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Nutrisystem nutricrush chocolate shake
Being on the second box is nice. After all Socrates said " The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new" I need a new me! Yes the puffs are crunchy. They could use a bit of thickness. How to Lose 5 Pounds Fast. From my choices I should have selected the best of the best according to several websites- I did branch a bit into the four stars out of curiosity, but all the rest of the selections are five stars. I added the ice and blended it in my blender which made them thick.

My Reorder List: (Ranked 1= Order up to 5, 2= Order 2-3, 3= Order only one

Nutrisystem nutricrush peanut butter chocolate bar

I hope they didn't change the formula. I have promised food reviews for the past month. I do have to say sorry that I stopped writing the reviews, but the plateau at was getting to me.

The last thing I wanted to do was sit down and blog about food. I'm transferring what I can from my notebook. They are large and covered with a thin coating of cheese. It does remind me of Cheetos. Hopefully it will taste as good. They are somewhat cheesy but the flavor disappears after about the second chew and you are left with a mushy cereal taste. These puffs are so pu ffed with air that I feel like I'm chewing Styrofoam. Ok the Styrofoam comment stands with the texture part too.

Yes the puffs are crunchy. If you are looking for something to crunch these are your things as long as you are not looking for great flavor. Like I said, the cheese flavor is gone before you really eat the thing and you are left with a mushy corn taste. Oh, there is also a slight c hemical aftertaste that I found unappetizing. Ok, take ground beef and put it in a nest of mashed potatoes I think that's what they were.

Then spread a dull red tomato paste over the top. I hate to say it but this meatloaf made school lunch look good. This is really a mess to look at. The tomato sauce smells sweet and you get the nice smell of cooked beef.

Boy the sight of this thing is still getting to me. Who thought of this? That is my first impression. The potatoes do not really taste like a nything. They are white goo. The tomato sauce actually has a tinny taste to it made with canned tomatoes maybe?

The beef is boiled. You put this all together and it's rather off putting. I saved it with some catsup, but still this is bad. Is this Nutrisystem or Airplane food? Six o ne way half a dozen the other. Still it gets a point because I was able to finish it. Keeping in mind that my box was somewhat melted when it arrived, it's not surprising that the chocolate around the bar was not uniform.

The appearance of the candy bar reminds me of a Milky Way. It is approximately the same size and the same color. It looks like a nice dark chocolate. Of course I am a sucker for anything with the words dark and chocolate in them. The inside of this bar I think got changed by the heat either that or you are supposed to have something the consistancy of fudge inside.

Each bite is like you are cheating with this little candy bar. It is so satisfying that I'm saving it for the days when I just have to eat a three musketeers.

I can't beleive how good this bar is! However, I let the second one I bought thaw out so I could report on my blog. This candybar pulls away like a Milky Way. It is soft and smooth and is wonderful frozen or at room temperature. Tiny round meatballs surrounded by spiral noodles in a red tomato sauce. I found some meals that were not going to be favorites, and now at least I can change my future order. Right now I have all of my meals in a box which kind of works now, but not in the long run.

I may have to rearrange some stuff in my kitchen, or gather a weeks at a time to put in my cubbard. All of my food supply is stored in the garage, an no real kitchen pantry.

I have to get my measurements done today and then I will fill them in for you. My weight went down exactly five pounds. I know that for the rest of the time that I should be exoecting only pound weight loss a week, but that's still awesome if you think that I could still lose 12 pounds before I leave for my vacation.

And don't forget that 10 pounds is supposed to equal 1 dress size. I will be taking my dining book with me to remind me of what I can eat on my vaca as well.

To go over yesterday For breakfast I had the harvest nut bar. Small as the other bars, but had a sweet salty thing going for it. Overall I liked it. For my veggie yesterday, I took a can of low sodium peas and simered them until hot.

A half can for lunch and the other half for dinner. Lunch was the beans and ham soup. It was pretty good, and it went with the peas really well. It filled me up and was overall satisfied until snack time. Snack time I just had some veggies, because I was out and about and it was easy to order. Dinner was the peas with the chili with beans. Pretty good for a chili from a container, but I wish it came with a bit of heat to it.

Next time I have this entree, I will add some chilies to it. OMG it's my first day put out to sea. I looked over my box to see what jumped at me. My husband came in and decided to help, bless him. We both thought the blueberry muffin was a great choice. I should have taken a picture, but I ended up gobbling it up and then realizing.

I will have to have a muffin tomorrow to show you the size. They are really on the small side. Very good tasting and had a moist denseness to it. Where can i buy nutrisystem gift cards. Where can i buy nutrisystem protein shake. Where can i buy nutrisystem biscotti bites.

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