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Heather Trott , played by Cheryl Fergison , is first introduced as a guest character, but later becomes a regular. DDD June 4, , In May , William returns again along with Honey and Janet. Upon seeing Summer in fake tan, May brands Dawn a terrible mother to Summer before attacking her and her brother Mickey Miller Joe Swash and then trying to leave with Summer, whom she calls Sophie. As a courtesy to our patients, we complete insurance forms at our expense.

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Insurance: A Tax on People who are Bad at Math?

Ever see a TV ad for an insurance company explaining the statistical likelihood of your claims outweighing your premiums over your lifetime, or even a 10 year period? We self insure on most things these days, and have never ever taken out insurance on individual household items, and in the main would never have had to claim if we did, thus saving several thousand pounds, which by now would pay for any appliance or TV that now failed, several times over.

This insurance in particular is all about the maths. Spork October 13, , I have long had this very same discussion with folks… and find it almost impossible to convince them. By retired, I mean I decided on my own to quit my job, move somewhere and set up shop, then sort of just waited for another job to come along.

I found that the difference in premiums on high deductible and low deductible insurance was such that in one year you saved enough to cover the deductible. Tom October 18, , 8: Kira July 4, , Alan Jackson February 1, , 3: It is one of the big problems I have with the US healthcare system. In a way, I consider a high deductible insurance plan a form of membership where you get the same rates that everyone else does.

MMM February 1, , 5: Actually, you can get the same deals that the insurance companies get — I read an article about this once and there are in fact entire books on the subject. The basic idea is, you get in touch with your preferred hospital in advance and set up an account with them with the pre-agreed discount.

They are happy to do this, since an individual with good credit is much easier to get money from than an insurance company, which makes a point of being annoying about every single claim. Richie Poor June 20, , Getting cash discounts has worked well in many cases for me. Also check into medical tourism. Go ahead and get that root canal the day before you leave Costa Rica. Your wallet will thank you. JaneMD February 7, , 9: I have to disagree with that MMM on setting up the healthcare deal with a hospital.

Of note, you should never let your health insurance lapse if possible. I got a new job and we decided not to cover my spouse since his job in a few months would be providing health insurance for much lower premiums. When we looked at the fine print, by allowing your insurance to lapse, you open yourself to denial for pre-existing conditions.

Everyone needs to make some type of plan for continuing health insurance, period. You can play with the plan, the rate, the deductible based on your current age and health, but the natural conclusion to life is death.

If you want to save some money, stop smoking. CanuckExpat March 18, , 6: Nice write-up and good points. You might be interested in this book excerpt about insurance: If the rest of the book is as good as that excerpt, I might be interested in reading it. Great Lakes Stash March 24, , 6: What about purchasing a whole life policy with built in dividends. Also if you die it pays. Not the worst thing ever. They often cap your earnings and the fees can be astoundingly brutal.

Very nearly the worst thing ever. Matt May 17, , 8: Here are links to two interesting legal alternatives to car insurance in Texas. But I thought you might find the possibility interesting. Brett May 23, , Mustache mentions, but maybe that would work. Auto insurance negotiates payments down aggressively as well in my experience. No one mentioned tax deductibility though. Then you effectively have the healthy people subsidizing the unhealthy ones in any given pool.

Almost forgot, keep in mind that you, I, and many readers are the ones reaping insurance company profits everyday. A corporation is just an entity to make money for shareholders by satisfying some consumer demand. Often they are people just like me and you, though the wealthy people certainly control more capital than middle and lower class people overall. The more that this sort of living becomes popular if it does the more companies will cater to it by offering more products like bike trailers, high quality low cost groceries google Aldi , kits to repair your electronics google iFixit , etc.

Money Mustache May 23, , 3: Your point about health insurance being tax-deductible for those of us that own our own small companies is a good one. Money Mustache health insurance. Josh Triplett June 22, , 3: I agree with your post: And I plan my next laptop purchase to coincide with the warranty expiration date on my current laptop, so that I can always count on having my computer working.

Laptop warranties, unlike most forms of insurance, charge everyone exactly the same amount regardless of risk. So, the person who occasionally checks their email and browses the web pays the same amount as the professional computer user. By the end of its lifetime, each of my laptops turns into the Laptop of Theseus: Counting both the cost of these components and the cost of the labor involved in performing these repairs, the warranty pays off after about 1 significant repair.

And over the lifetime of the warranty, I will typically require a couple of repairs per year. Money Mustache June 12, , 3: Sarah July 3, , 7: I would never go without good health insurance on my husband, because as you say, he is riskier than he looks. Luckily he usually has insurance through his employer. Alek July 26, , 1: I consider myself fairly financially savvy but I have been trying to educate my fiancé and your blog is MUCH better at explaining why we should invest in index funds, why a used car is better, how credit cards work, etc.

I have a specific question about auto insurance if there is already a post on this that I missed I apologize. As you say it is required to carry liability- so how much should we get?

What about the medical aspect? I guess I should know if my health insurance covers that aspect but am still covered by parents until I am going to do some independent research but would greatly appreciate your insight and expertise. NW August 14, , Your blog is my bible! I need opinions on long-term care insurance.

Am I falling for the fear trap? What are your opinions? Charlie August 28, , 6: I like the blog and enjoy all of your articles, but this particular article I feel contains very dangerous advice. Insurance is actually an instrumental tool of society in which risk is allowed to be pooled and can be mitigated for very small amount.

Yale finance professor and economist Robert Schiller look him up agrees. No life and health insurance combined with you getting cancer and dying leaves your wife not only broke, but likely bankrupt or in debt along with her having to provide for your children. Are stats going to protect you from that? Let me put it to you this way. Because statistically you are likely to win right?

But I do not have life insurance, because having me die would just make my wife and son wealthier — they would keep all our investments, but have one less guy raiding the fridge and buying stuff. Clemens September 10, , In terms of a statistical distribution function, buying insurance lowers the mean of the distribution but also makes it much more narrow.

So when buying, say, flood insurance, I lose money on average, but I gain a cap of what I have to pay should my home get flooded. Craig December 11, , 7: If people who buy insurance are bad at math people who buy lottery tickets are totally mathematically challenged! Money Mustache December 12, , Yeah, that would be a polite way of putting it. This article makes him come across as someone you would actually get along with although other MMM converts who originally followed DR will know better: CALL February 14, , 6: Really read those terms and conditions.

Every decent credit card automatically provides a lot of insurance. Bought a plane ticket? Free life insurance if a common carrier kills you! Ordered something that never showed up or came broken? The card will cover it — insurance! KF October 1, , 7: Just found the blog a month ago and working my way from the original post so please forgive the delayed comment. I think I am going to call and try to negotiate a policy or just the AC and central heat.

CALL March 23, , 4: The insurance companies know a lot about likely hood of repair, and costs of repair — at least in aggregate. They make money by taking in more than they pay out, either because they use fine print to refuse to pay, or they know how often a given policy will demand payment, and budget for it. Michele March 25, , So, my husband and I just switched insurance companies for about the millionth time is the last few years you can almost always find a better price every six months to a year by being a new customer.

Seeing as we are planning to retire in a bit of a different way than most people young and living without a stable home base we thought it might not be a bad idea to talk to them about different financial options. Max Schneider June 12, , Alek June 12, , I might accept the odds for enough of an incentive, one that sets me up with FI for the remainder of my life. It also depends how many chambers there are ;. Money is just money, whereas time spent living is priceless.

Good hypothetical question, because it plays fear against statistics and logic just like we all have to do when making insurance choices.

As a year-old just getting started financially, I would surely accept that bet. With chambers or less, only a desperate person would probably play the game. With a six-shooter, Russian Roulette is always ridiculous unless you play it to avoid an even more certain death.

Insurance is a little different though — the consequences of not having it are only financial, not brain-splattering. On the other hand most people could simply get a new one — or in case the stash is too little they could get away with a used hand me down for the time being. JBS July 20, , Social Security is insurance as well.

One must read policies closely as the insurance companies are fully aware of these benefits and sometimes will only pay benefits for costs Social Security does not cover. You can see estimated benefits by using the quick calculator at the Social Security website. You can use these monthly numbers to either reduce or eliminate your requirements for life and disability insurance.

My father paid for part of college using such benefits after my grandfather died. Rema August 7, , 8: My husband became eligible for employer-sponsored dental insurance for the 1st time 4 months ago.

When I compared our spending last year to our projected spending this year we all fairly fanatically get twice-yearly cleanings, the kids need sealants, and we also have orthodontic expenses and 2 minor dental surgeries that are needed , and after I made sure that our regular dentists would accept the insurance yes, yay!

My advice would be to carefully evaluate any insurance plan you are offered based on your own real-world numbers. Joe August 20, , 8: Carrying a term life policy to secure the goals I have for my family on both my wife and I is one of the best things I feel like we have done. The amount I spend a month in life insurance to fully guarantee that either of us would be financially independent without one another in the unlikely event of a premature death is far less than the pain and strain that one of us dying would have on the other.

I vehemetly disagree with your assertion that insurance in all forms is a tax on people bad at math. I have life insurance because our current budgetary and obligatory constraints mandate that we have it.

I have it to lower my budgetary variance in unlikely event that something tragic happens. Money Mustache August 20, , 9: I understand your point, Joe.. By far the most likely outcome of skipping insurance, is an instant and permanent boost in your wealth, reducing your need for any form of insurance and increasing your security every single month. The second point is on the role of hardship in our lives. Sure, a life insurance payment might protect a survivor from financial hardship — from having to work harder to earn their own money.

But is such hardship something to run from? Just like some of us have to earn our own money when reaching adulthood, and others get it handed to them as a trust fund. Does the self-made person lead a less fulfilling life because of the added hardship?

JL March 24, , The principle behind insurance is the same as the one behind investing in index mutual funds instead of individual stocks. By investing in a single stock you could have great gains or great losses or anything in between. By investing in an index mutual fund, you narrow the potential range of losses or gains because the gains and losses of individual stocks cancel out to some extent. Not carrying insurance is like investing in a single stock.

Insurance is, in essence, combining your individual stock i. So then, why do you recommend only minimal insurance, while recommending mutual funds? This seems like a contradiction. Money Mustache March 25, , 9: Insurance has a relatively high inefficiency the operating expenses and profit that the insurance companies keep for themselves. If you self-insure for things that have a relatively low cost cars, watches, higher deductible on your house, etc.

For people without many millions, health insurance is still a worthwhile investment for exactly the reasons you mentioned. Nathan February 21, , 6: As the comment above points out, you are risk pooling in a similar manner to a mutual fund.

The profits then come from investing those premiums until the losses need to be paid. There are, of course, losses happening every day, but premiums are coming in every day as well. That allows companies to have a decent amount of your money growing to keep premiums low. It is not for everyone in every situation, but you are painting with a very broad brush.

Paul February 21, , Buying insurance is not analogous, under most circumstances, to investing. Insurance shifts risk from one party to another. One buys insurance so that the risk of loss is shifted to someone else. If an insurance company is run efficiently, and risk is priced correctly, the return during the float period provides a better return compared to some alternative use of the capital.

When you buy insurance you are simply betting that if a loss occurs during the policy period you are better served financially if someone else has to pay the loss. Only you can make the decision to make that wager based on your own individual financial situation. However, as MMM points out, in a lot of situations, the risk of loss is quite low and self-insurance is the better long term wager.

For instance, it might be perfectly rational for a young healthy person not to carry health insurance, despite our government making it unlawful to do so. Mack February 21, , 3: I think a broad brush is perfectly permissible here. Any insurance not mandated by law is a statistically great way to separate yourself from hard-earned dollars. Those potential investment earnings are absolutely included in what that insurance really costs.

Any company that can afford television commercials is making a TON of money. Nathan February 22, , 7: Of course the premiums are based on what they believe they can make on investments, that was not my point. Sans investment income, auto insurance is not profitable.

And while I can afford the loss of my vehicle, the payout since I have low premiums due to less driving is MORE than I could get on investing the difference in collision premium in compounding interest over the next 10 years. Will you come out ahead with insurance? Will having insurance break the bank for a Mustachian or ruin their chance to retire early? It can, however, prevent a several hundred thousand dollar loss from ruining your financial independence. The minimal cost is worth it to many people.

You may have failed to notice, however, that many of the top rated insurers do not. Mack February 22, , 9: Again, drawing a line between money spent on premiums and potential investment income given to the insurer is fallacy. As you say, statistically you will not come out ahead, so why purchase the insurance?

Anyone is welcome to insure all they like — I understand risk aversion. But the people who act as their own insurers in these cases will statistically end up wealthier. Mister Shankly August 22, , 8: MMM, love this article and the discussion it has stimulated.

I live in southern California where there is a higher, yet unpredictable likelihood of earthquakes. Consequently, I have purchased earthquake insurance as I statistically see a greater possibility of one happening now since we are long overdue. My current stash allows me to self insure up to the deductible amount but not the full replacement cost without depleting a significant amount of the stash. I plan on building up a separate fund for the replacement cost of the home in a conservative mutual fund and then canceling the insurance once this is done.

However, I do the math on the cost of insurance premiums over the next 40 years plus the deductible roughly adjusted for inflation and it comes out to be a better deal than self-insuring the entire rebuilding amount. Am I delusional on this or is earthquake insurance still a better deal even with its ridiculous deductible? Money Mustache August 23, , Some comfort would be had by looking at the other big earthquakes and what percentage of the houses they fully destroyed.

And in Southern California, where outdoor and indoor weather are identical, you can have a much smaller house and live more outside, which saves replacement cost as well. Linda August 22, , 1: Mr Shankly — this is a late reply — I have personal experience of an earthquake here in Christchurch, New Zealand in The main damage to our house was that it sunk quite markedly into the ground due to liquifaction look it up!

We spent 5 years in communication with our insurers, and in the end had to use a lawyer to help us get a settlement. We were paid out in cash, and we are planning to rebuild at a time when it suits us. Due to the nature of the land the house is built on we need to have foundations that will withstand another quake — this is much more expensive than the standard foundation it was originally built on.

Christchurch was built on a swamp — lucky us! We are very grateful that we were fully insured, but some others in this city were not so lucky — they are left with houses that they cannot afford to repair as they were not insured — therefore they can only sell for a much reduced value. Lee Hayward October 19, , 6: MMM, in the UK, the insurance companies are weird. We have a concept called 3rd party, 3rd party fire and theft and comprehensive insurance.

I went to a price comparison website and tried looking for 3rd party car insurance. So in the UK, it seems the insurance companies think you are a lower risk if you ask for comprehensive insurance??!! Everett October 29, , 1: We have a similar phenomenon in the USA.

Each state requires a different amount of liability insurance. Liam G December 3, , 7: First was to switch cell phone providers from VZ to Republic.

Next was the cable bill Comcast: Sarah December 12, , 1: You have found that prices are negotiable. I called and spoke to someone asking for the price to be reduced — I pointed out that my relative takes almost no medication and that what she does take is very cheap. My response was, in total, this: Saving money is great, but not being taken advantage of is the spur for me to negotiate prices that are made to appear set in stone but of course are not.

Jerry May 8, , 7: I really like the blog. This is the first blog I every really have read or commented on. You give a different perspective on a number of points. I happen to already do a number of the same things. One is health insurance, where I purchased a high deductible plan. Another is Life Insurance—no brainer. Most companies especially larger one do exactly what you are talking about. They call it being self insured.

Companies basically pay themselves the premiums setting aside the monies for when various incidences occur. It can be also very important as many people will have one life event where they can not work for an extended period of time. Money Mustache May 9, , Alan May 13, , 8: Hello MMM, just started reading the blog recently, and already a big fan. I happen to work at an auto insurance company, and in my daily job I get to speak to people involved in auto losses, and read through claims reports.

So, I am constantly exposed to insurance, and super aware of accidents, and thus I carry high liability limits. Exceedingly high liability limits. But I would like to hear your take on it. Most states have a minimum level of liability coverage that is required on an auto policy. All your assets are now on the table; savings, home s , stocks, retirement savings, car s , and future earnings.

Have I seen cases where the payout easily exceeds state minimums? Not every day, but more times than I would like. Would I recommend everyone get the highest limits they can? No, but realize that a single bad accident can quickly siphon away hard earned savings. I am a good driver, so is my wife. We would be fine with a lower coverage. I know it is a numbers game, but I see the results of people who lose that game every day I go into the office. So my question for MMM is, What limits do you have on your liability coverage?

Are you going to consider changing them after this post? JBS May 13, , 9: Alan May 14, , 5: For businesses, there are actually commercial policies available that work with that knowledge in mind.

Basically, it is a deductible for liability coverage. Those options are really affordable, compared to plans that pay for any loss. Probably not, based off my driving history, age, gender, martial status, credit score, blah blah blah.

But they are called accidents for a reason. I just want to make sure that everyone realizes that the jump from basic state-mandated coverage to some actual coverage is not too different. In most every state, you are going to have to pay insurance. Why not pay for something that covers your ass sets.

Andrew April 22, , 9: Brikenjon July 19, , 8: That puts us past the break even point before even including my wife. They may be able to be retrained into a different type of work but likely none of their specialized skills will apply, so their wage will drop drastically. Maybe they can consult for our industry, or be a greeter at WalMart, but that is about it. So I realize my job is high risk, but I feel I am compensated fairly for it.

It is relatively cheap since I bought it so young. I used NorthWestern Mutual which is a company that pays annual dividends to policy holders. The dividends tend to go up each year, which means in effect the premiums go down each year. On 6 September, Craig and Lucy run away to a hotel.

When Craig comes out of the shower topless, he makes it clear that he wants to have sex but she throws her drink on him and locks herself in the bathroom. She phones Ian on her mobile but her family have gone looking for her so they never get the call. She leaves a message but it is cut short when her battery runs out.

She persuades Craig to leave the hotel by saying they will steal money from Ian. Lucy runs to her father, pretending to cry, and tells the police that Craig attacked Patrick. Craig is arrested for attempted murder and is not seen again, resulting in Sean's freedom. However, Craig hides his gun in Lucy's bag. Steven Aaron Sidwell , Lucy's half-brother, later attempts to use the gun to shoot himself but instead wounds Jane.

As of April , she has had four separate stints in the series, in two episodes , four episodes , , and onwards. Rainie has been called "troublesome" [16] and "troubled". One month later, she leads a team of officers to arrest Deano and Chelsea Fox Tiana Benjamin for attempting to pervert the course of justice.

He leaves Patrick his card, and Patrick later telephones him and tells him Sean is the culprit. One month later, the police officers arrest Chelsea and Deano after it has been discovered they are perverting the course of justice. He returns on 18 March when Lucy runs away and leaves again on 23 March. He becomes involved in the chase with Bradley and he watches him fall to his death.

Treacher, who plays the character, is the son of former EastEnders actor Bill Treacher , who played original character Arthur Fowler from to Clement borrowed from Kevin Wicks Phil Daniels. As Shirley and Heather drives away to Brighton, Pat comes out from the service station and calls out that it is her car, but she slips and breaks her shoe. Len mends her broken shoe, and then offers her a lift to Worthing , where she had been heading for. After Pat accepts, he drives her to a run-down mental facility where Pat's long-lost sister Joan had been sent sixty years previously.

After being refused entry, he helps Pat to break in, where they discover that Joan hadn't died aged 22 as Pat had been told, but had been sent to a different hospital in the s.

However, while running from the police, Len drops the paper which reveals which hospital she had been sent to, but he searches the internet and finds the location. He takes Pat there, where they discover that Joan had only died a few years ago, and that she had married in He takes Pat back to Walford, where he says goodbye to her, giving her his card, looks around, and then drives away.

Len isn't heard of again until Christmas Eve , when Pat receives a rocking horse and card from him. Damian , played by James Hillier , is Roxy Mitchell 's Rita Simons fiancé whom she starts avoiding calls from during her stay in Walford. Roxy tells her sister Ronnie Samantha Womack she is going to leave Damian and never go back to Ibiza, but Ronnie warns her to wait until she gets the money out of his business. They then both get into an argument over the situation during which Damian arrives totally unexpectedly at The Queen Victoria pub.

Roxy even kisses Ian to prove she loves him with all her heart in front of Damian. Damian then leaves to go back to Ibiza. Two months later, Damian returns to Walford to be with Roxy, who pretends that she had a miscarriage. On 29 October, Damian attacks Ian in the café when he discovers that he and Roxy were never even in love, and then gets himself arrested by Jack Branning Scott Maslen when he "hits" Ronnie this is set up by Ronnie, when she makes it look like he was sexually assaulting her.

Damian then realises that Roxy doesn't really love him, but is using him to get the money he owes her. This is the last time he is seen. Queenie is a controlling woman, who regularly taunts, insults and demeans her daughter, always calling her by the name "Pig". When Shirley Carter Linda Henry asks Heather to move out of her mother's flat and into hers, Queenie manipulates Heather into staying by pretending to have an accident. Heather is so concerned for her mother's safety that she decides not to move out, but she later hears Queenie laughing about her deception to a friend on the phone.

Heather is so angry that she decides to move in with Shirley after all, only to find that Shirley has been evicted as she'd failed to pay the rent.

Not wanting to remain living with her spiteful mother, Heather decides to pay the rent with money she has in her savings account. When she sneaks back to Queenie's to find her savings book however, she discovers that her mother has stolen most of her money.

When she discovers that Heather is pretending to be Hazel Hobbs Kika Mirylees so they can win a wedding competition is a magazine, Queenie blackmails Minty and Heather, saying she will not leave unless they give her their winnings from the competition. Heather reveals to Minty that Queenie had told her that her father walked out on them because he hated living with Heather. Minty then encourages Heather to stand up to Queenie, which she does, prompting Queenie to leave.

Queenie later tries to stop Minty and Heather's wedding, revealing Heather's true identity to Marni Lisa Ellis from the magazine. Heather marries Minty anyway and later berates Queenie for trying to ruin her happiness, and Queenie leaves.

When Heather gives birth to a baby boy named George in , she phones Queenie to let her know that she is a grandmother, but is unsurprisingly let down by her mother's response. In , Heather tries to visit Queenie but a neighbour tells her that Queenie has moved to Eastbourne a few years before. When Heather is murdered in , Queenie does not attend her funeral. When Babe's niece, Shirley, best friend of Heather, and her family go to Ramsgate, Babe decides to come clean about the incident with Queenie, but when Queenie's name is brought up, Shirley works out from looking at photos with dates on the back, that Babe and Queenie took babies from teenage girls and gave them away.

Tamwar works hard on his studies to please his parents, but he fails to achieve the grades he needs for his place at university. Later in , Tamwar meets Afia again and they begin dating, leading to a marriage. However, the various dramas between the two families, including Yusef physically abusing Zainab, ultimately lead to Afia divorcing Tamwar.

He represents them in court after they are charged with falsifying evidence in a police enquiry. Despite Mr Hughes' plea for lenience, Deano and Chelsea are sentenced to 6 months in prison. After she forgets his birthday, Vinnie finally confronts her, resulting in Shirley revealing her true feelings for Phil. They split, but Vinnie is soon joined by his son, Callum Elliott Jordan.

When an old friend offers him the chance to travel across the world in a vintage car, Vinnie accepts the offer, but is unsure whether he should take his ex-girlfriend, Shirley. Masood appears as the local postman, and moves to Albert Square with his family.

He catches up with Jase Dyer Stephen Lord , a former member of the gang, in Walford and attempts to recruit him back into the gang. When this fails to win Jase back, the gang raid The Queen Victoria pub looking for him. Jase had arrived in London from Manchester aged 15, and Terry took him under his wing.

After Dee told the police about Jase's unruly behaviour, Jase went to prison and came out a changed man, caring for his son Jay. The gang later turn on Dee when they find out he had told the police about Jase, and arrange for his car to crash, injuring him severely. Jase expresses his wish to have no part in the gang, so Terry visits Jay while Jase is out, taking him to see a firework display. Jase later finds Terry in a snooker hall , and again says that he wants no further involvement with the gang.

After playing a game of snooker with Jase, Terry lets him go home, watching him menacingly as he leaves. He confronts Jase in the cellar and one of his gang members attack Jase, knocking a pregnant Honey Mitchell Emma Barton down into some empty beer kegs, who is then rushed to hospital by Jase. Terry later leaves the area with his gang members. Terry arrives at the hospital, then later visits Jase's flat and turns Jay against Jase.

He returns to Walford on 25 July , after Jase, desperate for money, agrees to work for him again. Terry reappears in August, where he makes plans for Jase to get some of his money back for him. It turns out that Jase has been stealing from him, and Terry, in retaliation, sets Jase up, then returns to his flat and holds Jay hostage.

Jase and Billy Mitchell Perry Fenwick rush to the rescue. A confrontation ensues where Billy managed to get Jay out of the flat to safety in Jase's van. Terry has his men beat Jase to the brink of death.

After Jay makes a frantic call to Honey, armed CO19 officers storm 89 George Street and arrest Terry, his men and Billy, who had been hiding in the bathroom after seeing the gang standing over Jase and was too frightened to try to save him. Jase later dies in hospital.

Terry returns in May during his trial. He gets his wife Viv Bates Dido Miles to threaten Billy by saying she will hurt Jay if he does go to the trial to testify. When his name is still on the witness list, Viv sends Bird and two other hitmen to hold Jay hostage.

However, Terry is found guilty of Jase's murder and is sentenced to life imprisonment so Viv leaves him, throwing her wedding ring at him.

He then says he will have revenge on her. It is revealed that Dee was the one who informed on Jase to the police, resulting in Jase being sent to prison. Terry and his firm arrange a car crash for Dee, which leaves him severely injured. Soon after his arrival in Walford Jack begins an on-off relationship with Ronnie Mitchell Samantha Womack , but he betrays her by having sex with her sister Roxy Rita Simons , and getting her pregnant.

Jack also has a brief fling with Sam Mitchell Danniella Westbrook , resulting in another baby. He goes on to reunite with Ronnie, however their child, James dies of sudden infant death syndrome.

Jack then has a relationship with Sharon Rickman Letitia Dean , but he jilts her moments before they are due to marry. Maslen made his final appearance on 15 October after six years on the show. Clement , but asks her not to tell Billy. Pat persuades Honey to tell him, but he is distant initially. He soon comes round, following a heart to heart, and admits to being concerned, like Honey, that they would love the new baby more than their daughter Janet Mitchell Grace if it did not have Down's syndrome , which Janet has.

Honey reassures him it will not happen. After this, Billy and Honey agree they want the baby and gradually tell their families. When William is born, it seems that he is stillborn because he is not breathing but he pulls through.

Honey wants to name him after Billy and feels guilty about being happy that he does not have Down's syndrome. William leaves Walford with Honey and Janet in September when Billy lies about giving Jase's money to charity, which had led to his death. In April , when it is revealed that William is ill, Billy goes to see him, leaving the Mitchell family, who are torn apart by the true identity of Danielle Jones Lauren Crace and her subsequent death, to see William.

William reappears in May , along with Janet, for Billy's birthday party. In May , Billy has trouble telling Janet and William that Honey has been involved in a car crash and that Jack has died. William appears again in May when he meets Billy's girlfriend Julie Perkins Cathy Murphy for the first time as they play in the local park. During the live segment at the end of the second episode, William returns to the Square to watch Billy take part in the Olympic Torch relay.

William returned in February with Janet to stay with Billy. Lola's boyfriend Peter Beale Ben Hardy , feels squeezed out by this as the flat is overcrowded. In May , William returns again along with Honey and Janet. Billy and Honey take Janet and William out for the day and Billy believes Honey wants to reconcile with him, but she reveals that William has been offered a modelling job in Canada and she plans to move there with Janet and William.

She explains that she wanted Billy to be able to spend as much time with Janet and William as he could before they left. Billy is outraged by this, even more so when he discovers that William's contract lasts for a year.

Billy burns Janet's passport and pleads with Honey not to take Janet and William but Honey is adamant and refuses to change her mind. She allows Janet and William to stay with Billy until their departure. Billy decides to flee with Janet and William and stays the night at a hotel, with the intention of going to stay with Garry Hobbs Ricky Groves. Honey finds out what Billy had been planning to do and she decides to let Janet stay with him whilst she is in Canada with William.

Billy is satisfied with this solution, and after bidding farewell to Billy, William leaves for Canada with Honey. He is left devastated when Honey tells him his modelling contract has not been renewed.

In , Billy, Honey, Janet and Will move into the flat above the funeral parlour, where Billy is made a partner in the business, but Will struggles to sleep.

Keegan gets into Dennis's house and tells them Bernadette is pregnant. Dennis and Will apologise and Keegan attempts to force Dennis to smoke, but is caught and thrown out by Michelle. The scenes in which Honey was attacked were subject to heavy criticism, with Ofcom receiving 78 complaints from viewers about the level of violence displayed, and concerns for the safety of her baby.

The media regulatory body stated that: He reappears in May when Roxy has to go to hospital after fainting. Jamie gives Roxy his number. He later meets up with her at The Queen Victoria pub, though he is interrupted when his former wife Laura Stewart Jessica Regan arrives and asks him to look after their son, Felix Stewart Oaklee Pendergast. Roxy gets on well with Felix, but when she faints again and finds out that she is pregnant, Jamie tells her that he cannot commit to a relationship with her, as he is already preoccupied with Felix.

In , he treats Stacey Slater Lacey Turner after she falls and cuts her head. Abi is jealous of her as Bernadette is playing Mary. After Abi tries to sabotage Bernadette to gain the role of Mary, she is demoted from narrator to the role of the donkey. Bernadette later appears at Abi's twelfth birthday party in June , when she teases Abi about having a childish party, but they later become friends.

Max tells Abi to stand up to Bernadette, and it is revealed that Abi had assaulted Bernadette off-screen and been suspended from school for four days.

In May , Tanya tells Max that she is pregnant. In December , Oscar is delivered by Max as Tanya had left it too late to go to hospital. The midwife gives Max instructions over the phone and Oscar is named by his sister, Abi Branning Lorna Fitzgerald , although Max is not keen on the name. In December , Tanya leaves Max, taking Lauren and Oscar with her after discovering the true extent of Max's financial problems and that her salon was still in Max's name, despite his promise to put her name on the deeds.

Whilst in the care of Tanya's mother, Cora Cross Ann Mitchell , Oscar suffers a fall whilst playing and suffers minor injuries. Lauren returns alone in August and reveals that Tanya and Oscar are staying in Exeter. Oscar returns in April and stays with Max, whilst Tanya is on a night out in London. Lauren is upset and angry that everyone is carrying on as normal and ignoring the fact that Lucy is dead.

She allows Oscar to stay with Max for a while but he returns to live with Tanya when Max is arrested and charged with Lucy's murder in July Oscar is originally played by Gabriel Miller-Williams. His mother, Claire, said she was going to sue the BBC as she only found out he was sacked after a taxi failed to pick him up.

She said, "It's a disgusting way to treat people. We still haven't had a call explaining why he was sacked. I've sent his contract to solicitors to investigate legal action.

In this instance the decision to recast at this time was in part due to Gabriel's travelling costs. As the BBC strives to deliver value for money across all its productions, travel costs are a factor that must be considered. On 24 February , Gaynor appears as part of an iconic episode of EastEnders featuring only black members of the cast. Theo Kelly Rolan Bell uses her to get Chelsea to come to the pub so he can speak to her.

This episode marks her first credited appearance and first main speaking part. Booty closes down in late , so Gaynor loses her job. When Roxy faces financial difficulties, Roxy sells the salon back to Tanya, and Gaynor continues working there. Sadie leaves and sells the Salon, and Gaynor stops appearing round about this point as she does not have a job any more. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 12 July Retrieved 10 July Mrs Manju Patel — an 'EastEnders' legend?

Mickey Jones; Executive Producer: Paul Mari 7 January John Howlett; Executive Producer: Dominic Treadwell-Collins ; Writer: Christopher Reason 20 July Christopher Reason 21 July Retrieved 11 May Retrieved 22 March Retrieved 21 March Retrieved 9 August Retrieved 11 August Natalie Cassidy displays huge bump as she prepares for arrival of first baby".

Retrieved 13 July Retrieved 5 March Retrieved 20 October Retrieved 27 July Retrieved 1 April Retrieved 3 December Retrieved 19 February Clive Arnold; Executive Producer: Diederick Santer ; Writer: Colin Wyatt 23 April Archived from the original on 16 May Retrieved 16 May Retrieved 4 February Retrieved from " https: Lists of EastEnders characters Fictional characters introduced in in British television.

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Diedrick Santer Dominic Treadwell-Collins Family Sons Tomas Covalenco. Family Mother Anya Covalenco. Family Sons Garry Hobbs. Family Sisters May Wright. Family Father Rob Minter. Mickey Miller Darren Miller. Aleesha Miller George Trott. Family Father William Trott. Family Wife Viv Bates. Billy's Olympic Nightmare Family Wife Laura Stewart divorced.

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