Loaded Sweet Potato Fries with BBQ Jackfruit & Red Cabbage Apple Slaw

Sweet Potato Banana Bites

Sweet Potato Banana Bites
The question this evidence brings to mind is this: The whipped goat cheese can be made ahead of time, but let it sit out and come to room temperature while the sweet potatoes are roasting. Trackbacks […] loves, and goes back for seconds. I planned this trip with two of my sorority sisters along with their hubbies for four full days of living it up in Sin City. Do you store in the fridge or a container on the counter?

Can I use Different Fruits in These Muffins?

Sweet Potato Apple Breakfast Bake {Paleo & Whole30}

Thanks for this simple recipe. I like the simple stuff, where you just pop all the sauce in the blender and blend. Just made these tonight with store bought guacamole two calorie packs from walmart — I keep them in the freezer. I loved it, but added garlic salt and will add sweet onions and Sriracha sauce in the future.

Oh as a side note, my potatoes seemed small but even 50 min at degrees was definately not enough. Ended up microwaving to finish off. Maybe my oven has issues. It looks amazing and the presentation is beautiful! Beautiful, nutritious and delicious! I will be making this sometime in the week. This is also a perfect recipe for getting those meat-eaters left in your life into the vegan groove.

Great recipe, I will definitely be making these again, easier than the sweet potato enchiladas I usually make. Click here to cancel reply. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. These potatoes are pretty mild and picky-eater-friendly as is, but if you'd like them to be spicy, you can either top them with hot sauce or mash in a tablespoon or two of minced chipotle peppers in adobo sauce when you're mashing the sweet potato flesh with the spices. Wordpress Recipe Plugin by EasyRecipe.

Sep 27, Reply. The colours going on are beautiful. I want to eat this now. Sep 30, Reply. These were delicious and easy. Oct 1, Reply. Oct 9, Reply. Oh my goodness, this looks delicious! A healthier option for a family favorite. Looking for a yield here Planning to make this tomorrow. I'm so sorry about that - that information just must of slipped through our fingers when typing it up. It yields servings, so depending on how many people you fix it for, there may be enough for second!

Trackbacks […] loves, and goes back for seconds. What size skillet did you use? Also how long should it last in the refrigerator? This took a lot longer than 10 minutes to fully bake for me. It was closer to 30 minutes. I also used sweet potatoes out of the fridge and transferred everything to an oven save dish so that may have been the cause of the delay. I think transferring it from the hot skillet impacts the baking time. This is so good, I never used coconut milk before.

Yum, will be making again! I can see how easily I will be able to adjust the basic recipe based upon the ingredients I may have on hand and still have a great end breakfast! Thanks for sharing—-and not having exact measurements! Do you think canned pumpkins would work instead of sweet potato? If so, how much canned pumpkin if you had to guess? At 10 minutes mine still looked raw and not set. It has been in for closer to 20 now and still not loving the constisency of it.

It is still really runny. Hi Michelle, that is not included in the directions. Is this something you recommend? I know I do in other sweet potato recipes. Thanks, great recipe btw. I made this bc it looked so good! It was a fail for me. The eggs never puffed up. Is it really only two eggs? I have not used a mix of sweet potatoes, apples and coconut milk before.

It will definitely be something different to try out for breakfast. I like the inclusion of the spices and fruit and nuts which gives the bake some added flavors and textures. Am doing Whole30 and needed to find something new for breakfast.

It is absolutely delicious! Reminds me of sweet potato casserole at Thanksgiving. In fact, I just might sub this next year. Definitely a recipe that will become a staple in our house! AND you now have me cooking with coconut milk — as a non-coconut lover except in shampoo! This was so delicious! I made it pretty much as written and had it for breakfast for several days. Totally satisfied my cravings for carbs in the morning and was very satisfying. Was not hungry till lunch.

I plan to make it again today but will add nuts and raisins into the mix before baking as I think I would prefer them incorporated into it rather than sitting on top. Really yummy and I so appreciate your sharing your recipes. This became a staple during my Whole30 last month. I used leftover baked sweet potato instead of grating it, and I added it to the other ingredients with sauteed diced apples.

I also had to bake it in ramekins because I did not have a cast iron skillet available. It is now my go-to breakfast for Saturday mornings making it my weekend splurge. Hi,I just made this in a 9 inch baking pan. Smaller would probably be better it was very thin. It also took about 20 minutes? The eggs were firm but not browning so I took them out around 22 minutes. Should I have left it in longer? It looks like you might have sprinkled something on yours.

I do think making it in the skillet cuts down the baking time since the skillet is already hot. Maybe it could be frozen before baking? First of all, this was amazing! My 5 year old thought it was dessert it was so good. But I was wondering if Adding a little almond flour might make it more like a cake consistency?

This is a delicious recipe. I get tired of eggs. I know what you mean! The eggs sort of hide and the sweet flavors stand out. So glad you liked it! Is there a trick to keeping the eggs from scrambling when you add them and mix in?

I whisked the eggs, mixed with coconut milk, and then added to the skillet. Do you remove from heat for awhile prior to adding?

But I really try to focus a little on apples before I go all in with pumpkin. This recipe from Paleo Runnning Momma seems super simple and I have all of the ingredients. The muffins needed to […]. I tried the Sweet Potato Apple bake for breakfast. Je podle tohoto receptu. Avocado Carob Pudding, berries Th: Sweet Potato Apple Bake — this is new for us, we will see how it goes F: Enzyme Smoothies, Turkey Sausages S: With shredded sweet potato, apple, coconut milk, cinnamon, […].

I was worried this would be like replacing a baked dessert, but for […]. It seems that once I make something and identify areas of improvement, I want to […]. Get the recipe from Paleo Running Momma. Another one from Paleo Running Momma. I made my first ever cast iron skillet dish- a sweet potato apple breakfast bake. Check out this Sweet Potato Breakfast Bake, or try making smoothie bags to have ready to go in your freezer for a quick grab and go option.

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Sweet Potato Hash with Sausage and Eggs {Paleo & Whole30}