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You can access this information by going to www. What if I have VBA and go to the doctors without a voucher? For an overview of the plan, go to the VBA website www. They'll help support your healthy lifestyle - and provide on-the-spot savings. Aetna Navigator is located right on the Aetna home page www.


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And everyone knows that bowling has many Health Benefits. In addition to securing your […]. Top 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee. Top 10 Healthy Birthday Activities. Top 10 Tips To Improve Posture. Top 10 Unhealthy Fashion Trends. Burning Calories at Home! Frequently Asked Questions Is there a way to find estimated average costs of common Dental Procedures in my area?

Get estimated average costs in your area for cleanings, fillings, X-rays, crowns, dentures and more. The ECC tool can be helpful to: Know what to expect before you seek dental care services Plan for open enrollment Estimate funding for your Flexible Spending Account, if applicable. We considered many factors in determining which items to include, but concentrated on those that: Are commonplace and familiar Are typically planned for Are typically high volume We will reevaluate the list periodically to determine if items should be added or removed.

The allowed amount is the total financial amount covered under your plan for services rendered to you. The allowed amount includes copays, coinsurance or deductibles for which you may be responsible. Coordination of benefits and Medicare and Medicaid claims are excluded from the cost averages where Aetna is not the primary payer. We use our own historical claim information to calculate the estimated average costs and adjust it to account for cost inflation.

The Estimate the Cost of Care ECC tool will pre-populate your zip code and display data at the smallest geographic area for which meaningful cost data is available. The costs provided in the tool are estimated averages and are not provider specific.

Additionally, this tool should only be used as a guide for cost estimation purposes. To identify the costs charged by a specific dentist, you should contact that dentist directly. Yes, in-network and out-of-network costs are displayed by the Estimate the Cost of Care ECC tool to help illustrate your potential cost savings, if you receive care in-network.

If you want to suspend your contribution, you have to follow the process to stop contributions. Loans are available under our plan. Please note that loans are governed by IRS regulations. You can start, stop or change your contribution at any time within the limits of our payroll system processing deadlines.

Since you're paid 26 times per year, in theory you could change your contribution percentage 26 times. To find a discounted fitness center near you, go to https: You can visit our My Health Page for information on smoking cessation. There you will find programs that are offered through your insurance, through UPHS, as well as programs offered in the community. UPHS offers many different benefits for family planning and work life balance. Penn Behavioral Health offers assistance services that are designed to help employees and their family members work through any and all personal problems.

What if I did not receive my Delta Dental card? What if I did not receive my Penn Dental Plan card? If you enroll in the Penn Dental Plan, there are three locations you can go to: What if I want to change carriers, but my child is currently going through Orthodontia treatment? What if I want to change dental plans now, can I do it? You can call to order a card. What if I leave employment, what happens to my FSA? What if I want to find out my balance?

What if I want to obtain a claim form? What if I lose or never received my medical plan ID Card s? What if I receive a bill? What if I use my medical card for my prescriptions? No, you will not need to select a primary care physician and referrals are not needed. What if I am having major services performed, such as, surgery or major dental services, what should I do beforehand? What if I did not receive my prescription card, how do I order another one? What if I take a maintenance prescription drug and get my prescriptions filled every 30 days, do I need to switch to a day prescription?

What if my doctor had written a prescription and checked that it was okay to substitute for a generic but I want the brand name, would there be an additional cost? What if I have VBA and go to the doctors without a voucher? What if I purchase frames in the plan year, can I also purchase contacts? Defined Benefit Pension Plan. What do I have to do to retire and begin collecting my pension? What are my options for receiving my retirement benefit? How will this affect my vesting? What if I die before receiving my benefit?

Your spouse can delay beginning this benefit until you would have been age Once again, your spouse can delay beginning this benefit until you would have been age What if I get divorced? What happens to my pension — can my spouse claim part of it? What if I want to retire prior to age 65? Is my pension benefit reduced?

How can I estimate what my monthly pension might be if I retire early? What if I work for another employer after retirement — can I do that and still collect my pension? Yes, you may work for another employer and still collect your pension. What if someone is vested and dies before reaching retirement age? What is retirement age? What types of pension benefit options are available upon retirement? The following options are available: If you are married at the time you begin collecting your pension, you can take your pension in the form of a joint and survivor annuity.

This type of benefit provides monthly payments for your lifetime. Upon your death, a portion of your monthly payment will continue to your spouse.

Under these options, your monthly payments are reduced in exchange for the survivor benefits.

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