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3 day prep meat diet
Lots of Green Veggies, Must be a I guess i wasn't losing the weight quickly enough for them. Once I finally did, I found out all the lies I was told and how I was taken advantage of! Every week I was gaining couple pounds. On the 3 day prep I haven't attended the class yet , i see you can have fat-free dressing, which seems odd to me, being that they all have high-fructose corn syrup. They never even asked to be in touch with my doctor first. I had 90 pounds to lose and was promised it would come off within 30 weeks.

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I can't do it alone. But I don't have to. I didn't think we could have a serving of fat on the prep phase You can have apple cider vinegar, and you can must have a serving of fat per day. You could use your teaspoon of olive oil and some ACV to make your own vinaigrette. On the 3 day prep I haven't attended the class yet , i see you can have fat-free dressing, which seems odd to me, being that they all have high-fructose corn syrup.

It was tough, but easier than the plateau breaker I'm on now!! The key is to keep eating. You may not feel like eating more veggies or meat, but keep doing it. It's way different than your normal eating pattern, and your body will try to tell you it's had enough of "that stuff" to eat. But you're still hungry for "the other stuff". The more you eat in this phase, the more you lose. And I don't think it would be a good idea to stay on it for longer than the recommended 3 days.

Rotisserie chickens are great for the prep phase. You can ask for lower sodium ones from the deli at the super market. I always eat a ton of steak and salad too. Why can't I remember that?! I started last week I'm on day 4 of the plan. So far I've lost 5 lbs. Most during the 3 day prep. I didn't think it was too bad. The grill was my friend. I just joined SlimGenics today, with the official start of my program being tomorrow. Any tips on getting ready for and getting through the 3 day prep meat diet?

It always amazes me how you're allowed unlimited amts of meat, but can still manage to be hungry! I guess your body just isn't getting what it wants. I never thought I could get tired of steak, but I did. It makes you really appreciate the tasty snacks not supergenic ones , fruits and carbs when you're done! I am on Day 3 of prep today! When I was in the center yesterday, someone called in and asked this question about keeping up Prep for longer than 3 days and I overheard the counselor telling the person that it is NOT recommended, saying that it is hard on your body, so you want to finish the 3 days, and then proceed to the next phase.

I like the unlimited amounts, but already I am SO ready to introduce some more variety, so I'm ready to finish Prep and move on! Are we supposed to be eating lean meats on on this or does it matter? Like can I eat a ribeye if I want?! I also heard from my counselor that it was counterproductive to do the prep too often, but I actually Love it.

Fat free Catalina Dressing and tons of beef are my recipe for at least 3 lbs of success everytime and refocusing, but wonder if there is a time where it is counterproductive, does anyone know? I have lost 22 lbs on Slim4life, just need to commit to the last few pounds and stabilize. Keep it up and don't lose focus. Weighed myself this morning down four pounds. Just gotta keep up with it. Cullenz Hang in there. I know exactly how you feel. Whenever I start staying on plan I keep thinking about all the foods I'm not able eat and I want them not because I'm hungry but because I feel deprived.

They seemed to understand and wanted me to come in. They gave me the usual talk up about how their program is great and I could lose my weight with them. They seemed lost when I asked questions about the weekly cost of supplements and protein they need me to take to "guarantee" the weight loss. Then the nice lady went to 'ask' her manager about lowering the price. She had asked that if the program was free would I sign up Then in came the no-so-nice lady Then, to herself she said, "Don't you make your own money?

I wouldn't want my husband to spend that kind of money without talking to me first. Then she told me that money wasn't the issue.

I didn't know she worked at my bank and paid my bills! And that mentally I wasn't ready to loose the weight. She also said, "Obesity is a disease of procrastination. Then she wanted me to hurry home and talk to him so I could call by 7pm and give them my credit card number over the phone. After 7pm the "great deal" they were giving me would no longer be valid. I could definitly see how they take advantage of people in a weak moment. I'm not a person who can be bullied but they don't know me and I had been told about the pressure sale before I went.

They're criminal to prey on people that way. I would never suggest even stepping foot in that place! Jovigirl53 Oh how I wish I had looked into reviews before I went there. They never even asked to be in touch with my doctor first. I got very sick on their diet and they did not care one bit. I even returned all the unopened boxes of everything. They said we cannot take this back but as soon as I said I will donate to whoever wants it because I cannot use it. They grabbed those bags so fast I could not believe it.

But they kept all my money and it was over And it was not even a full 2 weeks I was with them. I am older and just trusted them. I would tell everyone not to go to any of their places.

I joined Quick Weight Loss Center years ago. I lost 80 LBs in 16 weeks. I am a member on the maintenance plan. The maintenance plan helps you keep the weight off. I had dental surgery and was away from the center for a year and gained a lot of weight back My membership was still active, I did have to purchase extra weeks but they gave me a great deal and all I needed were some of the products.

I am lossing now. This program is difficult at first but when you get into the swing of things When I went back in, I talked with a guy that had lost weight then got off the program and gained it back so he went and got the gastric band. He had the band removed and came back to QWLC because he knew it worked for him. They will tell you exactly what to do and will stick with you through it.

You will be weighed and measured two to three times a week and have your blood pressure taken. I speak with lots of other members, some have gotten off injections for diabetes. Many other people on the plan that I have talked to have had medical conditions that have dissapated or at the very least have become more controllable.

The person that said how happy they are with the program must be an employee. I don't think it is a real commit. I went in for my"30"minute app. I too didn't get a direct answer about how much per month this would cost. They do have papers you sign about the products being non-refundable, but when I signed it I didn't realize that was what I was sighning.

They are very sneaky that way. If their plan is so good and works so well why don't they stand behind thier products with a money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied. I too feel like I have been ripped off. THey make sure they are covered, but you are left out standing in the rain holding All your products. They made me feel like I had to spend all this money on their products for the plan, so I said yes, with tears in my eyes because it was SO much money but they said I would loose the weight if I did the plan exactly, which I was prepared to do because I wanted to loose the weight.

The products made me feel very jittery and then I would feel low. It is so restrictive I felt like I was in food prison and that is the last thing someone who is overweight wants to feel. Like they have been cheated, because that just makes you want to eat more! Now I have a cabinet full of stuff I can't use and I am so frustrated!!

I will give you a really good deal I promise, right after you sign something for me. Anyway I have talked to corporate a few times and they just go on and on about how good thier plan is.

She even told me I must be sick if the products were making me feel bad. She asked where I buy my vitaimins and mega 3 fish oil and when I told her Wal-Mart she went off on a tangent about how she wouldn't buy ANTHING like that from Wal-Mart and that it was probably their stuff that was making me feel bad, even though I have been taking them for several years now and I've been fine until I started taking their products.

I got so frustrated and stressed talking with her I said I wanted to talk to her boss and she said she would have her call me and I am still waiting here for her call. I can't do this plan it is so hard and they don't tell you this up front. Anyway PLease if you are thinking about this plan be careful very careful before you join. It is tremendously expensive and if it doens't work for you, you are stuck big time. They hit you with the hard stuff after you have paid.

Especially if they are vague about explaining things which they are. I feel pretty dumb right now and broke, and hungry!!

Well, they say you learn something everyday and I have met my qutoa for the year!! Believe it or not it works, just not as fast as they claim.

She loses around 1 pound a week. The good news, my wife has lost 30 Lbs since joining. I have been doing QWL for 14 weeks and am down 52 pounds with 18 more to go. Yes, the supplements and office visits are required but if you know how to use a search engine you can find the exact same products elsewhere for a lot less.

But, I feel it has been worth it. The food outside of the suppliments is easy, but limited. You cam be creative with everything you're allowed to eat but i just stick to a daily meal plan that works for me. I don't really eat the daily fruit that i'm allowed because it seems counter -intuitive. The problem I think that the OP had was that when it says 8oz of grilled chicken, then you only eat 8oz! Portion control folks, portion control.

If you can't lose weight on this program by yourself then you need to see a doctor because there is something else wrong. I believe that almost every diet you go on and stick to you will lose weight. Anyone with an overweight problem has been there and done that. This diet is the worst one with false advertising that i have ever seen. Well I have faithfully followed this diet and yes I have lost weight however, i lost 11 pounds in 10 weeks, that is not pounds?

The centers put you down and blame everything on you. The diet is expensive and works better for men and very overweight people. When you walk into the center it has a chalk board with the biggest weight losses each week, down 18, down 10, down 6 etc.

The center knew I wanted to loose 19 pounds and they said oh yes, 10 weeks, well they will try and get me for the extra money but i will not fall for their tricks. Go to weight watchers if you want a nice slow weight loss. They are mean and make you feel bad. Buyer beware you have to buy their supplements but can purchase them on other web sites cheaper. If you do purchase them elsewhere you have broken the contract and when your time is over they will not help you I had 70 lbs.

After losing only 10 pounds in 3 weeks, which i thought was fine, my "counselors" kept insisting i must be cheating, and i was not! I had to explain to them that being female and post-menopausal was going to make it slower for me. I had to explain this to them? They are not professionals, not even intelligent or compassionate. Even though my counselor said she was a nurse!

I paid top dollar for their program, but watched while the counselors all woman would fawn all over the male clientele. Their so-called pep talks to me made me feel worse about myself. I guess i wasn't losing the weight quickly enough for them. I walked away from their over-priced, over-hyped program. And notice their spokespeople who have been through their program are all male and are given a much reduced in price or free program. Save your money and go to Weight Watchers - where they know everyone loses weight at different rates, won't charge you an exboritant fee, don't load you up on their carb blockers and other supplements, and will not accuse you of not following the program.

My SIL lost over 70 lbs. I did follow it and lost 26 lbs. But I do agree that their attitude is a very hard sell attitude. Maybe it is a requirement to have experience selling used cars , They should be up front with how much it costs BEFORE someone decides if they want to try it. That would force the cost down cause people would just be walkin out. I have read so many times that people felt pressured or trapped into it.

With the money they charge, they could afford a national website so clients can communicate with each other. So why isn't there one? Why wouldn't they want clients communicating with each other? What are they doing with that extra money? It's almost a shame the diet works so well, cause that initial cost and the continued pressure to buy more of this or that "on sale" I think people who get wind of the initial costs don't even give this diet another thought because of cost alone.

That is a shame cause it could be helping so many more people than it is. A personal food complaint I had was I am not a big fan of chicken They didn't like it, but I ate beef more often than is on the plan. While it seems that a variety of the ppl who posted comments had a horrible experience with QWLC. I joined the program today. I had a very nice and informative counselor who explained in great detail the cost associated with the plan and the need to follow the diet guidelines.

She further explained that in lieu of taking supplements you could add exercise to the program. The supplements to speed up the weight loss but is not necessary for the weight loss. I feel bad that most of you had a negative experience, but so far mine has been positive.

Guess I will find out for sure in 30days. Guess what, I've lost 35 lbs and my health is better than ever. I took a hiatus from exercise and combat sports to heal a sports hernia, and I didn't exercise for the first 6 weeks of the program and still I've lost an avg 4 lbs a week.

I can understand how people feel pushed, it's a high pressure sales world. Read the fine print, nobody forces you to sign anything. Nobody takes the money from your wallet. How about you take some responsibility about the matter? It's not a magic pill, it takes time. And I love it there. Guess what, I don't work there. I look around and see my friends and myself who've used QWLC and I see a bunch of people that have had their lives transformed by the program. I can understand being overweight, been that way my whole life, but I'm not going to feel sorry for someone who is not up to the task.

Like I've always said It's up to you to stay disciplined, not the salespeople. Well, so far so bad. I was lured in by an ad on a Christian radio station.

Thought it meant they were an honest, upfront group. I was a home client being too far from any centers, and was supposed to receive everything by mail within a week. It came 2 wks later. Well, a few pages came enabling me to do the 3 day prep and the follow up maintainance phase and nothing in between!. I called both my initial contact person, the director, Brooke, and my 'counselor' Olivia; both of whom were highly resistant to my very polite suggestions about increasing their initial veracity on cost, and on the fact that I did not receive much of what they said was in the initial mailing.

Olivia subtly implied that I was not being honest. Now, what reason would I have to lie about that? Olivia was a 'new yorker' no offense, New Yorkers!

She was rude and inconsiderate; a long way from the encouraging, supportive and motivating personality I was promised! I am a nurse practitioner, and I understood completely, early on, that this is virtually the south beach or modified Atkins diet. It will work, but not because of QWLC. I'm going to follow it myself and not bother contacting the center again, for any downer 'pep talks' or high pressure sales talks on what imperative products I supposedly 'need' costing so much more than disclosed.

Innumerable times I was promised phone calls, products, information and triweekly phone counseling; none of which materialized.

I'll lose the weight because we are capable, strong people who can do this without the coersion and deceit of QWLC. Save your hard-earned money, buy a copy of either the Atkins Diet or the South Beach Diet, buy quality herbal appetite suppressants and vitamins, find an encouraging friend to be your 'counselor', Get a Wee Fit it'll ultimately cost you less and be more fun and effective!

You can more readily lose this weight without QWLC, than with them. I know you can do this!!! No chocolate for me! LOL I read everything, asked lots of questions and understood that the sign up cost was basically for counseling. And let's face it, most of us who need to lose weight NEED counseling I had tried all sorts of diets and WW I always was good for about 10 lbs, because that diet did not teach me to eat healthy QWLC was perfect for me because I would see a counselor 3 times a week who would chastize me for straying.

I needed that, I needed to be accountable to someone. I had an addiction to overcome I lost 32 lbs in 4 months In reality I lost 3 lbs a week, because I froze my account a couple of times to go on a cruise and other summer travels. On those weeks, I neither gained nor lost, which was superb because I always gain 6lbs while crusing.

One of the greatest things about having those mandatory visits, is that you really pay attention to how you are following your diet plan. The counselor would offer great suggestions to help when I would have only lost 2 or 2. I also felt that I needed the 'verbal punishment' many of you mention. Who complains about their drill sargeant?