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For me, the tea with whole milk and one sugar got me through the day. Unfortunately your weight is not an accurate indicator of fat loss. To Whom it may concerned, I just love Walmart. There were some days I got greedy and that slowed my progress. If you do it right you could probably get eight waffles. I can buy them.

Contacting Walmart Headquarters

Mike was called and he also told her not to come in. Thursday was her 5th day, since she has worked their. She has provided a doctors statement a total of 3 times, The first 2 were due to surgery problems. I was also told by management that they did not have to honor any statement from a doctor. She, to me was fired falsely, and wrongful termination could be pending.

I welcome your input. Yeah i think its messed up how they give dr notes to the discretion of the manager. I had a manager that didnt like me and i had a dr note for strep…. They have a policy that is useless. I have seen so much mistreatment of employees and favoritism that is unbelievable. Funny thing is I actually should have had 1 more covered day to use. You see in May while at work I got a call that my Dad was having hospice to start coming..

At that point I had 3 or 3. As I would see them do for all their favorites. In the coming months i racked up several occurrences, i know i should have taken a loa but then who would pay my bills? And I called in for bereavement for the following 2 days and used my 3rd for hia internment a week later. So they had me using my sick time that I got so little of anyhow and ended up costing my job of 9 years.

Only to replace me with a transferred new hire that came with 13 occurrences? When someone higher up caught wind of that…. So many other things go on too. No breaks, mgmt talking to hourlys about other hourlys.. Was told to file a lawsuit and go to the laborboard.. I ordered a couch for walmart.

When they were set to deliver I told them I would open the door. I was then told that they can only leave it in the lobby of my apartment complex. I live on the 5th floor alone how am I suppose to get a couch up there? I cancelled my order and had them take it back. I talked to Walmart and they gave me a Help link on their website and go it says it all right here that they do not bring it up to the apartment. I was suppose to search their website for answers I did not even have questions about?

I didnt have questions placing an order online is not one of the hardest things to do and well the shipping had 1 option that never said anything about not bringing it to my apartment.

Was I wrong to assume it would be brought to me and that I did not know I had to search the entire help section to find and answer to a question I did not even know i had to ask?

This company is crap they treat their customers like crap and the really do not care. Since that issue i have gone out of my way to avoid going to walmart. I drive 20 mins to Target instead of 5 to walmart because they are horrible at treating there customers. That was not even the only issue i had with them either. My mom ordered a twin size bed and mattress for my 4 year old for Christmas. They were sent with 2 different delivery days yet under 1 tracking.

The mattress made it to the store on time I picked up the mattress and was waiting for the email saying the frame was there. It never showed up. My mom called they lost the bed frame and because it was under the same tracking as the mattress they could not locate anything because the mattress was already picked up.

How the hell do you lose a twin size bed frame???? Yes I have a major complaint and I may have to get legal advise!!!!! I need a reply email with a direct phone to a major boss of walmart corporate!!!!! My ex use to work at one of your walmart locations and she said she forgo5 my phone in walmart and went back in and I coulsnt find her for an hour and a half saying she couldnt find it!!!!! But yet with in that hour and half all my social media and email passwords was changed!!!! No random person would find my phone then just change passwords then nwver use it again!!!!!

My problem is when I went to sercurtity to ask to veiw tapes with my lawyer friend the guard said there was no tape and her would get back to me!!!!! But as I said my ex use to work there and the guard is her new boyfriend!!!!! I need this resolved.

When I returned to pick up my car- someone had damaged my drivers side I said door handle. I told someone of the problem and three male service workers bullied me and tried to pressure me to just leave. I proceeded to make an insurance claim. Walmart assured me that it would be handled swiftly. I filed the claim and waited to hear back. So now I have to pay out of my own pocket to fix the damage they made to my car. They bully people, damage their things and lie. Walmart in RPB Florida is the worst store I have ever encountered, filled with the rudest people I have ever had to deal with.

Why would I have been at Walmart in the first place? I am typing this feedback to at least let Walmart corporation aware that in Brazil your staff is doing everything possible to make your reputation look really bad. The short long story is that I use the local e-commerce to buy a Christmas gift to my nephew, the purchase was mad eon Dec 10th and the delivery chosen was express, on Dec 21st i got an update from Walmart local website saying that the package was out for delivery, for my surprise that only arrived on Dec 26th and I had to buy other thing from your competitors, in order to get my nephew his gift.

I had several times contacted your local customers service to understand what was going on and they always gave me the information that the order would arrive in time, but they system could not track where specific the material was at this delivery period.

After not get the material in time, I used an third party wed site to complain about this delay, after it I got a contact from local Walmart her name: I really hope that this feedback can help your corporation to recover the imagine in South America.

At last but note the least, my full name is Rafael Moreira Preto, the order delayed has the follow PO Please reply me with some feedback and guide me if i should use other contact address to file this complain. Hello, I am contacting to inquire regarding the sale of live animals.

I recently visited a Walmart store and I passed by the animal section and encountered a surprising sight. I saw 15 betta fish in plastic containers with water filled up halfway and with completely orange water, barely visible. I had to contact an employee and stacked up the entire sink area with sick bettas on top of each other. I want to report this traumatic encounter I had with this unacceptable treatment towards live fish.

I am disappointed in the way Walmart Corporation is treating live animals without the proper research and sanitary care. I would like to request Walmart to please research the necessary water changing conditions for live betta fish without the need to create inhumane living conditions for them as they are living beings who require care.

I went to the store to buy a betta fish and left upset with emotional trauma from the store. I would appreciate it if my concern will address this situation I encountered and improve the water care and living conditions for Betta fish. They get their money, who cares about service?! In November, I contacted the company to let them know I had to keep resetting my password and noticed I was missing some money from the catcher saying I used it, but I did not. After many emails back and forth, I was informed that someone with a Russian email address had taken over my account which they provided me the email address attached to my account.

When I confirmed that that was not my email, they closed my account and told me to contact the savings catcher department to get the balance transferred to the new account. Calling the number would not let you speak to anyone and would hang up on you. I sent many more emails to the company to get help before Christmas, but was told they would forward my messages.

No matter what your situation is. The only way to show outrage is to stop shopping there, but it will take millions of us to stop. I am experiencing the same lack of service here in Canada. My situation was not as bad but lack of response is very bad. We have contacted Ascent repeatedly and despite promises, we still have not been paid. I called Walmart about price matching. On Walmarts website it says that they price match target.

The last time I was in Walmart they honored this price. I understand not matching prices from eBay. I called the Walmart in King of Prussia, the manager was very polite and professional.

This is an issue with how the price matching is written. It is misleading and I am very displeased by this. It says that they match prices with quite a few retailers such as Amazon but only through Amazons direct pricing. I have had good experiences at Walmart before. Because of the false advertisement that is displayed on Walmarts website page I doubt I will ever return to Walmart again to do business.

Yes target has the item in stock. I would rather have gone to the Walmart near me for conscience. Due to this I will suck up the drive and go to Target because I have never once had a problem with them. Again, this is not due to the personal store. This is because of corporates negligence to properly inform customers of their price matching.

You will lose my business and the business of others due to my experience on corporates behalf. If you ever worked at Walmart and got let go consider it a blessing. Why would you want to go back? Hi my name is Samantha Howe. I used to work for Wal-Mart as of Nov 25th I was in a car accident on October 28th and my insurance company needs my pay checks stubs so I can paid for the time I missed from this accident. But the rehohoboth beach Wal-Mart in Delaware, said since my name is no longer in the system that its in possible to get the check stubs.

I was just in the Walmart in North Bend Oregon and was hit in the hip from behind by a woman on one of the electric scooters while standing at the self checkout she was going fast with a dog in her arm while driving with one hand it took management 5 to 10 minutes to get there then they kept saying that they were getting higher management then it took probably took another 10 to 15 minutes for the paper work to get there.

I was hurting bad and just just wanted to get out of there. I purchase a basketball set for my son a 6 year old kid that was expecting to received his surprise on Christmas and now ruin by Walmart online shopping.

I order the basketball set and it was suppouse to be deliver on Thursday the 22nd of December and guess I track the delivery and moved for Friday 23 so I checked today I track and move for the Tuesday 27 December wow thank you for ruin my son Christmas I know we me and him will never forge it.

What angry me and disappointed the most if the service and that for money you Walmart lie to people why would you post a date or advertise at the moment of the purchase a date and the just change it no respect of course it is not your family members who is expecting the gift right if it was for a regular I would not care but it was for Christmas my son watch you advertisement of Christmas so now image my son watching ad on tv and having his present to open.

Thank you for ruin my Christmas. I would like to voice my total outrage and my lack of understanding, as to why Walmart has decided to discontinue selling the Black Lives Matter apparel???? It does not convey the meaning of being derogatory towards the FOP or non blacks.

It means the Black Lives Matter Too also!! This apparel, is in no way meant to offend the police. You also sell Blue Lives Matter apparel as well…will you be discontinuing that apparel as well? Because some may find it may be offensive as well? If you discontinue selling one item because it offends one group, then in the same return, you should discontinue selling the other apparel as well. I to believe and concur with the FOP. For trust to be established between the marginalized community of minorities and the police, we all need to understand each other, not fear each other.

Please reconsider your decision regarding removing this apparel from your website. This is another attempt to silence, dismiss, and to continue systemic racism on a corporate level, by taking away peaceful means of expressing support for a cause. How many police officers do you see block busy streets in their supposed protests? How many officers do you see protesting the killing of police officers, or protesting period! How many of the Black Lives Matter has turned violent! Your black lives matter are the very ones saying all lives matter is racist!

I support all black people who do not support black lives matter, and who does not condone their use of violence and terrorism! My husband is a retired police officer who got a brain injury after he left the force, he takes seizures and is paralyzed down the one side.

I must first say that Mr Walton would have to be so disappointed in the way his stores have become. I hope good people everywhere does the same.

Our police deserves our highest support and respect. Shame on you and I pray you fail miserably.. I recently won a tv at a charity auction. Took the tv home and opened it up and it was broke during shipping from Walmart. They will not help us out in anyway. It is so horrible that they told us that it was too bad so sad.

All I want is a TV that I won at a charity event to be replaced. I have been told twice that they will do nothing. I have the shipping numbers, order numbers and all that. They told me that it was past the return date and that there was nothing that they were going to do. The event was after the return date. My family would love this tv. I am getting tired of getting ripped off and big corps making all the money. I work hard to help others out and end of getting screwed in the end.

I ordered Ninetendo DS for Christmas — preorder. My daughter ordered one as a regular order. All were on sale after Black Friday. Christmas is one week away! My daughter called the company, they offered to cancel the order.

I called 10 days later and they said they just arrived at the warehouse, wait for my shipping notice. That was 3 days ago but I see them for sale on the Walmart site sold by Walmart for double the price!

What is up with that? Walmart, what happened to honesty? WalMart is now selling Black Lives Matter merchandise? BLM is overtly racist against white people, call for and commit violence against police, including murder, have repeatedly attacked white people. They are a domestic terrorist group.

I understand that corporate people like to be PC but you are simply on the wrong side on the argument and the wrong side of history. You can support grievances against minorities without selling merchandise that glorifies a terrorist group that kills and assaults innocent people and police.

I shop at WalMart a lot in the past. This will lose you customers. It has recently come to my attention that Wal Mart has chosen to carry an extensive line of Black Lives Matter merchandise. Is it even possible that you are not aware of what this group stands for and their part in the current assaults and assassinations of Americas Law Enforcement Officers?

One only has to google BLM and view the videos to hear the hatred being chanted, if you somehow have managed to remain uneducated regarding their intent. As a result of your decision, I will do my best thru social media and word of mouth to reach out to as many decent, law abiding citizens who support those in uniform as possible.

In the meantime, I will hope that someone in your organization sees fit to reverse this decision and exercise moral character and support all first responders. So today I tried to use a gift card and my debit card, because I need a matching coffee table that I can find nowhere else, and my order was cancelled. I ordered a photo book for both my parents and my in-laws and the photos we used were good quality photos. When we got the photobook, all the photos were blurry and horrible quality! There is even a weird blue line running through the center of the page on all pages!!!

This is incredibly ridiculous and I expect something to be done about it. Today I took my elderly Mom to Walmart in Brantford. As we were checking out the blond chaser took my cloth bags and tossed them to the end of the checkout! I was made to pack my own groceries and other stuff!!! Not sure if its because my Mom brought her own bags. What happened to the Merry Christmas here? I have been trying to order my groceries via the Walmart grocery delivery website and have not been able to do so.

This is not true! I have been ordering groceries from you people for over TWO years. I have called repeatedly your customer support number and the local store here in Broomfield, CO that delivery my groceries to no avail!!

I had to order my groceries from King Soopers and am furious! Please respond to me because I am getting no response from anyone out here! I am posting regarding the region district for the store in Live Oak, FL. I am wondering if corporate has a reason for this, or is the region district manager just trying to secure himself a HUGE bonus in the end?

It seems the amount of customers remains the same or more , but quality of service is less, due to lack of staffing. For having such a huge corporation that makes so much money, they treat their employees very poorly. The sick pay, holidays and vacation are absolute crap. Nor do they get reasonable sick pay or vacation.

This needs to be revised as well. This whole company needs some work. I am astounded that your company would promote a racist terror group known as black lives matter while ignoring true history of the South and denying the sale of the flag of the Confederacy which numerous men and women of both black and white skin colors fought and died for.

Our family of 5 will no longer shop in any of your stores nor will a growing multirude of other Americans. The bottom line is not just the customer, they are our priority yes, but the associate as well, a lot of associates put their hearts and souls into their jobs and are now being expected to accomplish miracles in half the time.

On Black Friday I ordered a product on sale from the website. Here is the problem. This involved OJ Commerce LLC which apparently was selling the product on your site and there were well over 50 people that ordered from on Black Friday and then orders were cancelled the next day.

Oh ya, and now my credit card info is in both systems. Formal complaints are in the process of being filed against both companies in my state, and the state of Walmart corporate as well as in the state of OJ Commerce. I am done doing business with Walmart, especially online as I have ordered items three times and each order was screwed up. Good morning on behalf of the greater new Holy Trinity Missionary Baptist Church I need the leadership Reverend LS Woods we go out into the community and we feed the homeless people we are asking you to donate blankets because here in Los Angeles California it has got very very cold and we would like to get blankets to the homeless people to keep them warm so if you can help us to help keep the homeless people warm we would appreciate it very much thank you and have a blessed day.

I have been calling and leaving messages regarding my issue since November 23, with promises that someone from corporate will call back in 1 — 3 days. It has happened yet. Ordered a training potty for my daughter received it through mail yesturday to open it up and find it was used with urine and hair all in it!!

I am still freaking out about the fact that they sent urine through the mail to my daughter… like what am I suppose to do?! The Walmart pharmacy in Cleveland Texas is so unprofessional and it is infuriating! Every time I call to refil a prescription they are rude and condescending! Good morning, and happy holidays!

I am reaching out to your company to see if you are interested in donating items as a tax write off. My attempts are to raise money for our prom In May by doing a silent auction with the most trending brands. Please let me know if you are interested in helping is out. I am looking forward to hearing from you! Oh and another thing. They are losing more customers like us.. So tired of Walmart lying and all the agents telling you different stories.

I will only ever shop Walmart. They owe me money. I will finally find somewhere else to shop. I will go elsewhere!!! I agree with you stacy! I will be going into their stote tomorrow with the police! I emailed corporate almost 2 weeks ago about store Apparently corporate treats their customers about as bad as that store. Edith, Happy Hanukkah to you. I have seen these items at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I live right here in Nevada.

Not sure bout Florida. Walmart should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of the same people who keep them going. Even Hatchables websites are looking into this because it is not what they wanted to see from retailers who are ripping off the consumer. Not only is Walmart corrupt with this practice but also with the labor market.

They would rather hire two or three people to do a full time workers job so that they can avoid paying health benefits etc for American workers. Monopoly is not just a game. Need employee counselor, other than that the store seem to have changed just treat the employees with respect and more customers shall come.

I ordered a recliner that was shipped to my local Walmart, and when I got it home and put it together, I noticed that the back left wooden support was broken.

It looks like it may have been caused during the transit from warehouse to store. I am inquiring to find out how to get my product fixed, replaced or a refund. I had to make special pick up plans to retrieve the recliner and taking it apart and returning it to the store has become a problem. I picked up the product on Saturday November12Th. When we call in a RX they tell us it will be ready the next day.

Five 5 times we have gone to pick up the RX and it was not ready. We were never notified of any problems that occurred until we came to the store. Today my wife went to pick up a RX and a lady just beat her to the counter. This message if for Joel Anderson.

I am having great difficulty with returning a product purchased from walmart. The local store manager first tells me wal.

So now no response from smart mobile. I called your customer service line again and they walk me thru sending another email. But they advised me they could not handle the situation for me.

In your Walmart commercials around the holidays, it seems to be all about spending family time but in this one store in New Jersey it is the complete opposite. Employees are scheduled a 9 hour shift on Thanksgiving with little to no time to spend with their families on the holiday.

And there are dissatisfied employees because there is no extra pay or overtime pay, and the commercials seem misleading of how the employees feel. Wal mart likes to brag about their great things they do for communities and schools and everyone else …but it is too darn bad your employees are treated as if they have not a brain in their heads. Point in case… schedules come out for Thanksgiving. A person who is scheduled off for that day makes plans when seeing the schedule.

Come on you guys you profess to be such great people …why not show the employees same kind of greatness you say you give to everyone else. Can someone please help me?

THIS truck pulled out into traffic without looking and then had the nerve to flip me off. I had to swerve into on coming traffic to avoid an accident. It happened on long Island new york. To Whom it may concerned, I just love Walmart. They are a great company.

How can I get information on their headquarters? I wanted to come see where the headquarters are some day. What kind of things are there to do there? Please contact me back. Walmart super store in deltona, fl I am a handicap person and have a hard time walking the store. For such a big store with minimal carts is outrageous. This is my 2nd time writing and complaining with never a response to my first complaint.

We have a new neighborhood store also in deltona that has more ride on then the super store. I can no longer shop the super store with out a ride on. My sister is handicapped and doesnt make it other peoples problems and responsibilities. Come in your own wheelchair or scooter. Take some personal responsibility for yourself.

That is just rude for you to say. Not everyone can afford s wheelchair. Yes Walmart has the electric carts so there should be some available. Karma will hit you 10 fold. And for you to add your sister is handicapped, Like that made it ok for you to comment in such a horrific manor. She must be so proud! So let me explain to the simple minded folk out there like yourself what C White said in a way for you to understand what the rest of us read.

How can shoppers buy from a super Walmart That is a really big store where you will buy so much you need Super Sized Shopping Carts are you following so far??? You know the carts that items are over flowing and you only made it down the 1st aisle of the store.

Everywhere you look Ride on Carts! Oh yes Handicapped, and now let me ask you if you would complain about the lack of shopping Carts or would you take your own Steller advice and bring your own shopping Cart and have your sister use you as an example of the true meaning of someone who is handicapped and why you should really not make such uneducated remarks.

Unless you love eating Crow all the time. Our company deal with retail and wholesale voice and data traffic that collected all over the world. This would help you in cutting the international roaming charges during your foreign trips and would give us a chance to cherish your partnership with us.

I was resently in my local walmart in Eufaula Alabama store and a buddy of mine was buying alcohol and they banned us for contributing to a minor and pressed charges on him for it. Later on he went to court on it and the charges were dropped because there was no evidence that he was contributing to a minor. But we are still banned ive called the local walmart and they told me i needed to contact corporate and see what they said so that is what I am doing.

Please just let me know whats going on thanks. I told the manager on staff about her, but also wanted to let Corporate know. We do not give cash back. So a couple days later today I decided to call another Walmart 30 miles away to see if I had been lied to. Another Walmart said the same thing. What is going on and why am I being lied to???

This store is in Elko NV Heartless to say the least. I am a former employee and i am not to happy with some recent news I have found out about and would like to contact him. I do have plans to speak with an attorney about this news as well. So the sooner he contacts me the better. I find it offensive that you take my money when you sell me my perscription drugs, when I buy food, when I buy flowers, and just about anything else I buy at Walmard….

Couple that with the recent story about your refusing to bake a cake for a Police Officers retirement, I think you must drinking from the PC progressive socialistic BLM trough. I find it disgusting how weak and foolish this makes Walmart seem. I spend a lot of my money in Walmart, and I will have no problem taking my business elsewhere.

My parents who are senior have ordered a TV from walmart 4 times and each time the wrong TV is delivered. My parents have called each time which as we all know is extremely frustrating and time consuming.

Customer service needs to be in the US where actual service to the customer is delivered. This is regarding the Walmart store in Houghton, Michigan. I want you to know I have been evaluating all stores in Houghton county for customer service for more than a year now. An employee by the name of Zachary has consistently provided the best customer service for more than the last 6 months.

This is consistent with every visit I make and every observation I make in all the stores. This includes professional conduct, empathy, listening, questioning, and resolution. He acts not only on behalf of Walmart but also in the interest of the customer.

He is very well trained and disciplined. His cheerful professional nature is consistent and I have yet to hear him say anything which would upset a customer. His answers are thoughtful and well stated. When he has to deny a request there is always a reason provided which is directed by Walmart policy.

He is very well mannered and attentive to each and every customer. I do know he has been raised very well by both his actions and how he conducts himself with each and every customer.

If you have an employee of the year award in customer service, you could consider him as one of your candidates. He is the best in customer service in Houghton County, Michigan. If her main concern is more blacks and less whites, consider me no longer a patron. I read her remarks and feel sorry for the stupid white males that employed her to fill a quota. The Walmart in Parker Colorado is just gotten so inexcusably bad. The management is rude, the employees hate the jobs they have.

They are no longer allowed to have conversations with customers. Many have told me that since Matt was hired as manager they have been slowly getting worse. One lady who works there has cancer and was told she can not wear her specialty mad knit hats, she has no hair left, they told her to by one of their hats. What is wrong with you people. Sam Walton must be rolling over in his grave. We live in our vehicle and we were threatened by Ryan a poor excuse for management , to leave immediately or we would be towed.

We spend money in that store and we are just trying to live. I added a little bit to the first two batches. Will not do that next time. I added blueberries before closing the lid to cook.

It took 10 minutes to cook. We ate the first batch while the second one cooked. The rest went into a bag and put in the freezer. Will use those next time. I thought everything went fine until I picked up the cooled unit to clean. Sure had a lot of water coming out of the bottom.

Overall it is a good unit for the price. Gave it four stars because of the water situation. Good Waffles with a Couple of Changes. This is a good waffle maker, but I do a couple of things that i would do different than the instructions tell you to. It says to cook them for 3 to 6 minutes and you should but don't start the timer until you can see the steam coming out of the maker.

I found that if I followed these changes, I got perfect waffles. KimberlyD, March 7, This is an excellent waffle maker!! It is compact and easy to store. I love it, because the plates are removable and easy to clean! I don't understand the negative comments on how long it takes to cook. I let my waffle maker preheat before I started making waffles, the first batch to about 7 minutes and then the next batches cooked a little faster, as the waffle iron was a little hotter.

This amount of time does not seem ridiculous! According to myfitnesspal log I have had a calorie deficit of calories below my calorie limit every day. The idea to treat lunch as a small snack instead of a meal is a good one. I had to force myself to eat and felt even worse. The vacation may be an interesting challenge for you but you can definitely come out the other side better off.

You have it right about the snacks. Snacking is dangerous for me, I have to be so careful or the flood gates open. Its David from May in the post up above. What I wanted to say was congratulations on the successful weight loss.

Even eating one good meal per day is not as easy a diet as I thought it would be! I thought it was going to be easy for me to stick to the diet, but I deviated from it when family came to town. All we seem to do when they come to town is go out to eat, constantly! So I am back to say I have started the diet once again, about 3 weeks ago, and have stuck to it to a tee this time with no issues and thus far have lost 11 pounds. I seriously hope to remain on it for many more months, and may then ease up on it only slightly and maybe have two meals a day.

I think this is something I can stick to long term. Congrats again to everyone who is successfully trying this and good luck! Well done of dropping the 11 pounds and good luck on getting to your 25lb target. I know from my own experience that it takes persistence and it takes time. I am trying to lose over a lbs and so far this one meal a day diet is working for me.

I have been doing it for 2 weeks and ive lost about 6 lbs. I also incorporate a small snack during the day here are some of my choices fruit,a chunk of great cheese w crackers or a bagel w a little butter n jam.

I look foward every evening to a well thought out delicious dinner and sometimes i have dessert,maybe x a week. I also drink alot of water and do some light walking about 10 minutes most days. And my love and obsession with food is now geared towards that 1 meal which now seems alot more satisfying then 2or 3 mediocre meals. Firstly… well done on losing some weight.

Sticking to any diet for a long period of time is going to be challenging, so you have to do it in a way that feels least like a diet.

The beauty of eating one meal a day is I ate what I wanted and I ate with the family. It was all very normal. Without a doubt my own progress was slowed down because I refused to count calories. Had I done so I think I would have lost the weight a lot quicker. I admire your resolve to stick to the plan 7 days a week.

I think you can definitely do it. You sound very positive. Just keep trying different approaches until you find what suits you. Thank u for the encouragement ,i will post often and let u know how this one meal a day diet is working for me. Here is some stats on me ,I am 40 years old w a 20 year old daughter in college and im married.

Currently unemployed but looking for work in a bad economy. Thankfully my husband has a good job. I did think about having a cheating day or eating 2 meals at least on the weekends but as i went along the idea of a really good dinner everynite seemed enough so far. The first week was HELL ,had to get my body adjusted to eating one main meal a day but with some light snacking here and there like i mentioned on my previous post got me thru it. Once again thank u for this blog its been so helpful and i also like your house cleaning tips.

A small snack can cure the first in minutes, but to cure the second I have to wait a whole day! Glad you liked the house cleaning tips!

Hi david Just wanted to share that i slipped off plan by eating leftovers and snacking over the last few days. I know the one meal a day plan does work because i did lose some weight when adhering to it. But found myself struggling a bit of late and would gladly appreciate any advice or tips on how to get back on track and succeed like you did. Just trying to regroup and sharing my experience thus far honestly………. You have a desire to change and with that as your starting point, really good things can happen!

Two meal with one of them eaten late evening, like suppertime, also works very well for me and I sometimes slip into that routine when I get bored with just one meal. It took me far too long to lose the weight and I could have done it much quicker had I created a tighter structure. It was more of a casual desire — and sadly that;s not enough to carry you through the tough times! When I started out on this I had some very powerful reasons to want to achieve my goal.

There were times when the reasons and the feelings associated with them faded, but I always found I was able to tap back into them. Let me know if it makes sense… maybe I could clarify a few bits? Just know that what you want to do is possible and that you can do it. If it takes you a little longer than most, so what? You just do it your way and in your own time.

One thing that I have started doing is fixing my One Meal early in the day so it is ready for when I eat at 3pm. I browned a bunch of lean hamburger, put all kinds of spices in it and had it ready for my teeny little whole wheat bread. I am watching my portions, but I am not counting calories — I know it is somewhere in the vicinity of calories, but I am very satisfied after the meal. This had worked for me too. Have they never seen people in famine? People in the old days used to eat twice a day.

And in Theravada Buddhism, monks may only have one meal a day before noon, and that was considered the middle path half way between 2 and 0. It can be done! Hi david I read your reply very carefully and i reread your original post on the one meal a day plan that worked for you. Like you im not counting calories and all foods are allowed when having my one meal usually i have it in the evening.

The one trick that was working for me was that i would make sure that 1-meal was really tasty or something i really looked fowrard to eating for example a nice cut of steak w a baked potato and veggies and a nice dessert like a slice of chocalate cake.

Very yummy indeed and when having hunger pangs during the day from not eating knowing what my evening meal would be sustained me.

After thinking about your reply especially the comments that im in the early stages of my weight loss plan im taking your advice on fine tuning what can work best for me. I agree with you on trying to make this diet not feel like its a diet ,and to m ake it as close to my normal and still giving me results.

I just need to figure out some ways during the day until dinnertime how to cope when i do get hungry and if i do allow myself a snack,how to keep tasty yet damage free…. I strongly love this one meal a day plan just need to find the best way to make it sustainable for me looooong term.

If any readers of your blog also can share tips ,ideas or light snack suggestions that get them thru the day that would be appreciated big time on my part. I saw you drank tea alot during the day but i am not a tea or coffee drinker.. Again thank you for this blog ,hope you get alot of sponsers because it is very informativ for people like me….. I think maybe you have something like that in mind for yourself? I tell myself that the hunger is a good signal and that if my body really needs energy it can get it from my fat stores.

When I feel hungry it reminds me that there are others much worse off and if they can go without food for days, then I can certainly manage it for a few hours. At the moment it suits me to have one main meal slightly smaller than I would usually eat and then a good sized snack of something awesomely tasty just before I go to bed. The thought of doing that keeps me going all day, and means that I can put up with small bland snacks for the rest of the day. I like how you say the snack is to fight off hunger pangs and not to have a pleasurable experience.

I am back from vacation and ate waaaaaaay more than once a day. I plan to wean myself off the morning smoothie perhaps save it for dinner, since I love it so and replace it with an apple. I hate every kind of apple, but they are very nutritious and have lots of fiber.

That will fill up my stomach and I can get on with my day and not worry about food until dinnertime. Yeah, this holds true for me too. On the days between the high-days and holidays I tend to work a bit harder to put in a calorie deficit. Having the apple a day works well for me, but if you like your smoothies, maybe you should stick to having them?

Snacking at other times in the day is fine, but of course the trick is not to continue eating. The snacks are definitely functional. This is what I am aiming for! I am healthy-ish now, no ailments, I want to stay that way. As of tomorrow I am going to do it and keep my own little blog. I like what you did with the belt, I have a pair of jeans very sexy ones that i want to get on and done up!!

Well done and love your site x. The one meal a day thing is a bit of a mad idea, but it can be adapted to suit your own needs and modified as you go along. The lunch crowd… the Italian food… but on the other hand, those oh-so-sexy jeans! Being a dad does that to a man. Gone were my days as a single guy who ate a light lunch, ran miles at night, and then gorged on a pound of beef with no carbs at around 11 pm with a beer, resulting in a reasonably fit physique for me.

With a wife who cooks good meals and a baby and a lack of time to exercise, I gained a LOT of weight. Add to that the fact that a heavy lunch made me sluggish at work, and then I decided I had to go to extreme measures.

Thank you for that. So two weeks ago, I decided to begin. I immediately lost weight by the second day of doing this. That first week was good. This resulted in me making a slight gain in weight. But my question at this point is this: Cheating is creeping into my day and the small cheats are really starting to add up.

But… if you got some early results with it, it might benefit you to return to the way you were doing it when you got the results, i.

Down from several weeks ago to as of today. Not as fast as I would like, but how can one complain about losing a pound a week after so many weeks? And 2 I am worried about what will happen when I re-introduce lunch to my diet.

Will I regain all this weight? What I do now is drink coffee with Equal for breakfast and another for lunch. For dinner, I take buckets of vitamins as well as my cholesterol medicine, then I feast.

Now doing this HAS resulted in a much-needed weight loss. But am I wrecking havoc on my body? Regarding the second issue, I will be the first to admit that I am mentally addicted to the idea of lunch. But I sure as heck would like to have it! I mean dinner on a two-meal-a-day diet will still be big like it is now.

Nothing else was working, not eating three healthy meals a day and not running long distance several times a week. If two meals a day is shouting out to you as the way to keep it sustainable, it has to be worth experimenting with for a while. I definitely liked two meals a day and I did lose some weight doing that.

I really really need to lose at a minimum about 60 pounds. If I do get hungry, I would pop in a few grapes, or two or three crackers. I am going to now track weight loss and see if I cant get a little slimmer with one meal a day and some excersize. For instance, I just did a Jillian Micheals workout and I can hardly walk…I cant do this for thirty days……id die. It might not fall off like some of the other fad diets like the atkins diet, no carbs what-so-ever but it may come off.

And, like you I would prefer people I know, not to know I am on another weight loss kick. It will be interesting to see if it works for me as well as it has worked for you. On a day to day basis tracking weight can be tough but you just have to have faith that as long as you stick to your eating plan the weight will come off.

I can really relate to you wanting to keep it to yourself. Adopting this as mid to long term lifestyle change helps. Please let me know how you get on! Brooke Good luck to you and I believe you can do it!

I have tried every diet there is, practically, none of them worked. I am soooo determined this time. I have about 40 lbs or a bit more to lose and then I am going to have to firm shore up the devastation I have caused. Boy oh boy is it gonna be some work. On week one, I was seeing a daily loss result on the scales but annoyingly it seems to have stalled for the last five days. I lost about two stone over the course of a couple of months doing a low carb diet but have since put it all back on.

You are doing so well! They lie big time! It sounds like you have a good thing going on there. Having a wider window during which to eat sounds like a great way to do it. I found it so beneficial in that it gave me something to look forward to. I knew I was in it for the long haul so it was motivation for me to be strict throughout the week.

There are conflicting arguments about starvation mode and plateauing. Which is largely why I stopped weighing myself and trusted the feel of my waistband and the view in the mirror and later, the tape measure.

Thank you for the reply. The scales showed a difference of 3 lbs in two weigh-ins within 10 seconds of each other today. Time to ignore it! I refuel at 20, so I should be fine. Would it be between or lower? One of the biggest favours I did for myself with this diet was to ignore all the conventional wisdom about starvation modes and the like and I just got on with it. I got to a point where I started to doubt almost everything I read and wanted to see for myself.

I go for about calories on my dinner plate and the other comes from the dessert and any snacks I eat during the day. I use a small dinner plate and fill it to the edges. Some days I over eat, some days I under eat. Anyway, your plan to leave it for two weeks feels like a good one. Thank you for the calorie estimate. I managed to sneak in a bag of chocolate popcorn yesterday and justified it.

I won the battle with the Curly Wurly. I gave the wretched thing to my wife and she ate it. Not too fast and not too slow but still allows you some room to manoeuvre.

I find that I often learn more from my failures than my successes. Fantastic read and just want I was looking for. I took part in the fasting period of Lent earlier this year and gave up eating two meals, so just had the one in the evening. I made sure my evening meal was small to medium size and as I stopped feeling hungry, my meals got smaller.

I would also drink green tea with some vinegar and honey in it which helped suppress my appetite after dinner. I did not weigh myself, but I knew I was losing weight because my clothes were getting much looser. I also worked out times a week. I enjoyed eating once because I could have small meals and still have my favourite biscuits or even some chocolate after my meals.

I felt good about myself and had so much energy. Due to developing a chest infection second time around, I stopped eating once a day and started eating times and even started eating bread which is like kryptonite to me……. I love it, but it bloats me terribly. Needless to say my clothes have gotten tighter. I want to start back because eating once a day is liberating for me. I do need to ask, is it ok to drink cups if coffee with sugar, no milk or cream? Regarding the coffee, I think one of the best things about this diet is that you can adapt it to suit yourelf.

For me, the tea with whole milk and one sugar got me through the day. It gave me something to look forward to and kept me from raiding the larder. I set out on this diet partly as an experiment to see if I could prove the conventional wisdom wrong — and all that I can tell you is that I have indeed gained some muscle. There are some pictures here from my 10, push up challenge.

He might be right to suggest that your results might be better if you chose a more optimal approach to dieting, i. Third world body builders put on massive muscle on dreadful diets. I was thrilled to receive a reply from you. Still going strong eating once a day, but having some difficulty establishing a cut off time for not eating.

Want to have my dinner between 6pm and 8pm and never let anything pass my lips after that. This seems to be an ongoing battle. Any words of advice?? It is indeed a battle and one I still have to fight. I finish with something sweet, like a piece of chocolate. I drink a coffee like I would at the end of a meal at a restaurant it signals the end of the meal. I get straight out of the kitchen and do something else. I tap into some negative ot positive thoughts whichever has more pull at the time emotions drive actions.

Thanks for the tips, David. Will shorten the window for eating to an hour and then find something to occupy my mind and time. Things still going well and I am finding it easier to stick to this and the hunger pangs are becoming more easier to manage and ignore.

I re-read your blog and have only just seen that you had two meals on the weekend. Did you find eating two meals on Sunday make eating one meal on Monday more difficult? Yeah, I eat two meals on the weekend. Because the weekend is about family, so I like to sit down with them at lunch and eat with them.

Because two meals will pretty much be my lifestyle when I reach my fat loss goal. Eating is a joy… why deny it? It requires practice and practice often brings failure. I failed a lot to begin with, and I fail less often now. I just kept the long term view that I would eventually learn to deal with it… and mostly, I have. When I get it badly wrong, I start over again the next day. Trial and error, refine as you go along.

I swear it took all of 1 or 2 mins the first day to eat all my stuff. Five minutes the second. I will try harder to slow down. This was one of the most intersting post i have read up on about one meal a day diets.

I have read them all,but this one really caught my attention. I have always tryed this way of eating but never made it past friday after starting monday. Every thing you wrote about really made since to me. I like what you said about eating one morsel extra would just send you off to eat more and for me im better off not to eat often like most diets require because id just over eat. I need to do this for me and my marriage my husband never says anything but i know my weight holds us back from going out and doing activities because im so self consious, im gonna try this concept and let you know how im doing.

I believe your post will inspire many people. Do this for yourself. Do it for how it will make you feel to have achieved a small step towards your goal every single day. Make yourself happy first and that happiness has a way of spreading.

Your husband will start to see you differently — more because of your state of mind than anything else. See it as a long term thing but also something where you get to win or succeed every day. Hi David I am so inspired by this whole website!!! Actually, I started out first with intermittent fasting to gain the control of when to eat.

I did only one 24 hour day to challenge myself. But I knew sticking to not eating at all, for several days was not my cup of tea. And when I did start back eating I over ate every time so what weight I did lose I gained back and more. In one week I went from lbs. One day at time. But when u said scales can lie.

The jeans is a perfect Idea!! I think that the bottom line is that in order to loose weight, you have to eat less calories than you burn. Unless you want to exercise A LOT, you have to decrease the amount of food you eat. I like eating good food pizza, fried rice, bacon, etc and I like feeling full, but I can deal with hunger, so one meal a day was the obvious diet for me. By the way, I once lived on nothing but MREs for 2 months and lost 20 pounds as a result. Hi Lucy, thanks for sharing your experience.

Your own results are fantastic! For anyone who really struggles with hunger, then I guess meal replacements would be a good option! I found your site because I just started this diet and went looking for others trying it. Like you say, the type of diet working for every individual probably varies.

I know it works for me because I did this ten years ago and lost 20 kg in 4 months, from to This suited me at the time as I could eat at a restaurant next to my workplace and as I then lived alone I could have soup in the evening. This worked so well because I promised myself I could have three courses everyday if I wanted: Soup, main course and dessert. Which I almost never did but I could if I wanted to. If I was going out to dinner, I just had a bowl of soup at lunch.

I think this is an ideal diet for me as there is only one rule. No counting, remembering when to eat next etc. Anyway, I got overweight again so I want to use this method. I started out yesterday at It will be interesting to see how this works out now.

I could easily see myself eating a chicken salad for my evening meal during the summer at least. I have been toying with the IF lifestyle and doing loads of research for a while now. On Thursday I started the 1 meal a day approach and you know what, I lived! Granted I have only done 2 days with 1 meal per day as, like you I plan to eat lunch on the weekends.

I lie to eat big meals, my husband is a fantastic cook. I love wine as well! I used to exercise hours and hours a day just to maintain my weight. So one meal a day for me it is. I turn 40 in September and I want to be on my way to my ideal weight then. I started drinking spirulina powder with water this morning. It tastes like pond water which I guess it is actually. It works better for me this way. Kgs are fine by me. I used to do Judo when I was younger and less broken and the weight categories were in Kgs.

And now at the end I realise that the Last reply is from yesterday!! I once did this kind of diet, but unknowingly. I lost 15 kg in only 3 months. Well, today was my First day. I plan on taking a Cup of tea with milk and sugar, If i feel weak.

Sorry about the kg and cm, German influence. Yeah, this is a great thread. There are lots of great comments and perspective from others who are trying to make this diet work. Some are definitely doing it!

I am 19 years old going on 20 soon.. Smh yeai know almost 6 years. I would say that I need to lose a GoOd pounds. Which just resulted me losing Muscle and not fat. Because when I stepped on the scale I would weigh lighter than before …. I just have one question …. Are you sure you can eat whatever you want when you have that. One meal a day was a means to an end for me. I wanted to limit the times between which I could eat a meal because it took away any other choice.

I pretty much ate anything I wanted, but to be fair I already had a reasonably balanced diet with fruit and vegetables featuring strongly in many of my meals. And also how big should your portion size be? I did eat some of the things you mentioned but not all the time. Somewhere along the line I think we have to learn to make better choices about our nutrition and this diet has been a great way for me to do that.

Portion size is difficult. A plate full of lard is obviously different to a plate full of lettuce. Thanks for answeing my questions! Alright so ill take it into consideration that certain foods have to be eatin in moderation. And ill make sure that my One meal a day consist of mostly healthy foods majority of the time.

Umm… do u think it would be ok for me to drink Diet Coke Zero calories thrum the day? Ofcourse ill drink lots of water also.

Reading some of the other comments and your story I am Super excited to start this. I am more than ready to shed these extra pounds! You can adjust as you go along. Sort of need a bit of encouragement here. Yes, around my waist, clothes are looser, but my stomach looks arwful, much more bloated looking.

I look at your pictures and I can see such a difference in your body. I know I do have a lot of body fat around my middle, but I thought with eating once a day , cutting down on carbs and killing myself at the gym would show good results. Maybe I need to shock my body into letting go of fat as it seems to be holding on for dear life. Limit your salt intake, because you will retain water on a high salt diet.

How I look at it, you have to break down a wall. Fat loss is deceptive. You can lose several pounds and see no real difference in the way you look.. Part of the problem here is we look only where we can see i. Maybe in August try a different approach? Keep in mind that this can be a long process and try to get your feelings of success from sticking to your plan rather than the apparent lack of physical results. Also keep in mind that doing it the way I did it… guessing about calorie content and paying little attention to nutrition is far from optimal — so results are bound to be slower.

I was just surfing the web and found your blog. I myself do a similar diet. I work out twice a day and eat one substantial meal for lunch. This is a routine I follow during the weekday and I have my cheat days on the weekend as well. I feel fuller doing this vs eating six times a day.

I have always found that eating that many times a day to stay full just seemed too tedious. Thank you for your words of encouragement. You are right about others saying that I look slimmer. My sister says it, but I always think to myself.. Could you tell me what you eat on your cheat days? Also, do you think that very overweight people trying to lose weight, should have a cheat day at all? You must feel amazing and look fantastic?! I unfortunately have to change my plan as from today: On the other hand, i hate sleeping hungry!

Skip breakfast, have lunch with enough carbohydrates, Then Dinner with Low carbs or with carbs? I plan on Jogging 7km for two days and Then One day rest! I really want to Take Part in the race, and i want to lose weight too. Having one meal a day the last werk has really motivated me. Anyone have an advice for me? Hi Fatuma, I hope the diet is still working for you.

What to watch out for