and give you feedback and suggestions as you go through. Our members are all great guys too — I love it.

Training in a slightly different style could give you some sweet results, too, as it gives you a new arena to master. I hope that helps! My blood glucose level has always been normal.

But it caused my fasting glucose level to shoot up to Ever since I gave up Serious Mass, my blood glucose level has returned to normal. Or how could I safely substitute the dextrose? Truth be told this is quite similar to Serious Mass, just a bare bones cheaper alternative with dosages designed for ectomorphs. Some questions — were you taking the serious mass peri-workout, or as a meal replacement? Were you taking it in a fasted state, i. Can you ditch the dextrose? Those are possibly responsible for even more muscle growth than the protein!

But you can certainly replace them. Bananas, bread, fruit, potatoes, ground up oatmeal as some of our members do … or even milk. A popular bodybuilding trick among the DIY crew is to buy a litre of chocolate milk and have that as their post-workout shake. Thanks bro, for your reply! I will certainly try out the dextrose- substitutes suggested by you. Could you please suggest a few more subs?

Looking forward to gain some lean mean muscle. To answer your question, I used to take Serious Mass as a post work out shake, thrice a week. Play basketball, tennis or any other physically demanding sport and take proper nutritious meals with a balance of protein, carbs, vitamins and minerals. You are at a stage of your life where you will notice a lot of changes in your body, your muscles will naturally get bigger, you will become broader and grow taller.

Play as much as possible, run around a lot, keep your physical activities high and eat well especially meat, eggs, green vegetables, fruits, whole milk. I know Marco trains some high school sports teams in the gym to improve their performance on the field and help keep them injury-free. Weight training, while it has a badass rep, is actually pretty safe compared to sports that are often assumed to be kid-friendly, like soccer. Out of over participants who had engaged in weightlifting, only 3 reported an injury.

Only participants had engaged in rugby … but 50 of them sustained injuries. This matches my personal experience. I dislocated my thumb playing dodgeball hospital, quick recovery , tore my calf muscle running hospital, long recovery and cranked my shoulder being a goof in the gym without proper instruction university health clinic — quick recovery.

Of all of my friends in high school, none had any real weight lifting injuries, but concussions and torn muscles were popping up everywhere on the sports field. Look at all the health problems out of shape people have. Generally in the sports world weight training is seen as a way of improving performance and protect them against injury!

Marco coaches a pro football player and an olympic athlete doing exactly that: Regarding supplements though you could always try milk! Fish oil might be a good bet. I would imagine that would be a solid supplement for you … but this is just a guess! Thx dude, I always thought sups were the way to go because my friend always gets free samples at gnc and he gives them to me and I took c4 for a bit but that did nothing because I stopped.

Could I eat stuff off your diet tho? And I mean if you struggle to eat enough protein you could definitely grab some whey. Nothing too sinister about dextrose or anything either. I wish I had started younger. If you want to make it easy on your mum, and she shops once a week, just tell her to get a litre of milk for every day of the week.

Maybe some whole grain bread, peanut butter and bananas, so you can make peanut butter and banana sandwiches. I mix it with water, although many recent studies are showing that milk, while it digests slowly, is actually pretty good as a post-workout drink. Lots of DIY guys will either make a drink like ours our down a bunch of chocolate milk!

So hey if you want to mix it with milk more power to ya! If so, how long are you on and off it for? And, is there a noticeable loss in mass and strength gains? Cycling could be good, yep. We often recommend holding off for a few weeks and building muscle sans-creatine to get a better idea of what just food and training will do for bumping the scale up. The pounds from the fluid uptake will disappear very slowly when you stop taking creatine, sure, but the gains made while on creatine often quite significant!

You could do a couple months on and a couple months off. Cycling is more of a theoretical danger-dodger as far as I know. Better safe than sorry though! We suspect that after our 5 month program most people will ditch most of the supplements. Amazing, that more than answers it! Eating like a beast is certainly the way to go!

Thanks again for taking the time to respond — you guys put in a hell of a lot of effort helping others and it really has transformed my whole mindset when it comes to getting in shape.

I decided to start bulking up recently and started a new high calorie diet last week. Full of protein and carbs. Hey Sean glad you like our stuff! Your question … is a big one. There are a lot of components to a solid workout program, but they can often be broken down into: Adding to what Shane wrote, i would like to give you just a small advice this helped me gain and will hopefully help you as well , rather than training an isolated group of muscles, train the whole body or maybe upper body one day and lower body the next day with about sets per group of muscles for about a month.

This would help you in 2 ways- 1. And eat like crazy as soon as you finish your workout. Hope this helps you in some way. Do you recommend another brand similar to NOW Dextrose? Any brand of dextrose is cool — I just selected that one because the price was good.

Other alternatives are maltodextrin and waximaize — great options both. Any brand of dextrose is cool. Hey Khevin, any brand should work.

What about women who are ectomorphs and would like to build a great posterior? I do not gain muscle easily in my lower body. Is that a fact? How long does your program recommend a single training session? Or does this depend on your body type etc etc??

And yep, you can become fat by eating tons of calories — whether from protein, fat or carbs — so becoming fat from protein, while unlikely, is possible. Check out this study. There are many factors at play here though, including our training, our bodytypes and our goals. A home gym is great! The issue I run into when lifting and drinking supplements is that my body looks fine but I start putting on alot of weight in my face.

Check this allergic reaction out ahaha. Hard to say without knowing more. Great site and great article. Prior to the injury I did p90x and classic power lifting techniques. P90 killed my back with the plyometrics. It sounds as though some of the complex movements ie squats, powerlifts would put a lot of strain on my injured disc. Do you guys have other excersises you could recommend that would be more safe with my ailment?

I was planning on doing leg press instead of squats, but it doesnt seem to be as much of a complex movement. Thank you so much and again great job. The video hit home. Exercises like deadlifts, done correctly and with care, can often work magic on back health.

I would recommend getting your back checked out by an expert and seeking out a solution that sees it getting stronger. I believe the order was fulfilled by NOW. I think Amazon may have stopped selling it themselves so you couldnt get it via prime.

Checked the NOW website and their still selling it. They replaced it with Maltodextrin. I just updated it to their new product: Dextrose, if you can find it, is still a totally valid option though. With the training drink what do you suggest a double dose or your suggested triple dose? Most of us, once we start training and eating well, can pack on muscle at alarming rates.

I am very interested into your mid workout drink — did i read it was calories! I am 6ft2 and pounds and my strength has been increasing however I know that my calorie intake is no where near bulk stage. I find it difficult. What makes your mid workout shake so high calories and do you need an post workout shake after it? When doing a single dose you can do it right before, during or right after working out. Yeah … not consuming enough calories is something most of us skinny guys struggle with.

This is one creative way of helping to solve that problem. I hope it helps you man, good luck! Having a solid protein intake is likely more beneficial for guys who are still growing, if anything. Getting most of your protein from whole foods though, since whole foods are higher in vitamins and minerals, is still a good idea.

Yes, thanks a lot my older brother has a jar of whey protein I might use that in a couple months after I develop more muscle at least. Thx for super posts. Even considering IGF, which is last resort for a lady. I would trust your doctor for advice on that one. Keep in mind that if your goal is a very lofty one, that it takes more time, effort and sacrifices to reach it! Shane, It truly does help. Are you recommending malodextrin in the training drink, or dextrose, or are those terms somewhat interchangeable?

Great advice, looking forward to giving this a try! Gah — we just switched the above link to maltodextrin. Forgot to switch it everywhere, I suppose. Hey Shane, nice article. I am a 5ft10 ectomorph that weighed lbs. I started training in mid January this year and since then I have managed to gain 20lbs. Mostly through eating lots of whole foods and upping my calorie intake and incorporating compound lifts bench press, barbell squat, deadlift, chin ups and t-rows into my training plans following your advice.

Just wanted to throw a recommendation out to any other UK people that myprotein. Mixed up the double dose slightly concerned about the triple dose making me fat and it tasted good!

Either I have weird taste buds, or these products seem to go together well. Can you shoot me details of the payment plan, if there is one? Your results are awesome! Our Australians have been buying ground up oats instead of maltodextrin, for example, and our Germans are getting dextrose from DIY beer breweries for unbelievably cheap.

Is it safe to drink 50g whey protein, g maltodextrin, 10g creatine and 5g glutamin mixed with ml in one serving? Do you mean from a hydration standpoint? I would recommend drinking plenty of water. Maybe that means bringing a water bottle with you.

We have water fountains at our gym, so if we make a particularly hearty concoction we also mix in some sips of water. My body is out of proportion. My arms are so skinny and always have been and I have NO chest and my stomach is fairly flat, not much really going on, so I know that if I can do things right, I could end up getting a pretty decent body.

As for now, it seems like the bottom half of me doesnt match the top. So I spoke to friends, watched endless youtube videos on workouts and diets and read endless articles. Money right now is a bit of an issue so the gym was a no no. The first 2 months went ok, a lot of different variations of push-ups and squats, changed my diet, started eating a lot more, I noticed some kind of improvement in muscle size but in weight I have no idea as I have no scales in my apartment to keep a check. So right now I find your site and all this great advice and all these questions with great responses and I feel like I can get some genuine great advice now.

So first I wanted to ask about the supplements. How many calories should I be consuming daily and how often do you think I should be eating? Any response would be greatly appreaciated as I am so clueless about what I really should be doing and how! Hey Sambo, thanks for taking the time to write us! None of these supplements are necessary no, and regular whole food has a whole bunch of advantages too, like being unprocessed and packed full of micronutrients.

These supplements may be cheaper than food, so in theory they should help you save money though. Calisthenics working out using your body weight is cool, and you can make muscle gains at first. At a certain point the exercises become too easy, and it becomes less about strength and more about endurance. You can be constantly making things more difficult having someone push down on your back, doing explosive clap pushups, etc but it quickly becomes complicated, and often takes a lot of athleticism handstand pushups, say.

With weights you can constantly be increasing the heaviness, resulting in progressively bigger muscles as your strength increases — much simpler and more reliable. But, as you probably know, sometimes the cheaper route comes with more challenges.

How much should you be eating? Enough for your weight to increase! There are some advanced ways of figuring that out, like what we use with our members, but you can often get a rough idea by taking your weight and multiplying it by Hey, ha thanks for the reply, I realised after that the last message was an essay!

By the way I forgot to say before, that video is very impressive and really sold me and if I was in a better financial situation right now I would sign up.

Just wanted to ask for your opinion on using waxy maize starch as opposed to dextrin or maltodextrin in post-workout shake. I started with creatine a couple of months back as per your suggestion and have noticed gains in my lifting capacity but not so much of muscle gain.

I am now looking to gain some big ass muscle and hence have a few questions.. How effective are the gainers available in the market? Are they really effective? What is the best gainer out there in the market which is really helpful for ectomorphs like us? How much of it should be taken per day? Is 1 scoop after breakfast and 1 after workout enough or should i be taking more? Hey Sushant, glad you got some gains man! Does that make sense? I agree with what other people are saying.

Some other favourites of mine are: Still not as good as making your own though. As for how much you should consume to grow?

But your overall intake should be enough for you to gain weight on the scale and improve on your strength in the gym. Surrounding training though you can take advantage of a pretty potent advantage that nutrient timing offers. Would it be possible, especially increase my arm size.

You should get started soon though!! However, if I wanted to workout 4 times a week, do you think there would be any negative high calorie effects associated with taking that many calories? My understanding of the health component of consuming a lot of calories is that it depends on where those calories are going. What a great article, I love the fact that you use research studies to back up your claims. Your photos are also a great testament to your hard work.

How gluten free friendly are you guys? I eat a ton of beans and plenty of potatoes. Lots of guys eat tons of rice and quinoa. Pizza and pasta have never been big favourites of mine even from a taste perspective. What dosages do you reccomend for me personally? Very good article though. I was re-reading the article and was wondering, do I mix 90g of protein, g of carbs, and 15g of creatine also or triple it so it would be g of protein, grams of carbs and 45g of creatine?

Would I mix the 3, drink it before, after or during my workout? When would I have to drink the fish oil? I would start with 30g whey protein and 60g maltodextrin. If that goes well and it comes time to increase, then up it to 60g whey protein and g maltodextrin. Hey man, I started taking 2 2. I know that creatine has a unique relationship with water but if i have a lot of water, will i flush the creatine out of my system when i go to the bathroom?

You want to take in a bit more than you need for that reason. What is the best dosage for the NutraSea Fish oil? Just pour into a tspoon and consume once a day? Yep, consuming once a day is perfect. Or are you just using water in your shakes? Are there any advantages or disadvantages to using milk instead of water? Milk is a surprisingly potent workout drink, considering how ridiculously slowly we digest it!

It has a lot of muscle-building benefits built into it, since there are so many rad vitamins and minerals in there, alongside a great source of protein. You may dig this article, too: I have a very limited budget so I would just like to ask if buying creatine and whey protein will be enough? Or should I buy whey protein and fish oil isntead? I am a beginner when it comes to working out so forgive me for this question. I also read that there are harmful side effects when using fish oil, are those claims true?

You can certainly ask your doctor though! I would also get kidney stones.. Or bowel movement would stop or go crazy if you get what I mean lol.. You think this program can help me. Almost all of us run into our share of mishaps, struggles and challenges with this stuff—I know I did!

Yes, I think our program could help. We take a pretty methodical approach to this and the goal is to make you even more resistant to injury, not set you up for it. You may want to get clearance to do squats and deadlifts again, too. You may find value in this article, too: On non-lifting days I try to eat as much whole nutritious food as possible.

When it comes to starches my go-to favourites are: There are tons of options out there—another big favourite for a lot of healthfully-minded dudes is quinoa.

Do you consume the same amount of supplement servings on your rest days as well, or is it only on workout days? Are there any alternate body building supplements without Creatine, because doctor suggested me not to use because.

Creatine is not suitable for me. And fish oil is still a great addition to your daily nutrition. However, the protocol seems a little scary. What do you suggest? I was thinking of going for whey protein first. But would that not add a lot of gains? I hope I converted that right. I wanna gain muscles so bad.. I went through the comments and i hope that you reply on the few ones on top. That will clear out and help me a big time.

Hey Sultan, I try to answer every single question! Do i have to take creatine dosage plus add creatine it to my drink for workout day or the drink is enough?

The workout drink is more than enough creatine for the day! Hi Shane my name is Ryan, I just so happened to stumble across one of your articles a couple hours ago and since then have thoroughly enjoyed most of what your website has to offer. Must say very impressed! A lot has changed since high school, I am 20 years old now and 5 months away from shipping out for basic training for the military cant enlist until braces are off. Now couple years later terrible diet, virtually no excersise, and no supplements.

I am 6foot 1 and pounds. Not chubby at all but def fat has hidden my 6 pack away: As I said I have a few months to jump back on board and I am dead serious about getting in the best shape of my life. I just bought YMCA membership and signed up for swimming lessons.

I want to bulk up with some serious muscle mass and burn some of this 22 percent body fat and get it back down to healthy level. Or will I need to make adjustments?

Most people need to make some adjustment or another, as everyone is a little different. Yep, the workout shake will still work. Just stick with a single dose—for now at least. Hope you decide to join us man! What would you suggest? We live in Toronto too. Seems like a great place to train at! Fish oil timing is one of those cases. This program sounds awesome!

And man, looking at this site just makes me so excited to join and try! Thanks for the heads up Oliver! Hey Shane, thanks for your reply. I noticed that you have updated the links, but not all of them. The ones of whey protein and Maltodextrin are still invalid. Do you mean what do we mix the powders with? Some of our guys use milk though and use a bit less whey and maltodextrin so that it has the same overall nutrient breakdown.

I only weigh 47kg. Can you please suggest me a good one. They seem to be broken right now, as bodybuilding. Sorry for the confusion! So which one will give me better result.

Still working on it! Hi Shane, thanks for the great post here. The info you guys provide has been very helpful in my quest to gain weight. I just started using the fish oil that you have recommended thanks for the links and you were right, this stuff is really quite easy to take.

However, I just read a study which links omega 3s to a higher risk of prostate cancer. I was wondering if you have read this study yet? I figured I will talk to my doctor about this one before continuing with the omega supplements. Oh man that study has been making waves! Interestingly enough, fish oil actually reduces your chance of getting prostate cancer in several other ways: Aaaaand keep in mind that MOST studies still show that consumption of omega 3s reduces your risk of prostrate cancer!

The media is always coming out with sensational stuff like this, as this new research is shock worthy and increases readership. Thanks Shane, what a great article!

As a ectomorph struggling to put on weight this is very helpful. I was going through the comments and must appreciate the fact that you take the time to answer all questions your readers have. Most of my doubts got clarified as I went through your answers. No problem Misha, glad it helped! And this post is broscience all the way.

Just eat and lift heavy. My legs could use a lot more work though. I looking to gain another 10 to 15 pounds of muscle. I train for strength as well for definition. You may not be a hardgainer at all, just a poor eater! You sounds like a good fit for this program, yeah.

We can definitely bulk up the stilts, and nothing will do a better job of giving you a strong balanced physique than squats and deadlifts! Hey Shane, what is your opinion on oatmass as an alternative to maltodextrin? Or, rather, blended oats, as they are essentially the same, right?

This stuff is working! However, Ive gained unwanted fat in my middle section, and thighs, where that was never happening in the past. I weigh now around lbs. I still appear skinny to most, but I may be average.

Do youvthinkbthos program is right for me? Most guys have a bit of this or that mixed in, often in the form of carrying a little bit extra around the middle hehe. Now, here comes the problem: Does you guys or any one of your clients ever got ANY stretch marks on your skin due to rapid muscle building?

A lot of us ectomorphs have stretch marks from growing UPwards though. A lot of us take to puberty by rapidly shooting sky high instead of getting muscular, it seems. Eventually, the new method can break past the inertia and active suppression, and sometimes even if the breakthrough threatens powerful interests.

Then the newly accepted method can be seen as a panacea for all manner of seemingly insoluble problems, in the euphoric, bandwagon phase. The history of science is filled with fads that faded to oblivion, sometimes quickly, while advances that survived the withering attacks are eventually seen in a more mature light, in which its utility is acknowledged as well as its limitations.

DNA and molecular clock analyses have largely passed through those phases in recent years. In the s, the idea of room-temperature superconductors had its brief, frenzied day in the sun when high-temperature superconductors were discovered. Cold fusion had a similar trajectory, although the effect seems real and MIT manipulated their data to try to make the effect vanish. After the bolide impact hypothesis broke through a taboo that lasted for more than a century, some scientists tried explaining all mass extinctions with bolide impacts.

In the dating sciences , the tests have all had their issues and refinements. The equipment has become more sophisticated, problems have been resolved, and precision has been enhanced. While there are continuing controversies, dating techniques have advanced just like many other processes over the history of science and technology.

In , dates determined for fossils and artifacts are generally only accepted with confidence when several different samples are independently tested and by different kinds of tests, if possible. If thermoluminescence , carbon , and other tests produce similar dates, as well as stratigraphic evidence , paleomagnetic evidence , current measurements of hotspot migration rates across tectonic plates , along with genetic and other evidence introduced in the past generation, those converging lines of evidence have produced an increasingly robust picture of not only what happened, but when.

In the s, I found the dating issue enthralling and saw it assailed by fringe theorists and by catastrophists in particular. A couple of decades later, I reached the understanding that, like all sciences, dating has its limitations and the enthusiasm for a new technique can become a little too exuberant, but dating techniques and technologies have greatly improved in my lifetime.

Controversies will persist over various finds and methods used, and scientific fraud certainly occurs, but taken as a whole, those converging lines of independently tested evidence make it increasingly unlikely that the entire enterprise is a mass farce, delusion, or even a conspiracy, as many from the fringes continue to argue.

There is s till a Flat Earth Society , and it is not a parody. I have looked into fringe claims for many years and few of them have proven valid; even if many were, their potential importance to the human journey was often minor to trifling. Quite o ften, the pioneers of science and technology receive no credit at all , not even posthumous vindication , as others steal their work and become rich and famous.

But if private and governmental interests do not suppress the data and theory, as is regularly achieved regarding alternative energy and other disruptive technologies , usually the data will eventually win. But the data does not always win. Lead received a similar clean bill of health by industrially funded laboratories as the conflicts of interest were surreal, and the public was completely unaware of who was really managing such public health issues and why.

Similar situations exist today. Perhaps the most significant challenge to mainstream science is the fact that numerous advanced technologies already exist on Earth, including free energy and antigravity technologies, but they are actively kept from public awareness and use.

They and other exotic technologies developed in the above-top-secret world operate on principles that make the physics textbooks resemble cave drawings. Thou sands of scientists and inventors have independently pursued FE technologies, but all such efforts, if they had promise or garnered any success, have been suppressed by a clandestine and well-funded effort of global magnitude. Although the gr eatest physicists were arguably mystical in their orientation , they rarely explored the nature of consciousness in the way that modern human potential efforts have.

When I was 16 years old, it was demonstrated to me, very dramatically, that everybody inherently possesses psychic abilities , which falsifies today's materialistic theories of consciousness. Millions of people had similar experiences during the last decades of the 20 th century when performing such exercises. Far too often, when scientists discuss materialism, they compare it to organized religion, particularly its fundamentalist strains, as if those are the only two alternatives, when they are on opposite ends of a spectrum in one way and two sides of the same coin in others.

Ironically, organized skepticism is largely comprised of anti-scientists who try to deny that such abilities of consciousness are even worthy of scientific investigation. That would be like asking a Wall Street executive in the s what his opinion of communism was.

I was also regularly dismayed by orthodox scientific and academic works that dealt with the human brain, consciousness, human nature, UFOs , FE technology, and the like, in which the authors accepted declassified government documents at face value as in not wondering what else remained classified, for starters or looked no further than 19 th -century investigations.

Armchair scientists who accept the skeptics' word for it have taken the easy way out and rely on highly unreliable "investigators" to tell them about the nature of reality. They consequently do not have informed opinions, or perhaps more accurately, they have disinformed opinions. Not all main stream scientists relegate consciousness to a mere byproduct of chemistry.

The greatest physicists knew that materialism was a doctrine built on unprovable assumptions, which amounts to a faith. White scie nce still has almost nothing to say about the nature of consciousness. However, Black Science covert, largely privatized, and the same province where that advanced technology is sequestered is somewhat familiar with the nature of consciousness and considers it to be far more than a byproduct of chemistry.

The assumption that the entire universe is a manifestation of consciousness is not only unassailable by White Science, but is probably a foundational assumption of Black Science and mystics. The ba ttle between materialists and religious orders over the years, in which materialist evolutionists grapple with creationists and intelligent design proponents, seems to be a feud between two fundamentalist camps. Nowhere in such battles are the abilities or wisdom of accomplished mystics found. The nature and role of consciousness, both in this dimension and beyond it, are likely far too subtle to be profitably engaged by the level of debate that predominates today.

As this essay will explore later, those issues are not merely fodder for idle philosophical pursuit, but at their root lies the crux of the current conundrum that humanity finds itself in, as we race toward our self-destruction.

White Science does not really know what energy is ; it can only describe its measurable effects. Our universe may have begun as pure energy and even if it did not, all matter appears to be comprised of energy , and consciousness may be required for our universe to exist at all, which may be part of the quantum paradox. There is evidence that evolution is not purely the province of chance mutations, but that organisms can affect their evolution at the genetic level.

The gre atest scientists readily admitted that the theories and data of physics, that hardest of the hard sciences, drew highly limited descriptions of reality, and those scientists were usually, to one extent or another, mystics.

If textbook science falls far short of explaining reality, what can be said within its framework that is useful? Our industrialized world is based on textbook science and feats such as putting men on the Moon were performed within the parameters of textbook science.

With the waning of overspecialization and overreliance on reductionism in the last decades of the 20 th century, multidisciplinary works have proliferated and will tend to dominate the references for this essay. I have found them not only very helpful for my own understanding, but they are appropriate references for a generalist essay.

I have also avoided scientific terminology when feasible. The main stream theory is that matter consists of elementary particles which are all forms of energy , and their interaction with the Higgs field is responsible for all mass. Almost all mass in the known universe consists of protons in hydrogen atoms, and those protons are in turn comprised of quarks , and electrons and neutrinos are the other first generation fundamental particles.

Protons have a positive electric charge, electrons a negative charge, and neutrinos no net charge. Today, mainstream science recognizes four forces in the universe: Gravity attracts matter to matter, and is thought to be responsible for the formation of stars, planets, and galaxies. But the universe seems to be built from processes , not objects.

If FE, antigravity, and related technologies finally come in from the shadows, the elusive Unified Field may come with them, and the Unified Field might well be consciousness, which will help unite the scientist and the mystic, and that field may be divine in nature. Energy may be best seen as motion Electron shells, how they are filled, and reactivity Helium and the noble gases Electron energy and quantum leaping Temperature How atoms react Elements in the human body Types of electron bonds, including hydrogen bonds This c hapter presents several energy and chemistry concepts essential to this essay.

Even though scientists do not really know what energy is they do not know what light or gravity are , either , energy is perhaps best seen as motion, whether it is a photon flying through space, the "orbit" of an electron around an atom's nucleus or of Earth around the Sun, an object falling to Earth, a river flowing toward the ocean, air moving through Earth's atmosphere, rising and falling tides, and blood moving through a heart.

The classical view of an electron had an electron orbiting the nucleus much in the same way that Earth orbits the Sun, but quantum theory presents a different picture, in which an electron is a wave that only appears to be a particle when it is observed.

When one electron shell is filled, electrons begin to fill shells farther from the nucleus. For the simplest atoms it works that way, but for larger atoms, particularly those of metallic elements, electrons fill shells in more complex fashion and electrons begin to fill subshells not necessarily in the shell closest to the nucleus. When an electron is unpaired or in an unfilled shell, it can be a valence electron, which can form bonds with other atoms. In most circumstances, only unpaired electrons form bonds with other atoms.

Electron bonds between atoms provide the basis for chemistry and life on Earth. For that simplest element, hydrogen, its lone electron has an affinity to pair up with another electron, and that smallest shell contains two electrons. Hydrogen is never found in its monoatomic state in nature, but is bonded to other elements, as that lone electron finds another one to pair with, which also fills that simplest shell. In its pure state in nature, hydrogen is found paired with itself and forms a diatomic molecule.

In chemistry notation, it is presented as H 2. Fluorine is so reactive that if it were sprayed on water, the water would burn. The ele ment with two protons in its nucleus is helium the number of protons determines what element the atom is , and its electrons are paired and its shell is filled. Consequently, helium does not want to share its electrons with anything. Helium is the most non-reactive element known. It has never bonded with any other element, even fluorine.

Their electron shells are completely filled. It is not a smooth variation of distance, but only certain distances are possible. When an electron changes its distance, it jumps in a process known as quantum leaping. That quantum leaping reflects how electrons gain or release energy. When light hits an atom, if it is absorbed by an electron, the photon gives the electron the energy to move to an orbit farther away.

When an electron emits light, that lost photon removes energy and the electron falls to a lower orbit. The potential energy in the electron as it orbits the nucleus and the potential energy in a rock that I hold above the ground are similar, as the diagram below demonstrates.

Below is a diagram of a hydrogen atom as its electron orbits farther from the nucleus when it absorbs energy. As the diagram depicts, the atom gets larger. Lateral movement also called translational motion is called temperature. While finding an accurate definition of temperature can be a frustrating experience, temperature is a measure of the kinetic energy the energy of motion in matter.

As with the behavior of photons, at the atomic level the concept of temperature can break down, and classical behaviors emerge as groups of atoms lose their quantum properties.

The transferred energy can be stored by the electrons leaping into higher orbits. They can in turn release that energy in the form of photons and return to lower orbits. The increas ed movement of heated atoms is why substances expand in volume. The more motion, the higher the temperature, and just as an engine will fly apart when the RPMs go too high, when an atom vibrates too fast, an electron can leave the atom entirely and the atom becomes an ion.

As substances become hotter, the electrons will be in higher orbits, and will fall farther when giving off photonic energy, so the photons have more energy shorter wavelengths. Get a substance hot enough and it will emit photons that we can see visible light. Those first visible photons will be on the lower end of the spectrum of light that we can see with our eyes, and will be red.

Get the substance hotter and the light can turn white, which means that we are seeing the full visible spectrum of light. Get matter hot enough and it becomes plasma , as electrons float in a soup with nuclei. Those electrons are too energetic to be captured by nuclei and placed into shells.

When tw o atoms come close to each other, if the potential energy of their combined state is less than their potential energy when they are separate, the atoms will tend to react. But the reaction only happens when the electron shells come into an alignment so that the reaction can happen. If the shells do not meet in the proper alignment and velocity, the reaction will not happen and the atoms will bounce away from each other.

The faster and more often the atoms collide, the likelier they are to react and reach that lower energy state. Chemical electron shell reactions need to reach their activation energy to occur, and this is measured in temperature. The activation energy for hydrogen and oxygen to react and form water is about degrees Celsius o C. The fusion of a helium nucleus releases more than a million times the energy that it takes to ionize a hydrogen atom.

As will be discussed later , some reactions have a cumulative result of absorbing energy , while others release it. The first can be seen as an investment of energy, while the second can be seen as consuming it.

Below is a diagram of two hydrogen atoms before and after reaction, as they bond to form H 2. Elements with their electron shells mostly, but not completely, filled are, in order of electronegativity: In that upper right corner of the periodic table , of largely filled electron shells, phosphorus and sulfur also reside. Carbon and hydrogen have their valence shells half filled.

Flu orine forms the smallest negatively charged ions known to science and wrecks organic molecules for reasons discussed later in this essay. Organisms do not use fluorine, except for some plants that use it as a poison.

The classic example of this is the water molecule. In a body of water, oxygen atoms will attract hydrogen atoms of neighboring molecules, and a relatively weak attraction known as a hydrogen bond forms. Below is a picture of hydrogen bonds in water. Those hydrogen bonds make water the miraculous substance that it is. The unusual surface tension of water is due to hydrogen bonding. Water has a very high boiling point for its molecular weight compare the boiling points of water and carbon dioxide , for instance because of that hydrogen bonding.

Those energy and chemistry concepts should make this essay easier to digest. Timelines of En ergy, Geology, and Early Life. Provides the power for all of Earth's geophysical, geochemical, and ecological systems, with the only exception being radioactivity within Earth. Enzymes accelerate chemical reactions by millions of times, making all but the simplest life pre- LUCA possible. Oxygen is generated, which complex life will later use, which makes non-aquatic life possible and also preserves the global ocean.

Allows for larger cells and far greater energy generation capacity — pound for pound, a complex cell uses energy , times as fast as the Sun creates it. Dramatic climb in atmospheric oxygen , to eventually achieve modern levels, begins. Largest organisms ever, and greatest energy storage and delivery to any biome, and they become the basis for coal. Among the first terrestrial animals with upright posture, enabling great aerobic capacity and domination of terrestrial environments.

Great energy innovation to reduce reproductive costs, and animals are the beneficiaries, as they act as reproductive enzymes in greatest symbiosis of plant and animal life, which allows flowering plants to dominate terrestrial ecosystems. Allows protohumans to leave trees , become Earth's dominant predator , alter ecosystems , and cooked food helped spur dramatic biological changes, including encephalization in human line.

Changes the terms of engagement with prey and reduces hunting risk of large animals and increases effectiveness. Allows for first low-energy transportation, and ability to travel to unpopulated continents. Provides the local and stable energy supply that allowed for sedentary human populations and civilization. Allows for tools highly improved over stone, for greater energy effectiveness of human activities. Turns global ocean into low-energy transportation lane and allows Europe to conquer the world.

First attempt to create "free energy" technology is abandoned due to lack of funding. First man-powered flight , and establishment of first company to mass-produce automobiles. Albert Einstein published his special theory of relativity and equation for converting mass to energy. Forms the framework for 20 th century physics, including the energy that can be liberated from an atom's nucleus.

Oil-rich Ottoman Empire dismembered by industrial powers , establishing imperial and neocolonial rule in Middle East. USA harnesses the atom's power, and first use is vaporizing two cities , and the greatest period of economic prosperity in history begins. The USA's national security state is born , Roswell incident.

This is the final technology, along with free energy technology, to make humanity a universally prosperous and space-faring species. Former astronaut nearly dies immediately after rejecting the American military's UFO research "offer". The incident is one of many that demonstrate that the UFO issue is very real, but happened to somebody close to me. A close personal friend is shown free energy and antigravity technologies, among others , and another close friend had free energy technology demonstrated.

Those incidents are two of many that demonstrate that the free energy suppression issue is very real, but were witnessed by people close to me. Abbreviated Geologic Time Scale. Earth , Moon , and oceans form. Earth is bombarded with planetesimals. Atmosphere is primarily comprised of carbon dioxide. Too much uncertainty and too little evidence to confidently draw maps, but landmasses existed.

Earth cools to habitable temperature. Continents begin forming and growing. Atmosphere is mostly nitrogen, but oxygen begins to increase. All life is bacterial. Oxygenic photosynthesis first appears.

Complex cell eukaryote first appears. Aerobic respiration first appears. Sexual reproduction first appears. Grazing of photosynthetic organisms first appears. Supercontinent Rodinia breaks up. Second Snowball Earth event. Atmosphere oxygenated to near modern levels. Final banded iron formations appear. First land plants may have appeared. Deep ocean is oxygenated. Mass extinction of microscopic eukaryotes.

First large animals appear. First mass diversification of complex life. Most modern phyla appear. Paleo-Tethys Ocean begins forming. Ice age begins and causes mass extinction which ends period. Complex life continues diversifying. First large reefs appear. Mollusks proliferate and diversify. Nautiloids are apex predators. First fossils of land plants recovered from Ordovician sediments. Period ends with first great mass extinction of complex life. Hot, shallow seas dominate biomes.

Climate and sea level changes cause minor extinctions. Reefs recover and expand. Fish begin to develop jaws. First invasions of land by animals. First vascular plants appear. Continents closing to form Pangaea, ice age begins at end of Devonian and cause mass extinction , possibly initiated by first forests sequestering carbon.

First vertebrates invade land. Atmospheric oxygen levels highest ever, likely due to carbon sequestration by coal swamps. Ice age increases in extent, causing collapse of rainforest. First permanent land colonization by vertebrates. Fungus appears that digests lignin. Great mountain-building and volcanism as Pangaea forms, and its formation initiates the greatest mass extinction in eon of complex life. Synapsid reptiles dominate land. Conifer forests first appear.

Pangaea begins to break up. Greenhouse Earth begins and lasts the entire Mesozoic Era. Stony corals appear as reefs slowly recover. Northern continents split from southern continents. Atlantic Ocean begins to form. Sea levels dramatically rise. Continents continue to separate. Asteroid impact drives non-bird dinosaurs extinct and ends the Mesozoic Era. Chewing dinosaurs become prominent. Forests near the poles. Rudist bivalves displace coral reefs, but go extinct before the end-Cretaceous extinction.

Greenhouse Earth conditions still prevail, and an anomalous warming occurred to end the epoch. Mammals grow and diversify to fill empty niches left behind by reptiles. Warmest epoch in hundreds of millions of years, but began cooling midway into epoch, beginning Icehouse Earth conditions.

Europe collides with Asia, and Asian mammals displace European mammals. A Golden Age of Life on Earth, when life thrived all the way to the poles.

Cooling in Late Eocene drives warm-climate species to extinction. Early whales die out , replaced by whales adapted to new ocean biomes. First half of epoch is warm, and called The Golden Age of Mammals. Apes appear and spread throughout Africa and Eurasia.

Apes migrate back to Africa in cooling, while some remain in Southeast Asia. Earth continues to cool, and land bridge of North and South America initiates mass extinction of South American mammals and initiates current ice age. First stone tools made at end of epoch. Mammals already cold-adapted, and relatively few extinctions, until the rise of humans.

Interglacial period in current ice age, and recent and probably human-caused warming may extend the interglacial period. Mass extinctions of large animals happen wherever humans begin to appear. By the 21 st century, the Sixth Mass Extinction in the eon of complex life appears to be underway, entirely caused by humans.

First major ice age begins snowball Earth event. Orthodox hypotheses for the beginning of the universe , and formation and composition of the Sun and its planets Sun's influence on Earth, which is primarily an energy influence Earth's composition and early development Earth's geophysical and geochemical processes , and their interactions with life processes In the tables above, some dates have ranges as such old dates often have relatively thin evidence supporting them, which can be interpreted in different ways.

Those dates will be adjusted as the scientific evidence and theories develop. As I was writing this essay, a study was published that may have pushed back the beginning of the Great Oxygenation Event by several hundred million years. After t he Big Bang , when matter began to coalesce, virtually all mass in the universe was contained in hydrogen atoms, with traces of the next two lightest elements: According to the Standard Model , atoms have no mass by themselves, but the field that gives rise to the Higgs Boson provides the mass.

That fusion released a great deal of primordial Big Bang energy, and fusion powers stars. Nuclei larger than the simplest hydrogen nucleus contain neutrons as well as protons. As the name implies, neutrons have no net electric charge, but have about the same mass as a proton an electron has less than a thousandth the mass of a proton, so virtually all the mass in atoms is provided by its protons and neutrons.

Radioactive decay into daughter isotopes is mediated by the weak nuclear force. In the smaller stars that eventually become white dwarfs , the primary fusion process creates oxygen as its heaviest element. Several differe nt fusion processes have been identified, and stars from about half the size of the Sun to about nine times larger can undergo a process known as s-process fusion late in their lives, and that process has created about half of the elements heavier than iron; bismuth is the heaviest element created by the process.

Those heavier elements are eventually blown from the star by its stellar wind as it becomes a white dwarf. Stars with more than nine times the mass of the Sun undergo a different process at the end of their lives. That collapse creates the pressures needed to fuse those other atoms heavier than iron, including the heaviest elements. Uranium is the heaviest naturally produced element.

In an instant, r-process fusion occurs. When a star becomes a supernova, those heavy elements are sprayed into the galactic neighborhood by a stupendous release of fusion energy.

Over the subsequent eons, gravity will cause the remnants of stars, and hydrogen that had not yet become a star or did not fuse within a star, to coalesce into an accretion disk , and a new star with its attendant planets will form. The Sun will take more than ten billion years to live its life cycle before becoming a white dwarf. Large stars burn much more quickly and can become supernovas after as little as ten million years of main-sequence burning. The accretion disk from which the Sun and its planets were formed appeared in a relatively short time, and the disk was originally a molecular cloud that may have been disturbed by an exploding star.

A "local" exploding star likely provided the bulk of our solar system's matter, and the entire mess gravitationally collapsed into the disk. In a mere 50 million years after formation, the Sun became compressed enough to initiate the sustained fusion that still powers it and will for several billion more years. Those that began their lives inside the frost line were rocky, and those outside the frost line were generally comprised of lighter elements.

Those planetesimals bombarded the forming planets and increased their mass. Other planetesimals were ejected from the solar system as the gravity of the Sun and planets whipped them around.

Venus and Mars were also bombarded with the lighter elements and may have plentiful water long ago, but only Earth retained its water. The biggest colli sion between Earth and its neighbors may well have created the Moon , and although the currently prevailing hypothesis has plenty of problems, the other hypotheses have more.

At this time, dark energy and dark matter have never been observed. Any theory that relies on unobserved phenomena is going to be highly provisional, and I consider it unlikely that the prevailing cosmological theories a century from now will much resemble those of today.

The scale of the universe, from its largest to smallest objects, is truly difficult to imagine, and this animation can help provide some perspective. The scale of geologic time strains human brains with its immensity. The journey of life on Earth has been greatly affected by geophysical and geochemical processes as well as influences from beyond Earth, such as:.

It seems to me, however, that geophysical and geochemical processes are understood better and have more robust data than many other areas of science, so geophysics and geochemistry are areas where I expect fewer radical changes than others. Maybe that is because it is neither too big nor too small and closer to our daily reality than distant stars or what is happening inside atoms.

Tectonic plate movements can alter the circulation of the atmosphere and ocean. Tectonic plates can collide, such as the collision of India into Asia , which formed the Himalayan Mountains and raised the Tibetan Plateau. That may have contributed to the ice age that we currently experience, although other studies indicate that the carbon removal may have been more due to the burial of organic matter. The debate is continuing as the complex dynamics are subjected to scientific investigation.

It is already nearly PPM and rising fast. MCCA thanks the federal government for putting child care back on the policy agenda and developing a framework and providing financial support to help provincial governments work toward a shared long term vision where ALL children across Canada can experience high quality, accessible, affordable, inclusive, and flexible early learning and care.

We also recognize the Government of Manitoba who has spend many months working on a made in Manitoba plan to best meet the child care needs of children, parents and communities. Special thanks to Hon. The Atkinson Centre for Society and Child Development is a research centre that is committed to using the best available evidence on early child development to inform public disclosure, public policy and the professional learning of those who work with young children. As of August , there were 16, children on the Online Child Care Registry waiting for a licensed child care space.

What about all those preschoolers who are in unlicensed home child care where the quality of relationships and of the learning environment is uncertain? The report emphasizes that ECE policy must consider access, affordability, and quality. The Manitoba Child Care Association is pleased to announce the appointment of Jodie Kehl as its new executive director. Over the past 26 years she has worked with infants, preschoolers, and school-agers, including most recently as Executive Director of the O.

The board of directors is confident Jodie has the knowledge, experience, leadership, and commitment to further the mission, vision, and values of the Manitoba Child Care Association. Jodie is honored to have been selected for the position of Executive Director and looks forward to this part of her professional journey. MCCA is pleased to announce that members can now search our library database online! Create a user name and password and you can order books directly from our website!

We will mail them to our members and provide a return postage paid label and envelope for you to return them to us! Only 3 provinces do so currently: Manitoba, Quebec, and Prince Edward Island.

Parent fees in licensed child care facilities that are government funded in Manitoba have not changed since Low parent fees is good news for Manitoba families that can access a licensed child care space. Here is a link to the full report: In Manitoba, an ECE classification requires a minimum of two years post-secondary education specific to early childhood education. Market Competitive Guideline Scale There is a shortage of Early Childhood Educators in Manitoba, so the best paying centres are more likely to be successful hiring the best staff.

Many options are available, including:. Market Competitive Salary Guideline Scale The Canadian Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior Guidelines outline the amount and type of physical activity needed at every age and stage of life. For example, they recommend toddlers and preschoolers years years spend at least minutes in a variety of physical activities, including energetic play spread throughout the day.

Our Government will launch a new Early Learning and Child Care strategy with initiatives to create new child care spaces, reduce wait times, eliminate red tape and foster better outcomes for families with young children.

It will introduce new incentives for private investments in child care spaces. Our work will continue to improve outcomes in early years literacy and numeracy by refocusing resources and enhancing the programming during this critical period of development.

All children have universal, human rights — the standards in international law for the treatment of children to support their optimal survival, development and protection. Realizing the promise of the Convention is an ongoing, progressive commitment.

The Convention is a useful framework to advance the well-being of children because it provides a comprehensive view of the interdependent conditions to scaffold child well-being, it makes clear what children are entitled to, it distinguishes the roles and responsibilities of different actors , and it articulates the principles that should guide all actions for children.

Using the Convention to develop policies, laws, programs, services, administrative procedures and other decisions and actions leads to better outcomes for children. Convention on Rights of The Child Poster. National Child Day Activity Kit. Click on the link below to take you to the workshop page.

Panel members included the Hon. Read the full submission: According to the Canadian census, there are , children in Manitoba ages There are around 35, licensed child care space, enough for Telephone town halls will be held in Ocotber. The Winnipeg Foundation has announced the results of Vital Signs, a project that identified significant needs and trends by combining research with the results of surveys, in which community members provided insights on issue areas critical to quality of life in Winnipeg.

The Government of Manitoba has announced annual increases to the operating grant for licensed, home based child care providers to help recruit new and strengthen the stability of existing home based providers. Turnover is high in the sector and the number of licensed homes has been decreasing annually for years. For example, there were licensed homes in Manitoba a decade ago and there are currently licensed homes. News Release on Operating Grant Increase.

The licensed homes with unfunded spaces likely opted out of the grant so they could set their own parent fees. As of March 31, there were 34, licensed spaces in Manitoba of which 31, were in licensed child care centres and 3, were in licensed homes. Most recent data reports that in March , Home child care providers are required to complete a 40 hour orientation course in their first year of licensing, however some are also Early Childhood Educators.

MCCA is now accepting registrations for the fall workshops! There will be a professional development day in The Pas on Saturday, November 4 and a professional development day in Beausejour on Saturday, November 18, Details in the workshop brochure!

The focus for the province will be on more spaces for infants and pre-schoolers, and better access for vulnerable children, and for under-served populations including Newcomer families and Acadian and French speaking communities. There is some funding directed towards professional training for Early Childhood Educators with the aim of improving quality.

It is very similar to PEI, with a focus on spaces for preschoolers, implementing inclusion policy, developing guidelines for language acquisition and cultural identify, and increase professional learning for early childhood educators. New Brunswick Action Plan. Manitoba signed on to the child care multi-lateral agreement with Ottawa but has not yet completed a bi-lateral.

Joint affiliate letter to Duclos. Federal Brief on Child Care. All agree the shortage of spaces is a serious issue. That is an increase of 1, in Online Child Care Registry, July Manitoba has not yet announced how they plan to invest the federal funds for child care. Along with an expansion of affordable and reliable licensed spaces, the child care plan must ensure parent fees remain affordable, care is of high quality and fosters early learning.

Statistics Canada has released the third round of data from the Census of Population. It provides some insights on families, households, marital status, and language.

Focus on Geography Series, Census. Previous census data from provides some information about child care utilization and preferences including:. Results from the General Social Survey X. Visit their website to access your online copy of Interaction magazine in the members only area:. The Government of Manitoba has announced it will be reversing the hold it placed on the Inclusion Support Program.

Province quickly reverses move to deny funding for children with special needs, Winnipeg Free Press, June 27, We welcome the news that all pending applications that meet the criteria will be supported, and thank Minister Fielding for hearing the concerns from the public.

Our recommendations are outlined in this letter: Minister Fielding letter June 29, Child care facilities must provide inclusive programming and ensure individual program plans are in place for children with additional support needs. As of the end of the fiscal year, 1, children were being supported. Minister of Families, Hon. Premier of Manitoba, Hon. Nahanni Fontaine, Opposition Critic for Families: Click here to find contact information for your MLA. Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Ministers have signed an agreement that includes a long term vision, principles, and objectives that will help child care move forward.

MCCA continues to recommend the need for a Ministers Advisory Committee on Early Learning and Child Care to ensure the development of a collaborative, comprehensive, strategic, affordable, and inclusive early learning and child care system that reflects the priorities and preferences of Manitobans.

Manitoba must next sign a bi-lateral agreement with the Government of Manitoba that identifies local priorities for the new federal funds.

Premier Pallister letter Aug 3, Read more about it here: A new statement from the Canadian Paediatric Society CPS recommends that physicians and health care providers counsel parents and caregivers of young children on how to minimize screen time and mitigate its potential negative effects. The CPS also recommends that physicians guide parents on how to mindfully use and model healthy screen use to encourage positive habits.

Parent resource — Screen time and young children. Welcome to our new board of directors! Director of Branch Services: As of March 31, there are 16, children registered and waiting for a space in a licensed child care facility in Manitoba. Of those, 9, need care within three months, to June 30, The majority need space in Winnipeg, however there all child care waiting lists all over the province.

Online Child Care Registry Statistics: The Government of Manitoba continues to promise a long range plan for child care. Since being elected in April , it has made 2 announcement:. Funds are for new non-profit child care centres or renovations to existing centres for the purposes of adding new child care spaces. March 9, news release. As of December 31, there are 14, children on the online child care registry waiting list.

At the end of the fiscal year, there were 1, unfunded non profit spaces in centres, most of which are probably still waiting for funding approval. Child Care Association MCCA is expecting provincial budget to include a strong, multi-pronged, progressive plan to improve and enhance early learning and child care in Manitoba. At the end of the fiscal year there were 31, spaces in licensed child care centres and 3, spaces in licensed home child care.

As of December 31, there were 14, children on the online child care registry waiting list. The Government of Manitoba should base their child care plan on the research that identifies the key issues, and the preferences and priorities of parents who say that:.

The best child care plan will address access, affordability, funding, quality of care and learning, recruitment and retention of early childhood educators, governance and administration.

The money is now on the table, but there are other hoops to jump through before investments can begin. Provinces and territories must sign multi-lateral agreements with the federal government before the funds will be released.

Once the multi-laterals are signed the federal government will have to negotiate bi-lateral agreements with each of the provinces and territories. Multi-year funding hinges on these agreements being executed. At that time, Manitoba agreed to invest federal funding in capital and operations, subsidy for fees, wage enhancements, professional development, and parent information and resources.

There are current 14, children on the online child care registry waiting list in Manitoba, so an announcement that adds new spaces is very welcome. Manitoba News Release Mar 9, As the provincial government prepares its budget, the Manitoba Child Care Association wants the child care plan to reflect public, parent, and business leader opinions.

They used the job descriptions in the Human Resource Management Guide for Early Learning and Child Care Programs and recommended salary ranges competitive with other jobs that require similar training and responsibility. The MCSGS provides employers with a guideline for establishing fair compensation, and a logical structure that ensures equity between positions.

Respondents reported they have on average Level 1 is the salary scale minimum. It is appropriate for someone who meets the educational requirements but lacks the required experience and some of the necessary skills.

Level 5 is the salary scale maximum and is the end of the scale. It is appropriate for someone who meets the educational requirements, and is fully proficient in the job. Increments are earned based on length of service, high quality performance, or both, depending on the policies of the centre board. The board of directors of each child care centre is responsible for determining compensation for their employees.

MCCA recommends the boards of directors adopt the current or most affordable salary guideline scale as the minimum salary range for all employees, and to compensate all employees at a level appropriate to their educational credentials and years of experience.

The board of directors or centre administrator will find the MCSGS helpful when establishing a fair wage scale for employees, when budgeting, and also when trying to recruit new employees.

Optimal 8-band spectrum IR and UV light