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No broken or chipped plastic either. COM Enjoy fresh juice wherever you go. There are lots of nutrients in the skin! Simple to assemble and disassemble. If you have an ulcer, try cabbage juice!

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Instructions for Cleaning a Juicer Things Required Juicer cleaning brush Mild dish-washing soap White vinegar Sodium bicarbonate Soft cloth Water Instructions Read the instruction manual supplied to you along with the appliance. This manual usually contains tips to clean the juicer after use. It also contains information on whether juicer parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher or not. If they can be, your work is substantially reduced, but if they are not fit for dish-washing, you will have to clean them manually.

Turn off the juicer and remove its plug from the AC source. Keeping the appliance plugged-in may increase the chances of shock while cleaning. Separate each detachable part of the juicer from the main machine to aid the cleaning process. Throw leftover pulp that is collected in the juicer during previous use. Rinse every detached part with water. You can directly place it under running water for initial cleaning.

Fill the sink with warm water and add mild dish-washing soap in it. Mix to obtain a uniform cleaning solution. Now soak juicer parts in the solution for about 10 minutes. This will loosen tough stains and deposits that would have accumulated in nooks of various parts of the juicer. Remove every part one by one and clean them properly using a juicer-cleaning brush with soft bristles.

Before cleaning the juicing mesh, soak it for an hour or so in a cup of water with sodium bicarbonate. This helps in loosening pulp strands, which can then be cleaned easily. Gently remove fine strands of pulp clogging fine holes of the mesh using the brush. Make sure the mesh is thoroughly clean because a clogged mesh can hamper the working of the juicer in future.

If the juicer parts have developed stains because of fruits and vegetables with strong color pigments, clean them using a soft cloth damped with white vinegar. Vinegar can easily remove tough stains and leave the juicer parts sparkling clean. Rinse every cleaned part again with lukewarm water and leave for drying.

Use a damp cloth to wipe the main body of the juicer that houses the motor. After the main machine and other parts of the juicer are dry, reassemble, and set it aside for next use. Some Useful Tips When buying a juicer, select the model which is easy to handle and clean. Never soak the main body of the juicer for cleaning because it contains the motor that runs the appliance. Go through the manual before placing any juicer part in the dishwasher.

When a juicer has to be used multiple times a day, soak its parts in a water bowl under refrigeration after every use, and clean it thoroughly after the last juicing session. Types of Machines The many juicers reviewed here have been separated into 3 categories: Slow juicers which squeeze rather than spin for better nutrient content and do nearly all veggies and fruits including greens.

Press juicers which are generally very expensive but produce the best nutrient content. However, they take the most time for preparation and cleaning. Our Unique Review Process Be aware that though we have reviewed and summarized hundreds of consumer reviews, a fair number are written by ghost writers for companies that pay them to write favorable reviews.

My sister who does all the exhaustive research claims that after reading so many reviews she is now able to spot the fakes! Also beware that the most popular brands are not necessarily the best, since popularity is driven by availability, advertising, and marketing — none of which insure quality.

For instance, one of the very finest juice machines is an expensive appliance manufactured by Norwalk, but a consumer review is rarely found because relatively few people own this machine. What we have done here includes something that I haven't seen done anywhere else.

First, we list the most popular websites that rate the most popular, highly rated, and best selling juice machines - nothing unusual here. Along with these sites we include their ratings. Next we give you a brief review of all the machines mentioned plus any machine we have heard of — a kind of Wikepedia of juice machines. Finally - and here's our unique contribution - we summarize the many reviews we have read on each machine.

Thus every one of our reviews is based upon several that we have viewed including video comparisons, owners manuals, and calls tom customer service.

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