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March 6, at Thank you so much for sharing your story. Most toddlers use about 50 words on their own consistently BEFORE they use phrases, so keep helping her understand more words and use them to label, request, and respond, then the phrases will come. But I can tell I have improved in just those 3 days of work and the bit of running I started. Is he pointing to any body parts and identifying any objects — Go get your ball, Bring me the book, Where are your shoes? I had the Mirena put in and went on anti depressants,anxiety meds. First of all thank you so much for your valuable time, very much appreciated!

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These mean more than a number on a scale. Tony, Thanks for the reply! Oh I feel great and my stomach looks alot better. So seeing the scale go down would make me more confident. I can see a difference from my before pic till now 2weeks I guess I should just throw that scale out. I plan on completing Insanity and then hopefully move on to P90x. My husband and I just started insanity tonight. Only with insanity there will be much more sweat!! Great to hear that you started off Insanity this evening Sadie.

Sounds like you know what you are going to be feeling tomorrow. It took me days to finally loosen up after the fit test. I made it through though and will say that I used a liberal amount of Arnica to help out with the soreness. Be ready to sweat a ton. I felt like I was swimming in a pool during some of the workouts.

Press play each day and have a fun. Arnica Gel is wonderful for sore muscles, http: This is the one I have used for years. I just finished the first fit test and came online to see how others had done! That fit test is tough and boy is it an indication of what is to come. I hope that you are cranking away at Insanity and digging the challenge that it is providing you.

Stick with it and you will get stronger at each fit test. Did you clean eat while doing the program? For the most part I was eating healthy before, during, and after Insanity. My wife did this about a month ago and has lost the belly fat. She walks times per week for 30 minutes. Currently, at the age of 24, I had to stop playing due to multiple concussions and lack of free time thanks to graduate school.

Depression set in, and, along with the rise of bad eating habits, my fitness level was decimated. Day 1 was today, and the fit test destroyed me; I was also lying on the bathroom floor for several minutes trying not to throw up. My numbers look like this in order of each exercise: Just really disheartening how bad I have let my fitness slip. But I have no plans on giving up. It feels like tryouts again where I have to push myself to the limit to make the team. How are you doing Will? Hope to hear that you are still cranking along and feeling good and getting stronger.

Well, after 3 weeks I can definitely say I feel so much better than I did Day 1. Talked it over with my doctor, and it turns out I have a B Vitamin deficiency mainly B6 and B12, which is strange considering I eat plenty of red meat. Also my numbers for the fit test increased alot as well: Keep at it and keep pressing play. Going to keep up with it. Hopefully you are feeling good and pushing play every day.

Just did the fit test on day 1. Literally lay down for half an hour thinking I was going to throw up or pass out. Ryan, I know the feeling dude. I was there myself after that first fit test.

Keep at it though and you will progress each and every day. I have a question. Week 4 I did the same if not less than the previous week. I am still over what I did for Week 1, but I am still a bit discouraged. I am not sure if I am not pushing hard enough…if anyone has any tips, I would greatly appreciate them. Hey Stephanie, I can totally relate to where you are right now. Check out my final results, http: You have to decide if the numbers are important or how you feel and look.

Keep after it and I bet you are going to do fine the rest of the way through. Thank you for the reply. It makes me feel better to know that I am not alone in feeling this way. I can definitely see and feel a change! In my twenties I was It is just a hard one to break. Before I started Insanity, I was Since I started Insanity I went down to , but have stayed there. It is hard to believe, because I feel like the inches off my waist are melting away!

Once in awhile I will take a peak and go on the scale at the grocery store. AND I just wish I knew what to do to get that last 10 pound off!!! How do you feel? Do your clothes fit better on you? How is your body transforming? More muscle in your legs, arms, back, chest? Look at all of these not a number on a scale. Muscle weights more than fat and this is why. If I was looking at a scale for some arbitrary number I would have missed out on what happened with my body.

You still have 4 weeks so change your attitude and finish up strong. My clothes fit better and I am seeing muscle where I never had before! I will keep going. I appreciate your advice! I just completed the fit test as well and am glad to see so many people felt the same as me. I went at it hard those first couple movements and by the end was laying on the floor for 15 minutes LOL.

Great to hear that you enjoyed the floor like so many of us. Hit Insanity each day and you will get stronger and better with each week that you complete. You know the drills as a college football guy. Look, I have been pushing play for 6 months.

I have finished Insanity 3 times. I have lost a serious amount of weight in that time. I have lost a total of 90 pounds, but I am stuck. I went from down to , but I have been at for about 2 months. I go up a few, down an few, back up a few….. I am 46 years old, and I think my body is just wore out.

One day my knees hurt so bad I can hardly walk, the next I add my shoulders to the list, then my wrists……. But after pushing play for so long and seeing such great results, I am tired. Any words of wisdom or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Yep, take 10 days off. Nothing, nada, chill, and let your body rest. Your body is so worn out it is in a survival mode right now. Take it from someone who has been where you are.

I ran myself into the ground riding anywhere from days per week. Putting in long miles and long hours that every part of my body hurt. Your body needs some down time right now and recovery.

Maybe bust out the foam roller to massage those muscles and release tension. I would also move away from Insanity all together for a period of time. The continuous pounding on your knees, ankles, hips, and body cause more pain and the use of Advil. My suggestion is to move into Les Mills Pump, http: You should be going off measurements and photos. I suggest you check out this article I wrote on the benefits of a specific brand I take. I know that weight is just a number and not as important as other things like you mentioned.

But I still have that sexy albeit much smaller spare tire that if I could lose I would probably be at my ideal number. I know where you are. I was there myself when I was riding. I thought if I took time off I was going to lose it all and my buddies would destroy me.

In actuality it was the exact opposite. I started Asylum today. I felt a little weak in the beginning of the work out, but felt good afterwards. I guess the proof will be how I sleep tonight and how I feel in the morning. TMW, proud of you for taking the time off. Most folks will not do that and just continue to run themselves into the ground. It will take a few days to get all your strength back, but where you will see the benefits is in the strength you will gain. I usually do two fruit smoothies each day.

One with a soy protien and one with a whey protien mix. I mix them with a cup of whatever frozen fruit I have in the house, a teaspoon of ground flax and the insanity metabolism supliment. I ran the Jacksonville Tough Mudder last week. I ran it in 2 hours and 38 minutes. It felt great to beat kids half my age all over the course. Started Insanity today with the fit test. I turn 50 in a week and have been too sedantary over the past 3 years.

The fit test damn near killed me! But, I am motivated to make my way thru this and get back to a lighter weight. I was apprehensive to start and had to stop several times during the fit test, my legs are still trembling, but darn if I wont push that start button again tomorrow!! Hoping to get down to at least by the end of the 60 days. Former military too, so I know how to push myself. Tiem to get crackin!!

Way to go Randy! Looking forward to hearing how you do as you continue to press play each day. But, I do want to get the most benefits from it. I am looking to tone and tighten my entire body. I have given birth twice and my belly is a little fat and covered in stretch marks.

I have heard that getting your belly tight will make the marks fade some. Either way, I want my shoulders and arms to have some definition, along with a rockin butt, legs and a super tight belly. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Jenn, I turn 50 in 3 days. I started last week, but ended up missing 3 days so I started over this Monday.

I vary my workouts between 10am and 2pm, whichever time I can get to the gym. I do push myself but if you read my post above, I am not in great shape at all to start with. I did the fit test again, and almost doubled my numbers on everything!

You have to know when you need to stop and take a breather and then get back on it. But I can tell I have improved in just those 3 days of work and the bit of running I started.

You cant push yourself to your maximum right off the bat- your body may not be able to take it. I do my best and push myself, but when I hit that exhausted point or really heavy breathing, I take a break for about seconds, then get back to it. So far, no barfing! You also need to go at your own pace and have good form too. That will certainly cause you to feel it later. Good luck and give it a shot! Great advice Randy on when to workout and why you workout when you do. Looking forward to hearing about your progress over the next couple of months.

Randy, Thanks for your words of encouragement. I am excited to start. Jenn, I am in the same situation as you. But I am determined to go through it. I can get through about minutes of each workout and am huffing and puffing, but I am pushing that play button every day!

I stop when I need to a nd then get right back in. YOU will see after the first few workouts how to adjust for yourself and on which exercises you can go hard on. I am not all there yet, but some of the exercises are easier to do and lower impact so I hit it hard. I have lost 8 pounds already. You determine how hard you want to push yourself during each workout. If you go hard early on when you are not ready you may feel queasy from your effort. As for the stretch marks and tightening up your belly that is different for each individual.

I know that my wife who has slimmed down from both of our kids still has stretch marks. But beer should be.

The bakery founded by Candace Nelson will offer a different dessert-cereal mashup every week during the month of January, each one more amazing than the last. Each can simply contains carbonated water and a bit of real fruit juice. I now drink one to two cans a day in place of soda because I love the guilt-free fizz in the afternoon.

I always keep a bag of these snap pea crisps at home for when I need to satisfy that salty, crunchy craving. They offer a nice serving of fiber and plant-based protein and have an ingredient list I can pronounce a big plus for me. Enter their frozen waffles, which I can just pop in the toaster for a few minutes and enjoy.

Because these are all I think about. Not only do they melt in your mouth like a chocolate bar would, purchasing a box helps support farmers transitioning to organic farmland in the U. At calories, the low carb, gluten-free beverage is the perfect alternative to boring vodka sodas, while still being a waist-friendly choice. The new allergen-free, kid-friendly snacks recently hit stores in time for back-to-school and as a mom I am totally obsessed.

Everything is dishwasher safe. Perfect for kids and parents. In fact, I might have gotten a bit doughy from eating all of them in one sitting. The chickpea-based pasta—which just launched a bunch of new shapes rigatoni is my favorite —is filled with protein and fiber and actually tastes just like good old fashioned pasta.

When I get my 3 p. This writer needs to stay hydrated! Chocolate chip is my favorite flavor, and the Berry Blast is a close second. You snap them in half and squeeze out a perfect mouthful from the sides. They come in five different delicious flavors but chocolate banana is my favorite. I sprinkle it on everything: People wanted to know what he was going to do about it.

They sued the government, saying E. And over time, that determination that E. Where we are now is kind of where we are with vaccine and people, where you have some people questioning the necessity of a system that works, without question. You know, when was the last time you saw someone with polio? I find that worrisome. In my view, what the government did in with E. They had a long list of arguments as to why they needed to take that action. But frankly all of that applies to salmonella. Salmonella kills more Americans every year than E.

Earl Butz, who was the secretary of agriculture under President Nixon. So the AHA sued the government because they thought it was necessary, and the government sided with the industry, and in essence said it was a naturally occurring bacterium on meat, which is untrue, and housewives—this is actually in the case, I swear—know how to cook it, what to do to make this food safe.

This is exactly the argument that the industry waged in , with E. The government has not faced a salmonella crisis like the Jack in the Box E. When I applied for the job, back in , and allegedly made it to the shortlist, you can imagine the industry was quite concerned about what I might do if I actually took office. You mentioned to me in the past that you have a few major frustrations with food safety in the United States. Can you talk a bit about those?

I think certainly the salmonella thing is probably the biggest frustration—and maybe the biggest public health threat.

That has to be on the top of my list. Secondly, the failure of government to have sufficient resources to allow for the level of inspection that should be required for FDA overseen products, which are different—meat, generally, is overseen by the USDA. That came about post The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair. And, allegedly, the legislation was such that the industry was supposed to pay for the inspectors. But, unsurprisingly, the industry got taxpayers to pay for the inspectors.

Most of the foodborne illness outbreaks that I have been involved in over the past 20 or 30 years, most of the manufacturing facilities have never had an FDA inspector in them. Even if they did, it was five to ten years earlier. The lack of taxpayers stepping up and the government stepping up, and the allowing of third party audits that are in many respects a complete sham, is just really frustrating.

I think we could have a much safer food system and food supply, if we applied the rules of adulteration across the board, regardless of the product, and we had an inspection core that would actually be available. And I think we could actually make this happen, if we wanted to. The poultry industry is a tough one.

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