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It is too bad conventional wisdom of modern medicine does not use this to help LR couples who are infertile. You're writing is very really quite difficult to follow. The American intelligence community, for instance, has nominally had some direction and coordination since the creation of the CIA; but the intelligence units in Government, particularly in the Defense Department, have very much gone their own way. I jest, but really…should I insulate? It is also called Scarpa's fluid, after Antonio Scarpa Ampullary Cupula is a structure in the vestibular system, providing the sense of spatial orientation Cochlea Dizzy - Tommy Roe youtube Vestibulo-ocular Reflex is a reflex eye movement that elicits eye movement by stimulating the vestibular system.

What does cold do to subatomic biochemisty?

See evolution has no plan for that either. If you avoid winter you pay for it in disease. Our brains rapid development caused this major mismatch. You control all the cards here. The changes are reversed, again over a short time, around the termination of hibernation in spring, when the animals return to a life at high body temperatures and circadian biology is entrained to photic signals and they gut as carbohydrates reappear in longer light cycles.

This carbohydrate presence increases NPY in the brain and the leptin-melanocortin pathway is closed until it is induced by cold in a cyclic fashion. These adaptations allow mammals huge advantages at the polar regions. These animals are then able to go months in a deep sleep without eating or drinking and survive with no problem at all. They are also resistant to the pain of cold too. This is why diabetics also have chronic pain so often and neuropathy.

It is reversible too. Why do I know that? I have done it and I ran some interesting experiments to prove it. That will be in the book. Why can mammals who are cold adapted resist pain? Chronic cold lowers IL-6 and leptin levels, which signal the brain through the skin, mouth, and gut.

Tinted skin also is protective against the cold. Reunite and hold hands. When DHEA raises it increases the efficiency of autophagy. This makes low caloric density possible because the requirements for nutrients drop as the mammals become more metabolically efficient. The reason this system exists is that mammalian evolution called for it at one time because all life depended upon it.

This is also true in the alpine and deep tundra regions of our planet today. It used to be the normal program of all mammalian life on our planet, but in modern times that has changed radically.

But we think somehow we are so special. If you eat outside its cycle you pay a huge price. I know because I take care of those prices in surgeries and disease statistics and you all see what Disney and Walmart visits have become in modern times.

Both places littered with obese humans who use motorized carts to get around. The proof is everywhere you look when plug in what I am sharing with you. It appears modern humans have found that partial activation of this system is possible with injectable HCG, CRON, metformin, turmeric, resveratrol, the modern paleo diet, and low leptin levels. None of these work well individually unless they are all coupled together simultaneously. The Ancient pathway shows its power when all are present together.

They are true, but the benefits are greater when you marry the optimal diet with the Ancient Pathway. The modern paleo diet is just a part of this gorgeous pathway in our human brain. It will not work unless all conditions are met in unison. This implies anyone who uses a part of the pathway is only tapping a small part of optimal living. When this process occurs it triggers a metabolic pathway that determines whether or not fat is used for energy by the mammal or not.

Muscle malonyl-CoA is a potent allosteric inhibitor of a muscle enzyme called carnitine palmitoyltransferase CPT It allows for the entrance of fatty acids to enter the mitochondria and be converted into energy.

This means no fat burning is possible. It allows human to adapt by burning other sources of fuels in the muscles layers and saving the fat for long term survival. This explains how eating food, that is not yet in a form that can be captured as energy, can stimulate the use of stored fuel for immediate use. You can also find these proofs in most paleo 1.

The more you work out to avoid a bad body, the faster your life force depletes. But you will have a good looking body for a time before it falls apart too. Think Arnold Schwarzenegger or Grete Waitz. Both groups will have lots of fertility problems too. Think hypothalamic amenorrhea, eating disorders, hypogonadal failures, the need for in vitro fertilization and expensive doctoring, etc.

It is called the world you live in today. Cold Thermogenesis is the primordial mammalian biochemistry. Cold has more effects on cardiac and skeletal muscle. Cold thermogenesis activates a program in the brain that stimulates the skeletal muscle to increases fatty acid oxidation fat burning and this chronic exposure increases resting energy expenditure RER. RER controls precisely how many calories are required for us to eat in a given day.

Temperature, pure and simple. They are assuming you are Cold exposure reduces the need for calories tremendously in this equation but allows us to increase our metabolic function increases VO2 max to thrive and improve survival. Stop for a minute and think what this means. It means you can eat less and survive while increasing your metabolic rate as you do it!

This set of circumstances seems impossible. But it is not. In fact, the Russian Federation used it to kill us in the winter Olympic games for close to years. The ante was raised in when Russia beat us to space. NASA was formed and they found out about cold thermogenesis in the most improbable of places where it was cold, high and closer to space.

They learned quickly that cold is a game changer for human physiology. It created a superhuman physiology. A pathway, who does not require the human to eat or drink often and yet could sleep like a baby.

One who had superhuman immunity and superfecundity. It also showed that a Sherpa had super strength and an incredible metabolic rate. There is a guy right now in the Arctic named Wil Hof, who does all this stuff now but has no clue why he can do it. Ray Cronise is working with him too now. He believes his mind is special and confers to him these amazing abilities. I am here to tell you he is no different than you or I. That ability is built into each and every human who wants to access it.

Optimal is no longer a mystery to humans, it has now become a choice for you today. I have been living in and out of it for 6. I have done something things that would blow your mind. I expect to share some of them at Paleo fx and the remainder of this year before my book comes out. The Ancient pathway existence is why they can do this stuff, folks. It is conferred to us amazing abilities that few of us ever tap, let alone think of.

Most biochemistry books that smart organic chemists read have been published from It is hard to study something you remain blind too. It was how I how brought myself back to health. I used it on my family as soon as it worked on me and then my patients asked for help soon thereafter too. In my encore podcast with Jimmy Moore, I told you I was onto something big. In the years after these discoveries, new discoveries added more drama to the story. In leptin was found, and completely explained why their metabolic rates were so amazing.

Simultaneously, the leptin receptor becomes ultra-sensitive to any level of leptin by quickly lowering cortisol levels while dramatically increasing alpha MSH and ACTH.

It is like the brain gets jolted into a new realm and immediately rewires, its abilities. Cold temperatures also sensitize muscles to leptin function and there is a quick adaptation by the hypothalamus and we see a dramatic fall in reverse T3 levels in those who are LR. The increase in muscular performance is the most dramatic in human biology.

It can create a super athlete if it used properly overtime during adaptation. They remain the last humans who live most of their lives in this environment, but their current diet is not optimal to use this ancient pathway because the mountains block them from the sea.

This means there is more performance available to us if we optimize the diet of the ancient pathway. Its close but its not optimal because they have no access to the sea like the Inuits do.

Our biology is built to need winter to offset the damages done in summer. This is why our species is mediocre today. It appears evolution used it before for other reasons and that is why we keep it in our brains tightly locked away for a rainy day. This should make every crossfitter stop and think. This tells you that the Cold is a big factor in all exercise platforms.

Another thing a crossfitter should consider as they kill themselves at a WOD, is how come polar bears and sherpas can kill their performance when they do not eat carbs all day and do WOD in the winter months? In fact, polar bears become elite athletes by sleeping and being cold.

I stopped settling for a D or a C when I realized an A was available to me. It also makes polar bears apex predators in the Arctic. Just get cold adapted using my protocol and eat a ketogenic paleo diet and watch your entire life change in a year like mine did. New science has shown that this epigenetic program is hardwired in us and can be instantly implemented by anyone who understands how the system is designed to work.

When leptin signaling is supra-sensitized in the brain, muscle and liver levels by cold thermogenesis alone, some truly counterintuitive things occur. Biochemistry at extremes works by different rules. This implies, caveat emptor on every bit of CW, or new paleo dogma, you are hearing these days. This is a transcriptional activator of fatty acid oxidizing enzymes which mobilize fat for immediate use.

UCP 3 requires T3 and leptin or heightened receptor sensitivity to be working optimally for full functioning in normal environments. In cold environments, it appears the need for optimal T3 levels are provided by the immediate transformation of reversing reverse T3 back to T3 and T4 to stimulate thermogenesis peripherally. Leptin levels no longer drive reverse T3 higher as it does in normal physiologic conditions we see today in humans.

UCP3 allows skeletal muscle to turn ATP into pure heat by uncoupling oxidation phosphorylation in the mitochondria. The most efficient fuel for this pathway is a ketogenic paleolithic diet.

The colder a mammal goes the more 03 it needs for optimal cell membrane signaling. It also implies that any mammal can raise its own RER and VO2 max easily in cold, increasing their ability to work effectively using less energy! One of my colleagues is an investor in this company. This is the best cold adapted human data on this planet because it was not done on this planet.

It was done on the space shuttle and on the International Space Station. This information is why NASA was able to reduce food and water payloads in subsequent space expeditions on the shuttle to save fuel and reduce risks of explosion. They also shared this information with the US Olympic committee. I suspect this is how Phelps and Armstrong found this out as well and it likely has much to do with their accomplishments. This is the best of all worlds to the athlete and to the mammal who needs to perform and or live optimally.

Hey Don L are you listening? If evolution faced the dilemma in our past, it has a plan for life to survive. I believe all life began in a frozen world at the bottom of our ocean. Cold is the primordial condition everywhere in the universe, not just here on earth.

I think it is amazing to me that we have not realized this before now. It appears our current reality of life on land is generalized to all other places. I hope I just put some Windex on your glass eyes tonight. We need to learn how to embrace the biochemistry of chaos in order to understand what we are ideally adapted to and what we are ideally adapted to eat. There are some deep biologic implications in these lessons for humans.

Biology, chemistry, and physics all exhibit unusual processes at extremes. Modern life is not lived at these extremes any longer but our metabolic engines are designed to live there. This is a biologic mismatch of evolutionary design caused by Factor X. It is mediated by surface skin receptors and not the deeper core cold receptors. These cold receptors wire directly to the dorsal root ganglion in the spinal roots and go to the thalamus and to the spinal cord.

This organization is unusual and suggest that humans have a reason for this adaptation and an endogenous cold neurotransmitter system built into their CNS. Relatively little is known about the processing of information from the skin or mucous membrane cold receptors within the central nervous system. But we do know from Dr. Of Florida research that there are cold receptors in the human spinal cord. There are numerous nerve cells in the thalamus as well that respond only to cooling.

Recently researchers have found how to induce cold in mammals without being exposed to cold temperatures. Take a guess who is a co-collaborator in this research? None other than Amgen! Remember who buried the synthetic leptin trials?

This link to me is very suspicious. Neurosurgery tends to use hypothermia more than any other specialty in medicine because of the protective effects of cold on neurons. I have my eye on this research constantly. I think Amgen knows that cold is the key to many diseases and they want to corner the market on it.

What most people do not know is how leptin plays a massive role in regulating the entrance to the pathway. Research has revealed that leptin can induce expression of a neuropeptide gene called vasoactive intestinal peptide VIP through the VIP cytokine response element. VIP actually is what sets the circadian pacemaker to light. Leptin yokes metabolism and sleep to the light and dark cycle. When the temperature becomes the dominant environmental trigger and not light cycles, leptin induces endothelial nitric oxide synthetase eNOS that shuts down the photic effects of VIP on the SCN.

It also means that leptin forces the SCN not to be able to use light any longer to yoke our circadian cycles! This is what opens the leptin-melanocortin pathway in mammals. Eating carbohydrates seem to close the gate because of the neural wiring to hypothalamic NPY. This is the main evolutionary biologic reason there are no safe starches in humans. Cold liberates leptin from WAT: If the cold is applied chronically, leptin is naturally released from our WAT and this provides our body with an ample serum level to drive hunger and appetite to the ground.

This is why cold will stop many eating disorder behaviors and it is also why those on HCG appear to get the same effect on a calorie diet. It is no surprise to me any longer why HCG works partially in warm adapted humans at all. It is a placental hormone that burns fat in pregnancy in mammals.

It is part of this ancient pathway. It is just not sustainable as a long-term weight loss diet without the cold environment. It is like the seed in a nutrient depleted soil it grows but not all the way because of missing elements. That is the magic recipe of the Ancient Pathway. It needs all players to be present to show its power.

The gut control of the sensation of circadin biology is shut down by cold with increased receptor affinity binding becoming dominant body wide: The chronic exposure to cold daily increases the number of mitochondria in white and red skeletal muscle by mitochondrial biogenesis.

It also causes the hypothalamus to rewire naturally the lower leptin levels by making the leptin receptor quite sensitive to leptin. This is due to the level dropping but also to the quantum effects that occur to the receptor as the cold becomes chronic because of the peripheral skin receptors.

So this shuts VIP and the gut down gut down as a sensory entrainment organ for circadian biology in mammals. This coupled with the cold and negative leptin levels make us exquisitely sensitive to leptin effects in our hypothalamus.

Extreme lowered leptin levels: This immediately drops our appetite while allowing us to eat very few calories. The cold has another surprise for us. It decreases CRH and adrenal cortisol production too while sensitizing its receptor to its function. This means cold can reverse adrenal fatigue by strengthening the receptor without raising the cortisol level!

It is, in fact, the best way to improve your stress hormone response by ASI testing. What else can cold do? It increases our endogenous immunity too by sensitizing our receptor to Vitamin D action body wide for survival! This expansion occurs slowly over 36 months. Hence why the modern trainers and Exercise physiologist never see it. It also completely explains how a world-class athlete can eat tremendous amounts of calories while not gaining any excess weight while increasing performance.

They become adapted to burning fuels as free heat. After a recent CT training session, I was able to increase my bench press by pounds with no training!

In a recent personal conversation, I found out Wil Hof ran a marathon of I want to see any warm adapted hominid duplicate this feat. It sounds crazy until you understand the power of this Ancient Pathway. The athlete athletes of modern times have finally discovered the benefit of cold training. The Russians have been using the same techniques for close to years now.

We now know why all the Russian Hockey leagues are located in freezing cold areas. Might this be the Canadians advantage in ice hockey as well compared to US players? The leptin-melanocortin pathway uses surface skin receptors to work and it does not use the deeper core receptors. This means we can induce this pathway form skin temps between degrees safely. If you cool too fast or drop your core temperatures you can die quickly. Evolution is about the survival of the fittest. Why would one die?

Blood is pumped to the extremities and quickly cooled there. Few people can swim a mile in fifty-degree water because they are not properly cold adapted. The loss of heat increases so fast that it induces core hypothermia faster than the brain can rewire to adapt.

Elevation and decreased pressures also cause leptin sensitivity too. It appears that deep pressures also have the same effect. I now believe that life has another circadian cycle that it accounts for in barometric pressures.

There is a clear pressure effect on the leptin receptor as well for a reason. Cold adaptation occurs faster in water. In cold adaptation, this can also be turned into an advantage when one swims because it causes massive calorie burn to free heat allowing the person to eat enormous calories to offset the heat losses.

NASA and high-performance athletes use cold water or ice training to complete unreal feats that most cold adapted humans think are impossible. They are impossible to imagine when you do not know how to access them. Becoming chronically leptin sensitive by cold results in a higher caloric-burning capacity because you become able to increase mitochondria biogenesis dramatically.

It also sensitizes the leptin receptor affinity to bind leptin tightly. This increased affinity allows for leptin to induce apoptosis of WAT while Irisin rises and endothelial NOS increase the formation of brown fat to burn more fat as free heat. Calories do not matter in this pathway. Are you beginning to see a trend here folks?

Being cold adapted confers huge advantages to mammals. You can live perfectly fine and be very healthy at the equator but no one can do what cold-adapted humans can do in cold. Sorry to break the news to you, modern humans. It is not even close. Remember the name of my website.

It is Optimize Life. It is now time you discover it for yourselves. It should be crystal clear to you now why thinking affects your DNA directly? Thinking errors are the currency of telomere biology. They create the circadian mismatches I have mentioned here and everywhere I talk. The more of these, you make the shorter they become. The toll for bad thinking is paid telomere length and not in money.

Telomere length is time. Nothing is more valuable in time. If you do not believe that than you must die by your dogma. Modern hominids do not use these cold adaptations because our brains rapid evolution has extinguished the need for hibernation from our own mammalian physiology.

This keeps it in our blind spot. When one is not using cold to prime supreme Leptin sensitivity, we expect to see patients who use the same food restriction to see a slowed loss in fat. They also undergo an increased loss of lean tissue reserves and a resulting decline in resting energy expenditure.

When people try caloric restriction in normal environments the results are dramatically different than they are in cold. This single issue has hamstrung longevity researchers for quite some time. They have found it extremely difficult to maintain primates and humans on these diets because the subjects are driven to eat more due to increased hunger. It appears longevity research will be changed and their results dramatically altered, just by adding chronic cold exposure to their environments.

This means what aging researchers believe today will be demolished by newer studies that employ this evolutionary magic.

The results of cold thermogenesis predict that aging will be radically different when it happens in a normal warm adapted environment and a warm adapted diet. The reason is simple. Less ROS from the inner membrane of the mitochondria at cytochrome 1 means longevity is no longer limited by mTOR or IGF-1 as most research today shows in warmly adapted animals or in worms who do not use leptin as we do.

I hope this gives you, your family, and your friends much to think about. The implications are huge for our species. This post has transfixed my being for 6. It changed my life, and the life of those I love, and I hope it changes yours now, too.

Dogmatism and skepticism are both, in a sense, absolute philosophies; one is certain of knowing, the other of not knowing. What philosophy should dissipate is a certainty, whether of knowledge or ignorance. I hope you enjoyed this. This was foundational work for my entire Quilt. It may be the most important blog I will ever write. I suggest you tattoo it, to the inside of your eyelids and remember it when you need it most.

Time is our most valuable asset. As you age that reality will set into each and every one of you. That, I can promise. I released the e-cookbook on my site today. I hope you like that too. My wife was the brains behind it.

I just ate all the meat and protein and let her add the rest of the stuff. LOL, That is a garnish, but she says it tasted really good. So often we go looking for "what is the exact ratio of this nutrient to that hormone that will produce the desired effect on this pathology?

What did they have in common? First we have to remove the blinders that assume they all died young, then find the reality, as Weston Price did. When I added CT two weeks ago, the first week was crazy weird stuff as hormones were in upheaval, then things settled in and last week the fat started to melt off.

Will this lead to a longer life? My question is I CT with cold water covering all my legs and half way up my stomach, is that enough or do i need to cover my torso?

I thought the amount of skin surface area covered would be enough for cold adaption. Ps I'm also doing leptin reset where you say no gym work, can i exercise now that i'm doing CT or do the same rules apply?

I really miss my heavy weights!!!! Sarb just keeping eating correctly, use CT, and if you want to lift lift. I think running sprints is OK too……. Oh my god… Jack you should win the next nobel prize. I'm being blinded by the unbelievable light emanating from this post… The world will never be the same indeed. I'm deeply humbled before you Jack, and oh so grateful. David Our species needs this work…….

Our futures depend upon it. I have been contacted by some pretty big hitters lately……. Every year my weight loss slams into a brick wall right around Halloween and doesn't budge until April.

First week of spring,I drop 10 pounds without trying. I couldn't figure it out! Ginastarke It should help anyone who wants help……that excludes dogmatist and the brain dead. I know you and both believe I'm an Estrogen Collector — quoting you " If you have been an estrogen collector as a warm adapted hominid most are too you will notice some bumps as you adapt.

It soon shall pass. Aside from a nice clean Offal rich Paleo based diet, do I consider other forms of supplementation of B12, B6? What about betaine HCL? Then I can be your Rosetta Stone! Its is like your asking me to fix your car but you left it home in the garage!!! Weight always melts off with men. I am 1 week into auto-immune paleo and have noticed nothing but increased tiredness and odd pancreatic and thyroid pain. I am also very mercury toxic and started to gain after amalgams were placed 20 yrs ago.

They have been out 2 years and i am chelating with no major improvements. I am hopeful this will help me FEEL better and lose this horrible fat… i dont deserve given the discipline i apply to eating. Is this why I am now more fatigued after 2 weeks? Inflammation is lowering I'm feeling positive effects and sleeping well in fact- almost -too deeply…is this the bump in the road you are talking about? I am apparently releasing estrogen from fat and it's causing upheaval? How long should that last?

This is an amazing read -thank you!!! I will keep up the CT and the Leptin Rx…this is gold. I too would like to know how much of the body needs to be submerged and brought to degrees? Also, do you just have to bring it down to and your are done for that session, or do you need to hold it at for a period of time?

If you do, how long? This Sat i did 5. Loved it, not surprising. A serious brain feat for you to get all the way here. I'm inspired to do better. Today I almost posted on MDA to see if it was okay that I had zero appetite after two hours walking sleeveless in the cold. Have my answer now!

Lucy I am just getting warmed up……. There is magic in my clinic. Why didn't you just say, "Chill, chew the fat, and sleep until you get it right? This last one is awesome and it is very easy to understand, at least I kinda do. Lee There is a wide range of humans…..

The information is there now for people to decide what they want to do with it…….. I already know what I have done with it.

I'm getting alpha MSH drawn tomorrow along with a bunch of other labs. Souldanzer Cold up regulates POMC production while super sensitizing you to the cleavage products……you get it. Your problems go away period. Now go become super woman. I have one question: Thanks for your voice of reason. I have been contemplating eating seasonally, you have conformed my suspicion of how important it is. Does doing CT with the ketogenic diet obviate the need for doing the leptin reset, so we can just follow the "after leptin reset" blog?

Since everything is different in cold adapted humans, what does this mean in terms of interpreting various lab results? If TSH or T3 no longer matter in the cold adapted is there any reason to test for them?

What labs might still be valid and important and which ones are "obsolete? I realized after my theory was formulated in my head that I was killing myself by shortening my telomeres by just being fat….. So I reverse engineered the path in the brain using all I knew back then and started using lots of ice.

I had no idea what I was doing but I lost 77 lbs in 3 months and in 11 months so I think I did something correct. When I worked it all out in my head and wrote it all down and tied it to the neurosurgery I knew……it fit together too easy. I think the best new business might be opeing a cryo gym next to every cross fit box in the USA.

They likely all need it. If youre a Xfit freak go get your telomeres tested………if not you really are making a tragic mistake. You convinced me that I need to do CT.

They are one cell thick to reduce the diffusion distance of materials for faster diffusion. They also have pores in their walls between the cells, to allow the plasma to get out of the blood and become tissue fluid. The heart is a pumping organ that is responsible for the movement of blood around the body. The function of the heart is to give the blood a push, keeping it flowing around the body all the time.

That is why the heart is constantly working, if it stops for a minute, the other organs will not receive any oxygen or nutrients, thus the body fails and the person dies. The heart is located in the chest, the thoriac cavity between both lungs. Note that blood vessels entering the heart are veins, and the ones leaving the heart are arteries. The left side of the heart always contains oxygenated blood because it receives blood fresh from the lungs and pumps it to the body, the right side always contains deoxygenated blood because it receives is from the body.

When the heart is being filled with blood whether from the body or the lungs , this is called the diastole. When the heart is pumping the blood out of it whether to the body or to the lungs , it is called the systole.

During diastole, the heart is getting filled with blood, the blood enters the atria first, the atria contract to force blood into the ventricles, both tricuspid and bicuspid valves are open to allow blood into the ventricles and the semilunar valves are shut. Once the ventricles get filled with blood, it is systole, the bicuspid and tricuspid valves get shut and semilunar valves are open, the ventricles contract strongly forcing the blood into the Aorta or pulmonary artery.

During diastole the semilunar valves are shut to keep the blood out of the arteries. During systole the tricuspid and bicuspid valves are closed, to prevent blood from flowing back into the atria when it is pumped. The tricuspid and bicuspid valves are kept fixed by fibres called tendons, they prevent the valves from opening in the opposite direction, allowing backflow. The tendons also control the opening and closing of the cuspid valves, when the tendons are loose, the valves are open.

When the tendons are tightened the valves close. Contract Relax Cuspid Valves: Loose Tightened Semilunar Valves: If you listen to your heartbeat, you will hear two sounds, one low and one high.

These are results of the systole and diastole. They are the sounds of the cardiac valves opening and shutting. So to protect yourself from CHD you need to avoid diets full of fats and salts, avoid smoking, try to be less stressed out, and exercise regularly.

Tissue fluid is a fluid surrounding the cells of a tissue. It supplies them with all their needs of oxygen and nutrients, and takes away all their waste products including carbon dioxide.

Tissue fluid plays a very big role in substance exchange between blood and cells. Plasma from the blood capillaries move to the tissue through gaps in the walls.

They become tissue fluid. They exchange their content of oxygen and nutrients with the cells and take carbon dioxide and waste products. At the end of the capillary bed, the tissue fluid leaks back into the blood, and becomes plasma again, but not all of it.

A little of it is absorbed by the lymphatic vessel and becomes lymph. The lymphatic vessel takes the lymph to the blood stream by secreting them in a vein near the heart, called subclavian vein.

The lymph in the lymphatic vessels are moved along by the squeeze of muscles against the vessel, just like some veins. The lymphatic system plays a big role in the protection against disease. It produces the white blood cells lymphocytes. Which kill any cell with a different antigens than the ones in your body cells. So if bacteria get into your body, your lymphocytes quickly recognise them as foreigners and will divide and kill them.

Lymphocytes are considered a problem when it comes to organs transplant. The lymphocytes will consider the cells of the kidney an enemy and start attacking it, this is called tissue rejection. Organ transplant is perfect in one case, this is when the donor and the recipient are identical twins, because the antigens of their cells perfectly match. In other cases the recipient is given immunosuppressant drugs to actually weaken their immune system to prevent tissue rejection.

Plants are living organisms, they need food in order to keep living. The way they obtain their nutrients however, is completely different than that of ours. Plant make most of their nutrients by them selves, they just need 2 raw materials, these water and carbon dioxide.

The leaf of a plant is considered the kitchen of it. It is where food is made, later on you will see how the leaf is adapted to making food. The carbon dioxide moves to the leaf from the atmosphere by diffusion through tiny holes in the leaf called stomata. Carbon dioxide is not present in a high concentration in air, but compared to its concentration inside the leaf, it is more in the air.

This is because the cells inside the leaf are always doing photosynthesis at daytime , converting the carbon dioxide into the glucose quickly, thus the concentration of it inside the leaf decreases, making a concentration gradient for diffusion from the atmosphere to the leaf. The water is absorbed by the roots of the plants, then they are transported upwards through a hollow tube called the xylem vessel, till it reaches the leaf where photosynthesis takes place, it enters the leaf through holes in the xylem.

The leaves are always exposed to sunlight at daytime. The sun penetrates the transparent layers on the leaf till it reaches the mesophyll layer, where photosynthesis take place.

Palisade cells are nearer to the surface of the leaf than the spongy cells, so they receive more of the light and make more photosynthesis. At night, the plant performs several process to convert the stored starch into many useful nutrients like: At daytime, the guard cells open the stomata to allow gaseous exchange, this occurs according to the following steps: At night however, the mechanism is opposite: The plant is also in need for mineral ions to control chemical activities, grow, and produce materials.

The most important minerals are: Both mineral ions are absorbed from the soil. The act of breathing is part of the respiratory system, a complex process where air travels into and out of the lungs. Respiration is slightly different, where exercise causes muscles to release energy in the form of glucose. It is then either spit out or swallowed to the stomach where it is eliminated by acid. These are called the bronchi. The bronchi are then divided bronchioles that extended deeper into the lungs.

Breathing is different from respiration. Breathing is just the exchange of waste gases from the body with fresh air from the atmosphere. The action of breathing fresh air in is called inhaling; the action of breathing waste gases out is called exhaling. The diaphragm contracts becoming flatter. The inter costal muscles also contract and move the ribs in an outer upwards directions. These actions expand the thoracic cavity making the lungs expand, thus increasing the increasing the volume, with the volume increasing the internal pressure decreases which makes air enter the lungs through the mouth, nose and trachea.

Each alveolus is supplied with blood capillaries. These come from the pulmonary artery and they contain deoxygenated blood rich in carbon dioxide. The concentration of oxygen is very high inside the alveolus and very low in the blood, so oxygen molecules diffuse from the alveolus to the red blood cells and combine with haemoglobin. At the very same time this occurs, carbon dioxide diffuses from the blood to the alveolus because the concentration of it is very high in the blood and low in the alveolus.

Gas exchange happens because of several factors in the alveolus and the blood capillaries that control the rate of gas exchange: When lungs of an adult are fully inflated they have a volume of about 5 litres. This is the volume of air breathed in and out at rest, this is 0. The maximum volume of air that can be breathed in and out, at exercise for example is 3 litres. The lungs have to have a certain volume of air inside them all the time to keep shape.

This is the residual volume and it is 1. This air is renewed through breathing. A chemical, metabolic reaction that burns down glucose with oxygen producing carbon dioxide, water vapour and lots of energy. Some organisms are able to respire and release energy when oxygen is lacking. This is anaerobic respiration. These are like yeast, bacteria and other organisms. Humans can also respire anaerobically for a short period of time.

The amount of energy produce is much smaller than that produced during aerobic respiration though. Anaerobic Respiration I Yeast: Yeast is able to respire anaerobically by breaking down glucose molecules into ethanol and carbon dioxide. Ethanol is produced here, so it is a fermentation reaction.

Do remember that glucose is the only reactant. When the amount of oxygen received by the muscle cells of the body is not enough to carry out all respiration aerobically, the cells respire anaerobically. But they cannot go like that for a long time. The anaerobic respiration in humans is different than of yeast.

Lactic acid is produced instead of ethanol, and no carbon dioxide is produced. The lactic acid produced is very toxic and harmful to the body.

That is why it has to be broken down with oxygen as soon as possible. This is called oxygen debt. Breaking down lactic acid releases energy too, if you add up the amount of energy produced during breaking down lactic acid and anaerobic respiration, you will find that it is the same as the amount produced during aerobic respiration.

The rest of the nephrone is a long coiled tube where materials filtered from the blood flow in. The blood in the renal artery contains large amounts of urea, glucose, water, mineral ions and some amino acids.

The glomerular filtrate moves in the nephrone till it reaches the loop of henle, which is surrounded by a dense network of blood capillaries of the renal vein. Here there is a concentration gradient of the content of the content of nephrone between the nephrone and blood. Both diffusion and active transport occur to ensure the complete reabsorption of valuable substances from the glomerular filtrate back to the blood; these substances are glucose and amino acids.

Some water also moves by osmosis to the blood, as well as minerals. That leaves urea, excess water and minerals to continue in the nephrone till it reaches the collecting duct and the pelvis. This mixture is called urine.

Urine is transported from the pelvis to the urinary bladder by the ureters. It is them secreted out of the body through the urethra. The concentration of waste products in the blood is much higher in the blood than in the dialysis fluid.

This creates a concentration gradient, diffusion occurs and waste products leave the blood to the dialysis fluid, which then exists the machine and gets disposed. The dialysis fluid has to be renewed continuously to keep the concentration gradient of waste products higher in the blood, thus ensuring that all waste products leave the blood. The human body has the ability to maintain a constant internal environment so that every organ and cell is provided the perfect conditions to perform its functions.

This is called homeostasis. There is no organ system for this function. However, every organ plays a role in maintaining a constant internal environment. For example the lungs are responsible for the supply of oxygen to cells. The liver is to maintain a constant level of glucose and amino acids, and so on.. Sometimes, the temperature of the area you are at is low enough to decrease your body temperature.

Sometimes it is high enough to raise your body temperature. This is why the body has the ability to control its body temperature. Our skin is responsible for this process. A healthy body is continuously gaining and losing heat. Metabolic reactions like respiration release a lot of heat energy, muscular activity increase the metabolic rate and release more heat energy.

The body can also gain temperature from the surroundings like the sun or by eating hot food. Heat is lost by the body through exposed skin by conduction. If there is sweat or water on the skin, it will absorb body heat to evaporate which drops the temperature. All these factors are normal however, but it is considered dangerous when the body temperature keeps on dropping or rising severely.

The brain then starts sending electrical impulses to the rest of the body so that it works on heating or cooling its self. This process is called Negative Feedback. For blood glucose level however, the pancreas is the organ which monitors its level not the hypothalamus. When the blood flows through the pancreas, the pancreas detects the level of glucose in it. Insulin flows in the blood till it reaches the liver. When it reaches the liver, insulin hormone will make it convert excess glucose in the blood into glycogen and store it in the liver cells.

When the blood glucose level becomes normal, the pancreas will stop secreting insulin so that the liver stops converting glucose.

When glucagon reaches the liver, it makes the liver convert the glycogen it made from excess glucose back into glucose and secrete it into the blood stream so that the blood glucose level goes back to normal. When this happens the pancreas stops secreting glucagon. Normal Blood Glucose Level: And this is the ability to detect a change in the outer environment and respond to it. Actions taken by the body in order to co-operate with a stimuli are called responses.

Receptor cells are ones whose function is to detect something about its environment. There are many receptors in the body that are able to detect many changes like temperature, touch, light, sound and chemicals. There are some organs in the body that are there to detect just one stimulus, like the eye for example.

Effectors are the opposite of receptors. Receptors are two detect the stimuli while effectors are two respond to it. Effectors are usually muscles and glands. Neurones are one of the most important structures of the nervous systems. Neurones act as a wire that transmits electrical impulses all over the body. Like a cable that consists of many wires, a bundle of neurones is called a nerve. There are 3 types of neurones, each type is to transmit electrical impulses from a specific place to another.

This is a neurone that transmits electrical impulses from the Central nervous system to the effectors. This neurone is made up of three segments; the cell body which is the start of the motor neurone and is in the CNS, axon which stretches out from the cell body all the way to end of the neuron, and the motor plate which is the end of the neurone and is in the effector muscle. The axon is an extended cymiddlelasm thread along which electrical impulses travel.

Some motor neurones have axons of length 1 metre. Their function is to pick up electrical impulses from other cells. This is just the end of the axon which is in the muscle. It passes the electrical impulses from the neurone to the muscle fibres. But sensory neurones carry electrical impulses in the direction different to that of motor neurones, from the receptors to the CNS.

This is because it is made of a cell body, with two arms extending out of it. The dendrite is similar in structure to the axon except that it joins the receptor with the cell body.

The electrical impulses of the sensory neurone flow from the receptor, through the dendrite to the cell body, then from the cell body to the CNS through the axon. Relay neurones are located in the CNS. Their job is to pass electrical impulses from the sensory neurone onto the motor neurone, so it acts like a diversion.

Where neurones meet, they are not actually touching each other. Instead there is a gap called synapse or junction box. When the electrical impulses reach the end of a neurone, the neurone secretes a chemical transmitter which passes by diffusion to the other neurone causing the impulses to be carried from the first neurone to the second. If your finger touches a hot surface, receptor cells in the skin of your finger detect a stimulus, which is a sudden rise in the temperature.

The receptor uses the energy of the stimulus to generate electrical impulses. These impulses are then carried by the axons of the dendrites of the sensory neurone through cell body to axon and from the axon to the CNS.

At the CNS the electrical impulses travel through the synapse to the relay neurone, which passes it onto the motor neurone. The nerve impulses are transmitted through the axon of the motor neurone to the targeted muscle which contracts when electrical impulses reach it, resulting in your finger being pulled away from the hot surface. The reflex arc is a reflex action.

Reflex means it is automatically done without your choice. This is because when the electrical impulses reach the relay neurone in the CNS from the receptors, some impulses are carried by other neurones to the brain, and some impulses are passes onto the motor neurone to the effector muscle and the response takes place.

The electrical impulses going to your brain are much slower that the ones going to the effector muscle directly. This is why the reflex action takes place before you realise it, it is uncontrollable. Involuntary actions start at the sense organ heading to the effector. They are extremely quick. Like picking up a bag from the floor for example. Your brain sends electrical impulses to the effector muscles ordering them to contract so you could pick the bag up.

Voluntary actions are slower than involuntary actions and they start at the brain. The human eye is a sensory organ. This means it is an organ of tissues working together to detect and respond to a specific stimulus, which is light.

When the light hits an object, it is reflected in all directions. When a light ray reflected from the object hits your eye you see that object. At the back of your eye, there is a spot on the retina called the fovea blind spot. This spot is full of light sensitive cells. When the light ray falls on the fovea, the light sensitive cells generate electrical impulses that travel through the optic nerve to brain. When the electrical impulses reach the brain, the brain generates the image you see.

This all happens in less than a fraction of a second. But this is the general idea only. Light rays enter the eye from every direction. Here comes the role of the front part of the eye. When the light ray hits the eye at an angle, it first has to penetrate the cornea which refracts bends the light ray inwards. The cornea acts as a converging convex lens. Then the light penetrates the lens which refracts the ray a little more inwards focusing the light ray on the fovea.

And thus the light ray is focused on the retina. When the ray hits the retina, the closer to the fovea the sharper the image is. The angle at which the light ray hits the hits the eye depends on the distance of the object. Every light ray that hits the eye needs a certain amount of refraction in order to be directed to the fovea.

This is called accommodation. Light rays refracted from close objects are diverging spreading out , they need to be refracted inwards to be focused on the fovea. When you look at a close object, it takes some time till the vision becomes clear. This is because at first, the light ray is not correctly refracted, so it hits the retina away from the fovea.

The electrical impulses are generated and sent to the brain which realises that the image is not clear. The brain then sends electrical impulses to the ciliary muscles making them contract. When the ciliary muscles contract the suspensory ligaments become loose, this makes the lens become thicker and rounder for more refraction of the light rays.

Now the light rays are correctly refracted and hit the retina at the fovea, the image becomes clear. For far visions it is the exact opposite. The rays reflected from far objects are almost parallel. Very little refraction should be done. The brain sends electrical impulses to ciliary muscles making them relax, the suspensory ligaments now tighten up and pull the lens which become narrow. The retina is full of light sensitive cells called photoreceptors. There are two types photoreceptors, they are rods and cones.

Rods and cones are specialised types of neurons. They look alike but they are a little different in function. Rods are sensitive to dim light.

At night or in dark places, most light detection electrical impulses transmission is done by rods. Vitamin A is essential for proper functioning of rods, if Vitamin A lacks it can lead to night blindness. Rods are spread all over the retina. Cones are sensitive to bright and coloured light. All cones are packed in one area, the fovea. The pupil of the eye is the dark round area in the centre of it.

It is surrounded by a coloured ring structure called the iris. The pupil and the together play a big role in protecting the eye from damage by limiting the amount of light entering the eye. If too much light fall on the retina, the rods and cones get damaged. The iris and pupil change their size to smiddle that happening. Circular muscles run around the iris and radial muscles run from the centre to the outside. When circular muscles contract they make the pupil smaller.

When the radial muscles contract the stretch the pupil outwards making it wider. In bright light, too much light starts entering the eye, which is dangerous for the rods and cones, which detect the high light intensity. The rods and cones start a reflex arc by sending electrical impulses to the brain via sensory neurone. The brain responds by sending electrical impulses to the muscles of the iris via motor neurone.

These impulses make the circular muscles contract and the radial muscles relax limiting the amount of light entering the eye, thus protecting the rods and cones from damage.

If you walk into a dark room, the rods and cones sense the little amount of light. They start another reflex arc and send electrical impulses to the brain which responds by sending electrical impulses the muscles of the iris.

The radial muscles contract and the circular muscles relax widening the pupil to let more light in. You have just learned that in order for the pupil to get narrower or wider, two muscles work simultaneously, when one contracts the other relaxes. Pairs of muscles like that are called antagonistic muscles.

The most known antagonistic muscle pair is the biceps and triceps of the arm. The bi and the tri for short, they are what causes the movement of the arm. They work simultaneously to bend or straighten the arm. The biceps is located in front of the humerus bone of the upper arm. The biceps is joined to the radius bone of the lower arm and the triceps is joined to the ulna bone of the lower arm. Muscles are attached to bones by strong fibres called tendons.

The biceps can be called a flexor because it flexes bends the arm. The triceps can be called an extensor because it extends straightens the arm.

A drug is a chemical substance that modifies and affects chemical reactions of the body when taken in. Many drugs are useful to us like antibiotics, painkillers and caffeine. Some drugs however are abused by users to feel relaxed, or reach euphoria.

Euphoria is a state of mind at which the abuser feels extremely happy and relaxed. These drugs include alcohol and heroin. Alcohol is a depressant drug. This means that it reduces the activity of the brain and slows down the nervous system and reflex actions.

Alcohol can be extremely dangerous when the user is in a situation in which they need fast reflex actions. The more you drink it the more you need it. The user may reach a point where they cannot do without alcohol, this is when they become alcoholics. Alcohol is broken down into fats by the liver.

If the abuser drinks too much alcohol, the cells of the kidney may die shortening their life. Heroine is a narcotic drug. This means that it relieves pain and induces sleep. Heroine is extracted from a plant called opium poppy. Most heroine abusers become addicts. For the addicts heroine become the number one priority in their lives. They would do anything to get the drug even become criminals and possess a threat to their society.

If not rehabilitated, a heroine abuser will end up homeless or dead. Gland Hormone produced Function of hormone Adrenal gland Adrenaline Prepares the body for activities that need energy and quick reflex actions Pancreas Insulin Makes liver reduce blood glucose level Glucagon Makes liver increase blood glucose level Testis Testosterone Produces male secondary sexual characteristics Ovary Oestrogen Produces female secondary sexual characteristics Progesterone Helps control menstrual cycle and maintain pregnancy.

When you get a fright you feel some changes in your body like a sudden increase in heart beat rate, blood flowing quickly in veins and your breath becomes deeper and faster. This is because the fright you got caused the brain to send electrical impulses to the adrenal glands making them secrete adrenaline hormone in your bloodstream. Bitter melon juice induced this programmed cell death along several different pathways. And even better, it also activated a pathway which knocks out the cancer cells' metabolism of glucose.

In other words, it literally starved them of the sugar they need to survive. Do these lab-dish studies apply to living animals? University of Colorado researchers gave mice bitter melon at doses easily achievable in humans.

This level of effectiveness beat the most commonly used chemo drugs for this lethal cancer. The dose used in mice translates to 6 grams of powder for an average-sized adult 75 kg. Big Pharma is rushing to find patentable petrochemicals to achieve what God put into the bitter melon fruit. You don't need any fancy chemicals to treat cancer. What's more, the actions of bitter melon may help diabetics as well. Researchers recently found that bitter melon ameliorates metabolic syndrome by its beneficial effects on glucose metabolism.

Healing cancer must be multifocal. Eliminate dental infections and toxic dental materials, alkalinize your body, avoid chemical and heavy metal exposure, detoxify, forgive, oxidize the body with oxidation therapy, and give specific nutrients to throw a monkey wrench into cancer's peculiar metabolic pathways.

You can find bitter melon extract at most health food stores and online. Better yet find a grocery store many Asian markets that sells it, buy a lot and freeze it.

Pregnant or lactating women probably shouldn't overdo this veggie. Science News, March 12, Box , Norcross, GA , or Readers are advised to consult with their own physician before implementing any health idea they read about, whether here or in any other publication.

For Cancer, along with Bitter Melon www. Avoid all sweeteners except a small amount of either steam-distilled stevia www. The reason you have to use even these safe sweeteners judiciously is that when your tongue tastes something sweet, it tells your pancreas to churn out insulin in preparation for sugar, and when comes, you get hypoglycemia low blood sugar, dizziness, weakness, etc. And, surprisingly, I am in agreement with the mainstream.

Cancer is a systemic disease, though currently treated conventionally as a local problem you carve out. Cells that degenerate into cancer have to make many genetic switches to "make it". Even after a cell turns to cancer, the abnormal cell must evade your immune system, the last line of defense.

A functioning immune system will pick off cancer cells before they pick you off. But cancer cells have learned to confuse your immune cells. Cancer cells express a protein called CD47 in large amounts in their membranes. This protein tells your macrophages immune cells , "Do not eat me. Researchers in the lab of Irving Weissman at Stanford have treated mice with an antibody that blocks and hides the CD47 marker.

It effectively hides the CD47 and calls on the immune system to kill the cancer. Now, the lab has recently tested this in cultured human cancer cells. They found that by blocking the CD47 "do not eat me signal," the macrophages did, indeed, attack and eat the cancer cells.

But without the antibody, the macrophages ignored the cancer cells completely. In the living mice so treated, implanted human cancers all had shrinkage of the tumors, no spread to lymph nodes, and remained cancer-free for four months that's a long time for a rodent after the treatment was stopped.

From an editorial in Science, "In mice given human bladder cancer tumors, for example, 10 of 10 untreated mice had cancer that spread to their lymph nodes. Only one of 10 mice treated with anti-CD47 had a lymph node with signs of cancer. I've maintained for 30 years that cancer is a failure of the immune system. That failure is due in part to the cancer blinding itself to your immune cells. Kelley and Gonzales successfully treat treated cancer with proteolysis pancreatic enzymes.

These enzymes may eat away the immune "cloaking" of cancer, enabling your immune cells to go and eat them up. It fits my observations of some cancers, even in late stage, disappearing with immuneenhancing oxidation and nutritional therapies.

Conventional medicine is likely to move to a single antibody to "cloak" the cloaking protein. This may work, but as a single protein, it also may have significant toxicity as does other single antibody immune treatments. Also, cancer may simply outwit a single antibody by making other cloaking proteins, much like insects outwit pesticides.

Nevertheless, I really like this line of research and will keep you posted. I don't think that there will ever be a "one size fits all" approach to cancer. We have seen some stunning successes, but have our "failures" as well. If you have cancer, please see an integrative physician who can work with your immune system with a variety of approaches, including nutritional and oxidation.

Cancer cells secrete an enzyme called nagalase, which pulls a sugar molecule off a key protein called Gc. This process inactivates the cancer-hunting macrophages so that they cannot see the tumor cells just like CD A discovery found that GcMAF inactivates nagalase. The Gc protein is no longer inactivated, enabling immune cells to see and attack cancer cells right in your body.

It now is in Japan at www. You also can find it at www. Patients, with the assistance of their integrative doctors, can order the product and have their doctor administer it. This will be an exciting addition to our therapies, most of which are designed to enhance immune function.

Proceedings National Academy of Sciences, vol. Also in this issue: Six agricultural pesticides are suspected. These include maneb, mancozeb, methyl parathion, and carbaryl If you find this information useful, please subscribe to Dr.

This diet is made up primarily of raw fruits and vegetables. While many have said this diet won't work, the proof that it does continues to come out. In fact, each passing year brings new proof of my long-term observations and conclusions.

Now there's yet more proof that the heat you use on your foods does, indeed, cause you much greater risk for diabetes and vascular disease. This new proof comes from a new randomized, cross-over diet study on 62 volunteers. Cross-over studies are great in that they allow the studied groups to switch roles. That adds a lot of significance to the findings.

The researchers in this study evaluated the effects of Maillard reaction products MRP on the volunteers. MRP is a name for a chemical process by which heat generates literally hundreds or more of a complex mixture of compounds responsible for a huge range of odors and flavors. Heating starches to high temperatures creates acrylamide. I've told you in the past about how this compound can increase your risk of cancer. Flavor scientists have used heat over years to create artificial flavors, which you'll find in processed foods.

The diets of the two groups differed only in the type and amount of heat inflicted on the foods they ate. One group steamed their food and the other used high temperature cooking. After one month, those consuming high-heat treated diets compared to steaming saw significantly lower insulin sensitivity.

They also had much lower plasma concentrations of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, and vitamin E. These findings were highly significant. The authors concluded that consuming high heat-treated foods increases your risk of type-2 diabetes and vascular disease. What an international stir that would make! But you can do it right in your own kitchen! How to flush metals from your body and make yourself healthier and more youthful at the same time! No painful or uncomfortable treatments involved I'm a maverick who looks outside the box.

I've been to India where I've seen hard-working vegetarian peasants losing limbs to diabetes in their 30s. And no, they were not obese. They cook their foods to oblivion in oil. We've known for years that heat destroys crucial vitamins like C, B6, and now E. It also destroys fatty acids, denatures proteins, and limits mineral availability. But we are now getting an inkling of how heated foods causes yet deeper and subtler damage. Heat creates compounds not found in nature.

These compounds could be highly immune activating, carcinogenic, toxic oxidants, oxidized lipids the underlying cause of vascular disease dangerous amines, and more. I urge you to move toward the Living Foods Diet. Science is proving me right month after month. It's no wonder that I see miracle after miracle in my practice. But they're not "miracles. Use only water to cook with.

That upper limit of heat may be below the threshold for the most toxic chemical reactions. Never cook with oil. There's just no control for how hot it gets. Am J Clin Nutr. Epub Mar As a token of our appreciation for being our valuable customer, we'd like to give you two special reports that show you how to make your supplements work even better and how to stop cancer, memory loss, and diabetes for just pennies a day absolutely free.

All you have to do right now is click the "Like Us On Facebook" button below to become a fan of our Facebook page and get instant access to these two special reports.

Click the "Like Us On Facebook" button below. If you would like to contact us with a question or comment, please send us a message to feedback secondopinionnewsletter. The compound capsaicin — that causes this pungent heat — is also found to kill cancer cells.

In fact, in the last few years, the research on chili peppers has focused on many organs including, the pancreas, brain, prostate, colon and breast. Do chili peppers harm healthy cells? Among them, the study on prostate cancer cells drew more interest from researchers.

Experiments, on the compound capsacisin reveal that this compound specifically targeted the tumors and cancerous cells without affecting the healthy cells. It was found that capsaicin was able to do this by interfering with protein synthesis of the cancer cells, degradation of the cell DNA and interfering with cell transcription mechanisms of cancerous cells.

While capsaicin affected the mitochondrial pathway of the cancer cells, there was no interference in the activity of healthy cells. This was observed in cancer-induced albino rats in lab studies. A study published in Cancer Research revealed that capsaicin was effective in inhibiting prostate cancer cells. The study found that capsaicin promoted automated cell death in primary types of prostate cancer cell lines — as well as in cancer cells caused by hormones. Furthermore, capsaicin decreased the expression of prostate-specific antigen PSA and inhibited the ability of the dihydrotestosterone to activate PSA.

When lab animals received four weeks of treatment with capsaicin, it was observed that prostate cancer growth and size significantly decreased. Chili peppers do more than just prevent cancer Compounds in chili peppers have been associated with multiple benefits like positive immune health, weight loss, lower risk of diabetes, and heart-healthy effects.

A randomized, cross-over study among 27 healthy subjects revealed that consuming freshly chopped chili prevented the oxidation free radical damage to the fat cells — which was a crucial factor in decreasing heart problems. Capsaicin is also anti-inflammatory in nature. It inhibits substance P, a neuropeptide associated with inflammation that results in pain, heart diseases and other conditions.

Because of this property, it has been used in a variety of chemotherapy studies for pain relief and also in many treatments involving nerve fiber disorders, conditions like psoriasis, arthritis plus many more. Researchers say, the hotter the pepper, the higher is its capsaicin content, good examples include habanero and scotch bonnet peppers followed by jalapeno.

Ways to use chili peppers in your next recipe Chili peppers can give any bland recipe an interesting taste. So, the next time you sauté vegetables in a stir fry try adding some chili peppers to accentuate its health benefits as well as spice up a bit.

Other ways to super-charge your recipes include, adding minced chili peppers to plain yoghurt as a salad dressing; in salsa for extra hot taste; pureeing a small amount with tomatoes or olives to give a surprising twist to your recipes. Just be very careful when you are handling fresh chili peppers, direct contact with skin, lips and eyes can cause a severe burning sensation.

Be sure to use cooking gloves instead of bare hands when using them for cooking. Consuming chili peppers, in moderation, is considered safe, however if you are allergic to peppers or night shade family, it is a good idea to keep away from this spice. Another important point to keep in mind is to buy organic hot peppers instead of conventionally grown ones. Looking for natural health solutions? Sign up now — for our free, weekly show featuring the greatest minds in natural health and science plus a free gift!

International Imuunopharmacology, vol 17 2 Cancer Res Mar 15;66 6: Clinical applications of capsaicinoids. Clin J Pain Jun;16 2 Suppl: Laetrile cures cancer — naturally http: You can also download the free iPhone application that is available in the iTunes store.

Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce http: Cosmetic Safety Database http: This article lists the "dirty dozen" as well as which foods have the least pesticide residue: The Curse of Convenience http: From as far back as first having a fire to warm us, we learned to contain it in stones that radiated the heat leading to what most of us love and still Produced with Free Range Studios and hosted by Annie Leonard, the seven-minute film by The Story of Stuff Project reveals the implications for consumer and worker health and the environment, and outlines ways we can move the industry away from hazardous chemicals and towards safer alternatives.

The film concludes with a call for viewers to support legislation aimed at ensuring the safety of cosmetics and personal care products. And, for all you fact checkers out there, http: The amount of lead found in of the lipstick products tested was greater than the maximum 0. NaturalNews issues boycott of Kashi, Silk, Larabar and more http: Russia bans GMOs in the wake of the cancer tumor rat study. France is seeking a European-wide ban on GMOs. Is the end of Monsanto's evil reign near? Boycott of "Organic Cheater" Brands PDF printable version of the above press release can be found here.

Your list states Nature's Gate does not make a natural or organic claim. Communicating the verifiable benefits of organic farming and products to society. Shopper's Guide to Personal Care Products List of over businesses who have signed on to endorse this campaign http: Bronner's Lawsuit with Ecocert read the cross complaint http: Shopper's Guide to Personal Care Products Read and print the shopper's guide to 1,4-dioxane-free personal care products http: The guide is now also available as an iPhone application.

The Best and Worst Vegetables to Eat http: One person's food may be another person's poison. Jack Thrasher on the Health Dangers of Molds http: Vitamin D and Tuberculosis] http: See articles about GMO and other topics: It does include generic tips designed to help consumers identify and avoid genetically modified GM foods, including the hidden GM ingredients labeled ingredients on foods that read more like a chemical periodic table on grocers shelves.

Here's a list of relative mercury contamination in wild fish: The types of fish that are higher in omega-3 are healthier for you smaller Salmon, Sardines and Anchovies , and wild-caught or line-caught are much healthier choices than farmed fish usually fed corn meal, which is high in omega-6 pro-inflammatory oil, even if its "organic", ground up smaller fish, hogs, etc.

Wild fish eat krill, plankton and algae, which is why they are high in healthy astaxanthin and omega-3 oils. The following are ingredients that may be made from GM soy, corn, cotton, or canola You can learn more about the Non-GMO project by visiting: High levels of EMF exposure are generated by common household devices such as hair dryers, can openers, heating pads and even some computer monitors.

EMF exposures destroy health and well-being, claims panel of top international scientists http: There is no end to the tricks that endocrine disruptors can play on our bodies: The list also includes common contaminants that many people don't realize can be hormone disruptors, not only those familiar toxins - arsenic, mercury and lead - but other, less familiar chemicals such as glycol ethers and perfluorinated chemicals.

The guide is intended for consumers of all ages, particularly young people who are most at risk from these dangerous substances. EWG researchers compiled the new Dirty Dozen list by scouring scientific literature and identifying the most hazardous and widely-used hormone-disrupting chemicals that pollute the environment and ultimately our bodies.

These substances are frequently found in food, water and consumer products. Studies have linked them to a wide array of health problems, including cancer, birth defects, lowered sperm count, lowered IQ, obesity and thyroid disease.

This is a must-see list of chemicals to avoid - check it out today! Click here to see 12 of the worst hormone disruptors, how they do their dirty deeds, and some tips on how to avoid them. See this brand-new list of the dirtiest and most common endocrine disruptors. We hope you learn something new from the endocrine disruptor Dirty Dozen. Take a look at the label on your jar of skin cream. Do you see any of these ingredients? Now, this is a big deal - because The medical world already knows this.

The same way your skin soaks up the medicine in those patches, it absorbs all of the ingredients in your skin cream - including the toxic ones. And that can cause health problems for you down the road. These harsh skin care chemicals can also destroy your complexion - and make you look years older.

Claim a FREE Special Report that reveals how breakthrough plant stem cell technology - combined with 36 other "all-natural" skin-restoring nutrients - can help you smooth away the appearance of lines and wrinkles Your complexion is still too dull Your anti-aging cream is letting you down — and it may be worse than you think Hidden inside most skincare products are dangerous chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

Take a good look at the label on your anti-aging cream. You may be shocked to find: The trouble is… they also mimic estrogen, which can throw your hormonal balance out of whack and trigger potentially serious problems with your reproductive system.

It can cause allergic reactions, skin irritations, and even liver abnormalities and kidney damage. Sodium Laurel Sulfate has also been found to cause urinary tract, bladder and kidney infections Especially DEA, which has been linked to kidney, liver and other organ damage They can also destroy your complexion — and make you look years older than you actually are Think that the label that says "organically grown" has anything to do with the packaging, storage, and transport of that product to stores?

What if I told you that cow, pig, and chicken collagen is now used in place of wax on your fruits and vegetables, among many other things much worse than you can probably imagine? And what if then I told you, as with most atrocities that happen now-a-days, that this is all approved by the FDA Since the early 12th century, there has been a tradition of applying wax onto the skins of fruits and vegetables for longer storage life.

Today, that tradition is being carried on with a whole new generation of chemicals and compounds that are genetically designed to accomplish the same goal. But in these modern times, the health and well-being of the consumer of that apple is not necessarily the goal of this unnatural, inorganic process.

Prepare yourself to be shocked and amazed that our Federal agency that is designed to protect us, the Food and Drug Administration, is allowing these dangerous and unhealthy practices to be perpetrated on an unwitting public, all in the name of profits. This video was recently posted to Youtube, showing a woman peeling off of her freshly bought supermarket romaine lettuce what appears to be a plastic coating, similar to the type one would peal off of the screen of a new electronic gadget.

She has no idea what she has discovered Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce It's also important to remember that not all organic compounds are good for us either. For instance, lead is a naturally-occuring compound and completely organic and it's deadly to humans. The same goes for the leaves of rhubarb plants, arsenic found in many fruit pits, and mistletoe to name a few.

Download our free Guide or get it for your iPhone or Android! This is probably the most urgent question the public has about these novel foods. Opinion polls show that up to 90 percent of the American public wants GE foods labeled. But despite this overwhelming demand, almost no foods on U.

And the biotech industry does not voluntarily identify them, fearing, probably correctly, that the majority of Americans would avoid GE foods if given a choice.

As a result, the U. However, this is not the case with most of our major trading partners around the globe who have instituted mandatory labeling of all GE foods and ingredients. The Guide is designed to help you reclaim your right to know about the foods you are buying, and help you find and avoid GE foods.

In addition to a list of brands that produce non-GE foods, the mobile app also offers contact information for the companies that DO use GE ingredients. This feature enables you to personally voice your opposition on the use of GE foods directly to these companies, right from the app.

Our Shoppers Guide gives you valuable information on common GE ingredients, brands to look for, and look out for, and common sense tips to keep you in the know. Stop shopping in the dark and get your Shoppers Guide today!

PC PDF file http: The New Dirty Dozen http: The medical establishment usually chalks up those deaths to cancer. But the media and The missing link - How to beat cancer with garlic http: This arsenal of cancer cell killers relies on certain nutrients to have the fuel to do its Turmeric and curcumin prevent formation of new blood vessels induced by arsenic, cancer http: Most of turmeric's health benefits are attributed to the trio of yellow-orange chemicals Alcohol consumption is directly related to breast cancer: How I took it, and how much I took.

Bear in mind, this is what I did. You will have to decide for yourself what is Best for You! As promised, we've just published detailed new heavy metals composition charts on vegan proteins and rice proteins.

These charts also include data on the exciting new SunWarrior "Warrior Blend" formulas, which turn out to be remarkably low in the heavy metals we've tested for: How avoiding conventional dentistry can literally save your life If you see a dentist, make sure she's a holistic dentist.

It turns out that conventional dentistry is incredibly toxic and can quite literally cause your death: The American Dental Association continues to maintain that mercury fillings and root canals are safe dental procedures, in spite of the overwhelming evidence against High Intensity Short Duration exercise -- not aerobic which generates lots of free radicals; search www.

Just exercise more, scientists discover A more active lifestyle doesn't just reduce your risk of cancer and improve survival rates among cancer patients: Medical mutilations have been performed lately on women told they are genetically Obamacare to punish healthy eaters as insurance rates double or triple for those who choose to take care of their health According to an analysis just published by the Wall Street Journal, healthy people will pay double or triple their current A detailed analysis of Obamacare health insurance rates reveals something very disturbing: Healthy people will be paying double or triple the rates they are currently paying, while premiums will go down for those who live on junk foods and develop chronic disease.

The economic incentives are all backwards: Obamacare will punish healthy people while subsidizing those who refuse to take care of their health. Here are the numbers: There has been some decline in cigarette smoking in the USA, but with all the known health issues associated with smoking cigarettes, it seemed there should be almost no new domestic smokers at all.

But the power of advertising has prevailed, even more so in third world countries with less restrictions on cigarette advertising. Is it the Tobacco Plant, or Something Else? Avoid enclosed areas where people smoke. The Department of Health and Human Services had approved chemical additives to cigarettes by Among them are ammonia compounds to create a nicotine freebase effect. Then there are the toxic additives to the paper to make it burn evenly.

Cadmium is a heavy metal with a half-life of 10 to 30 years residence in human tissue, and it easily surpasses toxic levels. Few mention chemtrails or aerosol geoengineering exposure because most deny their existence.

Deny them all you want, but the heavy metal nanoparticles have been trapped in ground level water or air traps after heavy chemtrailing include, among others, barium, aluminum, and cadmium.

Retired neurosurgeon and author Dr. Russell Blaylock has voiced concerns over chemtrail aluminum nanoparticles that are breathed in and make their way into the central nervous system and brain. Access a study on that here. Then begin watching your sky objectively. You can protect yourself from those toxic nanoparticles by detoxing heavy metals often. My favorites are lots of chlorella, fresh organic cilantro, and cliniptilolite zeolite powder not capsules or liquids.

Here are 6 foods for natural heavy metal chelation. A five day detox with 1. Shallenberger - Real Cures newsletter July , Vol. But which ones are the most important?

Almost all of my diabetic patients have seen tremendous results using these. Chromium piccolinate— Chromium is an important element in your glucose tolerance factor GTF. GTF is made up of chromium, niacin, and the amino acids cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine, and worksin tandem with insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. I suggest a dose of 1, mcg to 3, mcg daily. Alpha lipoic acid— Serves a central role in fat metabolism.

It is critical for the production of acetyl-coenzyme A from fat. Acetyl-coenzyme A is the substance that kick starts the energy production cycle. In the event of a deficiency of this enzyme, lactic acid levels rise in the body and can lead to lactic acidosis — a potentially life-threatening condition.

Lipoic acid is important for preventing the onset of diabetes, improving blood sugar control, reducing the incidence of cataracts in diabetics, preventing kidney damage which is a common diabetes complication , and it also helps prevent peripheral neuropathy which is common in diabetics.

Many cases of diabetic neuropathy can be improved and even cured using mg, three times a day. In the absence of neuropathy, I recommend doses of mg two times a day. I consider lipoic acid an absolutely essential part of any treatment or prevention strategy for diabetes.

Niacinamide— This is a specific form of niacin. Niacin is a nutrient all of us should get more of. For diabetics, it's one of the most important nutrients for maintaining proper fat metabolism and correct triglyceride levels.

I have my patients take a minimum of mg of niacinamide a day. Preferably , mg daily. L-Carnitine— L-Carnitine works incombination with fat molecules, lipoic acid, and acetyl-coenzyme A to penetrate the membrane of the mitochondria.

I recommend 1, mg to 3, mg of carnitine daily. Glycyrrhiza glabra— You probably know this one as licorice. Licorice is one of my favorite herbs for my diabetic patients because of its amazing effect on exhausted adrenal glands. It contains natural precursors for the production of adrenal hormones. It works in a similar way to the adrenal hormone aldosterone, which is often deficient in adrenal insufficiency.

In rare cases, supplementing with licorice can slightly elevate blood pressure levels. If you have hypertension, it's important to keep a check on blood pressure levels when taking licorice. In addition, licorice can also lead to a decline in potassium levels.

Vanadium— Like chromium, vanadium is another trace mineral that plays an enormous role in the activity of insulin. In the form of vanadyl sulfate, it not only improves insulin resistance, but has its own insulin effect, making it especially important for people with low insulin levels. It does this by increasing the number of islet cells in the pancreas and actually regenerates and repairs islet cells previously destroyed by free radicals.

Other herbs— I also recommend a number of herbal supplements to help improve insulin sensitivity. One is Galega officinalis, which contains an ingredient called guanidine from which the diabetes drug metformin is produced.

And the second is Mormodica Charantia, or bitter lemon. I recommend mg of a 4: Together, these two herbs alone can have a modest effect on insulin sensitivity, but when combined with the other supplements mentioned here, they can make quite a difference. Clots, Strokes -- but not for bleeding strokes] Dr. In fact, she hadn't had a decent night's sleep in over a year. When I examined her, June was overweight and her blood pressure was elevated. The emergency doctor had prescribed a nitroglycerin patch for the angina.

Nitroglycerin is a very old herbal remedy that works exceptionally well for angina. It causes the blood vessels leading to the heart to expand and permits more blood to flow in. The first thing I did was to tell her to stay on her nitro patch. Then, I prescribed the homeopathic medication, ignatia. Ignatia is an excellent remedy for conditions caused by grief, especially insomnia. Next, I explained to her that blood flow was not just a matter of how big the arteries are.

It is also a matter of how thick the blood is. Thick blood is like oil on a cold day. It can't flow well, and tends to clog. That's why the doctor had placed her on an aspirin twice a day. To keep her blood thin and flowing well, I prescribed two treatments.

First, I put her on a boiled vegetables-only diet. Absolutely no fat or protein. Dietary fat and protein thickens the blood for several hours after eating, and this was not a good idea for her at this time. Second, I had her take the following supplements three times a day: All of these remedies work in different ways to thin out the blood. Then I stopped the aspirin: No need to take aspirin now that she was on this therapy. The last thing she needed was an aspirin-induced ulcer.

She was sleeping better, and had more energy. Better yet, her angina pains never returned. I told her to stop the nitro patches, because I didn't think she needed them anymore.