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Assessing the D-line options in the 2018 draft

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The military has historically been protected from civilian courts, with any crimes committed by soldiers being decided in closed military tribunals. Marty Hurney is back on the job with a solid draft. They were in his head a lot. BusinessWeek Feb 1, This page was last edited on 6 September , at I keep coming back to that myself:

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Optima Fund Management Limited Partnership. Pacific Insight Investment Management Corp. Pedder Street Investment Management Limited. There are some options that fit their profile but not many. Re-signing Byron Maxwell could be pretty important. The belief is he will conduct a workout some time in early April. For more on Jones II check out these articles here and here. Defensive end Rasheem Green did the bench press today, managing 23 reps. It means his TEF score is now confirmed as a 3.

Sam Darnold received mixed reviews for his throwing performance. None of the quarterback have really separated so far.

Think Rojo falls because of the injury? Would be nice to pick him up sometime in the second round if we can get a pick there. This will seem incredibly nit picky. Alaska — about 30 players hurt their hamstring at the combine while running the forty. There was a reason for all the hamstring injuries. Makes you wonder about their off season training? These players are doing three long days of medical checks, interviews, meetings, media work and then a full workout on live TV in the biggest job interview of their lives.

Not to mention the way these guys train in comparison to normal folk. I would not mind if Seattle could find Derrick Nnadi if they could add a second or third rd pick. Seems for a guy who has been on the radar for awhile has gone kind of cold because he had an average combine.

Really liked him in There is so much potential with Nnadi and I like the Mebane comparison. Another one to monitor for sure. I have a feeling that with the Fluker signing we see OL drop off as a priority. If they like the depth of the OG class which they will it would make more sense to tap into the thin top layer of DEs.

Our depth on the D line right now is woeful. Nowhere near the athlete Bruce or Vic Beasley are. Not as physical either.

But you can never have enough pass rushers. And right now we are dangerously thin in that regard. We are dangerously thin 3 tech. There are some interesting options in day 2 and early day 3… especially the LEO position.

However, what DE out there is worth the 18th pick? Chubb is long gone. Davenport is a great athlete but raw fundamentally. Arden Key has a lot of red flags that concern me because of the Malik situation last year. I would rather trade down into the sweet spot in rounds 2 and 3. We probably need two DTs and three DEs. Maybe the Hawks zig instead of zag again like last year i. Teams are expecting a RB rush and the good ones to go before pick The Redskins are already talking about it.

Expect them to do some moving around to get a runner. Similary how I mocked Bruce Irvin to Seattle way back when 2nd round, though , I think we could take Sweat as early as Hurst would be the best 3tech we could hope for but lasting until 18 might be a pipe dream. Big question I have: Only a shade, but worth noting given their draft history. Also ran only a 4. Although obviously the split and agility testing matches up. Too many needs to break that trend this year.

We know they can do it though. Either that or re-sign Maxwell which is highly possible if not probable. I could see a situation where they address D-line and running game early.

But the running game will likely be the priority. As you said earlier, DE is always going to be a premium and there just arent many that fit our bill. Also the fact he almost had his career ruined in HS with a pretty horrific injiury and fought back to play at the level he did says a lot about him.

Speaking of that injury, the big, bulky knee brace he wore had to affect his game. I read that today as well this off season is the first he has played without the brace since HS and he said it makes a big difference as you would expect for a speed rusher. That said, I still think they go running game as a priority. But if they acquired picks for Earl Thomas or somehow ended up with two second rounders — I could imagine a scenario where they bypass guard and go RB and DE.

Late 1st Round LG: With picks 18 and say 28 JS could likely manuover and get an extra 2nd rounder to make that happen. It would take a masterstroke on par with some Kevin Costner movie magic to turn Earl and 18 into three picks between 30 and Akrum wadley has a terrible fumble rate as well- and the seahawks have apparently expressed interest. My opinion on Michel is that he is a good to great back that landed in the perfect situation for him, where he was constantly put in the best possible situation every time he touched the ball.

LA should take him and pair him with Gurley. I think your final paragraph makes a lot of sense. Delaware DT Bilal Nichols is intriguing as well. Moves extremely well against up and the down the LOS, great use of the hands too. That is no faint praise. You also have him rated as a top 12 player in this draft which I assume means you grade him as a first round talent. Especially if Suh goes to the Rams. Earn it or sit.

But even then there are a lot of questions to answer. If you want to get an EDGE do you have to spend an early pick there? Can you get by with Pocic at guard, having already made the investment there, allowing you to concentrate on getting a fantastic running back? In I remember being on holiday with my pregnant wife, sat in front of a fire in the evening typing out a mock draft romance very much alive in the Staton household.

I was staring blankly at the screen with no idea what to project at For a moment at least I was grateful for Percy Harvin. About DL and RB being the early focus. Especially if Pocic is the LG now. Would seem odd to pump another top 64 pick into that. Not always the names selected. Should be up tomorrow unless anything happens. And they liked Pocic enough to draft him in R2 last year, so they kind of have to back that judgement now.

Eventually you have to accept that the O-line has had incredible investment and draft stock pumped into it. No other team has pumped draft stock into their O-line like Seattle in recent years. Looking forward to it. I think Green will go early. Was listening to the GM street podcast and Lombardi made a point to mention that Seattle signing Fluker indicated a change in there running style from a stretch zone to more of a power set.

If he is right that seems more like Chubb would be option A. Not sure about that. Pairing Jones II with Carson would be something. I keep coming back to that myself: Add Wilson and the zone read…oh boy. He does need to improve his pass pro. But I think he has the potential to be a unique offensive weapon in a pro style offense.

I hope it wont be rb early. Not a very good track record right now, I hope it will be linebacker. Not with the needs elsewhere. And this is a top heavy RB class this year. Now, with Norton, maybe our depth can get coached up a bit more, hard to say. They also picked up Rod Smith who the Cowboys picked up and is good depth.

At the time I wanted the Hawks to keep him over Rawls. Collins got pushed out on what was probably a poor roster decision. Not much of a track record to judge honestly. I think the 20 lbs of extra good weight that Pocic has added is very intriguing. With this bit of news, RB and DL seems pretty logical areas to focus on for the first two picks. No wonder Seattle scouted Cincinnati early this year. Off topic and sorry if I missed it in another post — but have people seen the clips Fluker has on his twitter account today of him working out?

Dude looks yoked up. I had a mental picture of him from the combine when he came out — looks like a different guy now. Looks the part of a run blocker. Also Fluker seemed to really come into his own inside. Yeah, it was mentioned in the last thread I think. I see way too much reliance on out-athlete-ing their opponents.

Sweat will be this years Danielle Hunter. Already a great run defender, a natural, just needs some good coaching to consistently get him unlock the technique that he flashes. I remember being blow away seeing rookies in their first camp being taught by coaches what should be pretty fundamental stuff. Just hope you can teach the guy technique.

Fluker who looks like a monster right now to Lacey who add to have set weigh-ins as part of his deal? Camp this year is going to be so much fun. Many positions and heavy rotationspots up for fight. Getting in some hungry defensive players in the draft, along with some runners and its all ready-set-go! I pray the football gods, this is a sign they are getting away from the cut block zone scheme. No more Brian Baldinger snapshots of all our o lineman laying on the ground while entire defensive line still on their feet.

CBS has a new 2 round mock draft in which we maneuver to have 2nd round picks and we use them on……. Nearly every mock will have Seattle going corner or tackle early though. Kind of got used to them being barely worth reading now. Thet are all terrible. This si the guy to really watch.

I watched every taspe they had from the Senior bowl etc and he always stood out. As was stated, dominated almost every 1v1 drill… got stoned by OG Hernandez a few times. He said he could see Britt and Pocic flip flop as well, but I do not see that personally. I would love to see Hernandez as the LG….. Do you think that he is a 3 tech or NT or can he bounce out side farther towards the tackles and play a 5 tech?

He was mostly shown inside between the B gaps but mostly in the A gaps. I think he could probably play at all three spots, but if Seattle drafted him, I would love to see them open up the competition at 3 tech between him and Naz Jones. I think he looks like a big powerful 3 tech in a Initially I liked him as a 1 tech as I see him as a dominant run stopper like Mebane, but he might be a little too tall and leggy for NT.

You see him make moves and counter moves. He did a lot of the dirty work ans I could see a player like him overtaking Naz Jones on the depth chart at run down 3T.

Hill bandwagon for a while now. Wynn would be a great pick, but how well would he do in the power game? He seems more athletic and technically sound than mauler. I see him as an excellent prospect. Would the RB Chubb last until the 4th round? I think he would be a serious target late 3rd onward if still available. And if people are talking about Guice in the first, then Chubb has a chance to go in round one.

Knock on wood, but hyper buff RBs that are very cut and muscular like Kerryon Johnson just seem like injuries waiting to happen. Interesting theory… Chris Carson was shredded and he went down so easily… same without Lavon coleman at Washington. He got his legs caught up in a pile and had his ankle rolled on.

Tough to spot a real trend there. Ill add in Fluker as soon as I get the numbers. That is amazing value IMO. I know I am in a minority but I like this off season so far. If they can get a 1st for Earl or get him to sign a reasonable 2 yr extension then I think it could be a great off season. I really like it as well. We just need to resign Maxwell. They can get out of all of those contracts if they need to, and there is some real upside to get some value.

Trade down one more time in early R3 for an extra R4. I think you are right. After reading a bunch of RB draft profiles, there will be options even in the 5th round worth considering. Say they draft Jones or Chubb early, they will likely draft at least one more later, perhaps even earlier. Or even count Carson, the 7th rounder who beat out Lacy former second round pick among others to start.