How I Raised My Body Temperature with Carbs

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Early wells were averaged together by month from first output, the early wells are the first 3 wells which started producing Sept or earlier. I take my temperature whenever I think about it! I think exercise is good. My GP a conventional MD recommended high fat, low carb a little over year ago…. Your numbers are way too far out for me. This is uncommon since most authors do not have the knowledge to do this, nor the inclination to graduate thesis levels of work just for a stupid novel.


The bitter truth about fructose alarmism.

I definitely do not recommend OTF because they do everything in their power to charge you for services you did not use. Membership auto renews without the staff ever mentioning it. They then will continue charging you if the cancellation was not 30 days before your auto renewal date. There are so many awesome workout places out there that do not have such fraudulent billing practices. They actually should have explained all of the membership details to you when you signed up.

That was a gym downfall, not the program. I have been to so many gyms and the first that was my home gym was terrible. Worst customer service ever. They wanted to make me come in too and I refused, so they finally emailed it. My new gym is amazing. They will even cancel for you. They do tell you it automatically renews, that is how you get the unlimited pricing, and that you have to cancel a month ahead of time.

Mine is super understanding though. Maybe try a different location. My 16 year old daughter joined. Without clearly understanding that, she did just what they recommended.

How is it allowed that a 16 year old can sign any type of contract????? This exact situation happened to me as well!! Very true, If you want to cancel make sure to do it 30 days before the cancellation date and even then make sure you keep checking your account or just go straight to your bank and put a stop from there. They want that money soooo BAD more than you do and they could care less what your complaints are.

They actually explained all that to me up front. I agree; sounds like a fail for the one rep who may have been new or anxious for a sale. The app allows you to monitor charges too; so if you have a discrepancy, it can be addressed. I did once and it was resolved immediately. Awesome program and am glad I found it; finally meeting my goals after being outta shape for too long…. Which by the way was not explined correctly when I signed up. Being a gym member for my entire adult life, most gyms require a year minimum and OTF is only month to month.

Also, any other gym I have ever belonged to also requires you to come in and sign the paperwork in order to cancel.

Just my opinion, but their cancellation policy is pretty typical of all gyms. I was looking for reviews of OTF. At first, I think I was eating too many calories because the amount I was burning was making me starving. Then, I cut back on calories and now I see weight loss and muscle tone. This is after only a month of cutting back. I walk on the treadmill.

I love it and it gives me the energy during the day. The only problem I had with the emails was that there was no way to track progress. So, instead of going through your history to figure out how many calories you burned each week, my app will calculate it for you provided you entered all your workouts. I go Sunday morning for my free trial. I am not an athlete by nature but as you get older your metabolism slows down plus I really want to drop lbs.

The training seems a lot like tabata training longer intervals which is what I like…fast and furious and be done with it!! I have been to the OTF for over a month now and I love it!

When I signed up the explain how the membership works, that it will be charged every month automatically unless I give 30 days written notice of non-renewal, although it is stated in the contract which you can ask for a copy at any time , the gym manager took the time to walk me over the contract.

I used to power walk and now I jog, so I see an overall improvement, now I just need to control the hunger and lower the calories, I find that my hunger levels are higher than normal lol. I am almost Just went to my first class. This made me laugh, because I feel the same way you do! OT has been amazing so far for me 3 months in and I really see a difference in my fitness level. Thank you for the review. It is quite easy and would become boring.

A good spin instructor would be much more fun than this workout. One of their big pushes, the heart rate monitor, malfunctioned endlessly and was just a distraction.

This would be very gym-dependent, but my class was very crowded, not very individualized, impersonal, not particularly motivating. This is a lame mishmash of the two, and overpriced. I have been at orange theory about 2 months. I thought it was going to be great. I had HR monitor strap issues from day one. They gave me a new one and it still had issues.

I used my polar strap and it worked just fine. But honestly I have grown tired of the treadmill workouts. If you want to go say 4 or 5 days a week that is too much treadmill or row work. Almost 30 mins on the treadmill almost every work out gets old. I found myself trying to do much and wearing myself out trying to get in the orange. I personally do not see how anyone can keep doing OTF for more than a few months, It would get boring,.

I decided to cancel my membership. I was at a point in my gym where I was looking up different circuits and routines just to keep myself from getting bored. I put my name in for a free trial week, not knowing what a class was like, and they picked me! My first time was intense, I had no idea what to expect and being on the fitter side but not quite on toned side, I was a little intimidated.

The challenges that they throw at you every month offer you a chance to work on your distance, and strength and your overall ability to perform better even as you go up in weights.

It takes the guesswork and the planning out of your trip to the gym and the trainers and front office staff are helpful in helping you on your achieving your goals. I live the classes but my plantar facilities got worse. I never got a copy of my contarct. My fault for not asking. Well i have only been going for almost a month and i have the higest plan. When i walked in to cancel they all ganged up on me to see why.

I told them my situation and they brought one of the trainers that was also a physical therapist. He was just showing me what to do before i start and so forth… Which i already knew but anyways thwy enticed me to continue. Now o dont lmow what to do. I really dont want to start taking injections again on my foot. How does the plan work? I am going to get the copy tomorrow but Ok i want to be aware of things in case they try to trick me.

They did tell me if i cancel they will charge me another but i read something from someone that if i cancel before 30 days then i will not get charged the additional How does that work.

I go to miami lakes. Always read the fine print. If possible get a month to month in ANY gym you work out at. Gyms are actually glutted right now. Find one that you want. You do live and die by the contract though.

I have been goingoing for a month now in California our prices are a lot higher cost wise. The performance sheets after are great idea I just shared mine with my doctor so he can also monitor my progress. I have a negative remark to make about Orange Theory, The workout is fine, the people were upbeat and enthusiastic. I actually ran into the same problem! Found out the hard way what happens when you try to cancel. Hi Kerry, your last comment says you tried to cancel your membership. Is there a reason why?

There seem to be a few negative comments on that on your site. Were you allowed to attend classes in that window where you were paying for them? Was it an injury only that made you want to stop or was there another reason. Hi ER, I no longer go. I have scoliosis and one leg is longer than the other, so all of the running was straining the side of my body with the longer leg and it was causing bad back and hip pain. My doctor advised I stopped any high impact exercise. I have since began going to small group circuit training classes.

Still the fast-paced weight lifting component like OTF, but without the running aspect. But I still highly recommend it! I am so tempted to try after reading all the reviews.

I am sure this program would be beneficial to me. Any recommendation for beginner? Times are tough for a lot of people. Plus this is a fad, it will pass.

The first class I went to, my heart rate monitor was malfunctioning on me. It was discouraging so they said I could come back another day and they will strap me with one on the wrist and chest too. We will see how today goes! I really enjoy the classes. But instead of doing the unlimited, I do the basic, four times a month, membership. They open in upper scale shopping strip centers in medium to large cities and are quite beautifully decorated with the promise of the latest workout shaking up the fitness world by storm that will make you slim, beautiful, with boundless energy.

There is a reason this happens. It is based on sound evidence. I have a normal gym membership have had it for a long time, 20 bucks a month is not motivation enough to go. I can drop that in slot machine. Honestly, Orangetherory has a better class schedule than most gyms were I live and much more intense. Great post, and thank you for including the video and estimated prices and that they might differ based on location.

De-spite all of this, I want to thank you. For that I need thank you again, I much appreciate the insight. Oh Vaughn, you are sooooo not alone. I am right there with you. I will have to assess every goal i take on and make sure that I plan and make long term goals. Thank you for sharing such a thought provoking post. Something to read again and again, some great pointers! This article had me thinking whether my exercise schedule is consistent.

Apparently it is not. By reading this makes me wanna go exercise now! Thanks for the article. I got really inspired by the article so much that I have decided that I will consistently do exercise everyday, starting with today. Really thought provoking and I think you are right, being consistent is key to maintaining success. Consistency even when times are tough is even more important, and probably why so many people give up. Its very interesting and useful and non-intimidating to see how consistency is about getting stuff done everyday, rather than the tall order of doing it brilliantly.

It takes the pressure off. Consistency is definitely an important factor is being successful, just as much if not more than, innovation, uniqueness, learning from mistakes and broadening our horizons is. I only clicked on the article cause I thought the girl in the picture was hot. But really enjoyed that article also.

I was one of those crazy people who got all excited at the start, only to abandon any project after the first sign of a flaw. Until about three years ago, it seemed like I was always starting something new and never following through. Knowing this helped me start my business and lose 75 lbs.

My mental hang up was just that — mental. I made it ok not to execute perfectly. What a great written article.. I too related to your points and can happily say that I am a consistent person.. Thanks mate… It was very helpful. You have given me some tricks to solve my problem. This article is just spectacular.

Took me a while to admit the fact that I am a starter and not a finisher. This article has all the right information to help me transform my life. So greatful to have found this post. Thank you so much for the great post! I finally realized the root of my problem. I have been trying to become a finisher even though I still have a starter mentality. Having the mismatched goal and action make me frustrated and stressed.

I will try your tips to be a consitent and a better person. But I am afraid about my emotion which tends to dominate me all the time. Thanks again for your post! Thank you for opening up to us. Let us know how you go with the steps mentioned. By the way, you may want to check this post I wrote on pro bono life coaching.

I have to confess that I need your advise big time. I am a great starter… I guess the red triangle method sounds good. Also I realize that often I bite more than I can chew. I guess i get too enthusiastic about new things more than i should. And then I end up getting disappointed. I love this article. I have always been a good starter but not a finisher. It made me realize that what I did was totally wrong.

It is time to change by using your tips and tricks! I enjoyed this article a lot! Being in the personal development and social media arena, consistency is the key to success in whatever I and my clients do. I feel like hanging up on life but reading this article gives me some kind of hope to try in a different way.

Thanks for your detailed study. Thanks for sharing, The start a routine bit always gets to me! I realized that I did have the problem you stated though, setting an outrageous goal date for something that requires time to achieve.

Patience is one virtue that I lack, so unfortunately it has been a major pitfall when it came to setting project goals. I just had an epiphany, and I just realized that my life has just been about starting projects and not finishing a lot of them, specially the ones that require long term objectives. Do we really not know this? Is it just the fact that we want to make more in less time, or fear of the fact that we have to do it everyday? Consistency is doing what you set out to do when you want to, and more importantly, when you do not want to.

Very true…I do have the habit of hopping from one task to another…Which is why I am an inconsistent person! Oh, and I eat bacon almost every day. So, sorry — your assertion that people who eat butter are fat is wrong.

I went vegan a year ago and had blood work done prior to, during, and a year after going vegan. The results speak for themselves. Blood cholesterol can be completely controlled through dietary cholesterol. Eating saturated fat does not increase blood cholesterol level, but it does cause inflammation which is linked to heart disease. Can you source any journals to verify your statement?

I personally happened to stumble across the concept of a low carb high fat diet. I say from personal experience that it significantly helped what had been chronic depression, I lost 14kg and 6cm around my waist in 3 months, I regained my zest for life and energy to maintain it, and I have stopped feeling bloated.

I personally feel that it is carbs combined with fats that is the problem. It is amazing that people still say this. Chris is not making this up.

What, is this site trolled by vegans or something? There have been even more studies since then. Go study the ground-breaking research of Caldwell Essestyn and the others at the Cleveland Clinic, renowned for their cutting -edge research in heart disease:. You are the one who is foolish. Center for science in the public interest. Would you pick someone who does not have a vegan bias? This seems to be a well researched and referenced article that is in contrast to much of the recent hype on fat and meat etc.

Chris, that is not an article. It clearly is intended as a pamphlet. It seems that there is a sort of cherry picking going on here regarding the studies that are sited. Because, a look at the preponderance of evidence Now current epidemiological studies fairly convincingly shows that at least two of your assumptions are false: Serum cholesterol high LDL is in fact the main predictor of heart disease. The evidence is really against your conclusions.

These people just want to sell you something. Even Chris Kesser claims his diets are optimal, and therefore should require no supplements supplements are evil, right? That should tell you something. What can largely be extrapolated is that sufficient evidence exists to link diet, cholesterol and CVD, however, there remain unknown factors environmental as well as biochemical that may, in and of themselves, be causal or supplemental to this link.

Robust arguments as to the benefits of a vegan diet with regard to serum cholesterol and SFAs exist; however, recommendations as to best practices for reducing CVD with regard to cholesterol and SFAs and other fatty acids are continuously evolving —. So…yeah, sometimes, cholesterol can be the enemy. I really hate that everyone is promoting these myths about eating — I agree, to each his own, but moderation is the key; not this butter and fatty meat-laden diet nonsense.

In the s, bad nutritional advice was released tot he public advocating a low-fat diet. Water is just one atom away from hydrogen peroxide yet you drink that. If you actually study chemistry, then you realize that everything is ridiculously similar.

It has no cholesterol. Up until the s, margarines had a lot more trans fat due to the hydrogenation process that turns liquid oils in a semi-solid spread. This created synthetic trans fatty acids that raise LDL- and lower HDL-cholestero, both considered bad for heart disease risk. Most people automatically regulate both types of cholesterol regardless of how much cholesterol is ingested.

So the fact that is has less than butter does not recommend it. I think the whole point of the article was to point out that saturated fats and cholesterol are not necessarily the enemy here.

The author also points out that many of our current healthcare professionals still give advice based on antiquated and erroneous ideas that were perpetuated back when they were in school. We now know more information for a more complete picture. Many heart health professionals and even organizations have not yet changed their recommendations in light of this new information. Margarine is actually naturally white, not grey or black. In fact, the dairy industry sometimes often? Everything you eat is made up of chemicals, and as others point out even water is one molecule away from something dangerous.

Why would you drink cows milk at all? And broccoli is a flower designed to make new broccoli plants. I pretty much followed the Joel Fuhrman diet and the Aztec non-inflamatory dies and cholesterol went down from to ; Hdl — 52 to Still working on it, but ratios are all good. Also weight went from to This took about 5 months. I refused statins which severely damaged my sister.

I believe diet lowered in sat. I also exercise at a gym. I believe my Dr. Her cholesterol numbers are outstanding and she is thin and healthy. Look this is all really obvious. Good cholesterol is necessary for making hormones and vitamin D etc… Good healthful fats include:. Omega 3 fats found in avocado, flax, fatty fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, grassfed meats and diary etc. Omega-3s are anti-inflammatory and reduce risk of heart disease.

A moderate amount of omega-6 fats found in vegetable oils like canola oil linoleic acid and in grassfed meats conjugated linoleic acid. Excess omega-6 consumption leads to excess of inflammation. Medium chain triglycerides MCT such as lauric acid are good healthful saturated fats that can be found in high levels in coconut and extra virgin coconut oil not the bad hydrogenated stuff and grassfed butter. Low in refined carbs but overall low to moderate amounts of carbs unless you lead a very active lifestyle.

Excess carbs are converted to triglycerides which can increase bad cholesterol levels. People who eat a plant based diet tend to also eat more whole foods and whole foods usually contain low GI carbs in addition to lots of fiber which means less triglycerides. High in dietary fiber i. Grassfed meats, eggs and dairy have a more healthful nutritional profile than their grain fed counterparts with:.

Most trans fats bad fats i. Did you know some farmers even feed their cows candy aka refined carbs?!?!? Know your good fats from bad fats 2. Avoid excess levels of refined carbs and processed foods 3. Get in large amounts of fiber 4. Go for grassfed meats, eggs and dairy. If all this is too much work, follow a plant based vegan diet using mostly whole foods. However if you go on a vegan diet and eat mostly white rice, white flour, pasta and french fries cooked in soyabean and corn oil, you can bet you will end up with heart disease and probably end up overweight too!!!

This article and others that Chris Kresser have written are advocating saturated fats and cholesterol from grassfed meats and dairy. But it does not say anywhere to not eat plant based foods.

The proof is there. Heart disease was not a major issue years ago for meat eaters because they ate a diet higher in complex carbs, grassfed meats and dairy with lots of fiber and much fewer processed foods. Those of you on HFLC diets be smart about the fats you eat and the sources! Those of you who go HCLF, make sure you get the right carbs and all the good fats. Almost never use butter. Yet my overall cholesterol is Hoping with treatment for that my blood cholesterol will lower.

It depends on what your LDL and triglycerides are. If yours are high, you may want to cut back on carbs. Carbs are usually what drives up LDL and trigs. Thank you so much Anthony great summary I think this is the first time I have seen a sensible answer to the question What can I eat to keep healthy?

Commonsense is indeed important, the trouble is, some people measure commonsense too individually and often have little commonsense. Take vegan diets, always lead to malnutrition B12, K2, good fats, etc. How many vegans are there in the U. In other words, one out of approximately are on that risky road. Nora Gedgaudas, who wrote Primal Body, Primal Mind said the most ill clients she treated were ex-vegans or vegans still in the loop. I hope not, a dear relative of mine has just crossed over that dicey line.

Yes, this is very well written and perfectly stated. As consumers we MUST learn to do our own research. Coconut oil raised my cholesterol and LDL significantly. Thank you, Anthony… very well said. I believe a vegan diet is dangerous in the long term and should not be advocated for health reasons… the stories I have read of vegans who end up in crisis because they are starving their bodies of essential proteins and nutrients are legion. Your cholesterol may be low now, but wait until your liver fails from choline deficiency.

I eat certified humane pastured organic dairy and meats and harvest eggs from my own organic hens. I sleep fine at night and am healthy as hell. She has drastically cut a lot of calories from her diet by going vegan, a lot of fruit and veg is consumed which is high in volume in food terms but low in calories, also the food is higher in fibre which is very satiating.

Grossly modifying a diet from refined foods to wholefoods and then excluding animal based products does not mean that the exclusion of animal based products reduced your friends cholesterol!

Vegan diets are flawed. They demand supplements, for instance, B12, K2, and several other vitamins. The American way is twice that and the excess protein turns into sugar, gets into our blood, organs, etc. Vegan diets are great for detoxing short term, but fall flat soon after. The fact that someone does well for a while, look at T. Colin Campbell, at 66 he looked 92 then look at Loren Cordain when he Campbell appeared on the Larry King show, , However, to be fair, Cordain was only 63, Campbell was 79 but looked over Do I care what you or anyone else does, however?

All sure to be stressful, and accomplish nothing. Ever thought about that? Is she true vegetarian? I think taking statins for the rest of our lives in order to control our cholesterol levels is just an act of negligence.

Would it be really wise to artificially lower our cholesterol levels with drugs which has been proven to cause a myriad of other health complications? Many questions, many doubts, but one thing I do believe and know is that there is no bad cholesterol, our efforts should be more focused on how to lower inflammation levels which is the real culprit behind diseases associated with high cholesterol.

Thank you Chris and the rest of the team for providing so much interesting information on nutrition and health. Take for example this article here, by Michael Crawford and others fron An explaination would be much appreciated. My GP a conventional MD recommended high fat, low carb a little over year ago…. Would not have believed it before but have done much research since and it makes sense and works for me.

I myself love to eat a wide variety of foods from plants, nuts, animals, etc. Thanks for all of the content and education here. I only come to this site for amusement.

The articles and comments generally provide more humor than the comics. For nutritional science I read books like the Okinawan Program, the Blue Zones and books by people that know what they are talking about like Drs Esselstyn, Ornish and Furhman, all of whom have reversed heart disease in real people. It upsets me the number of commenters who confess their cholesterol went way up when they went HFLC, as encouraged on sites like this one.

Completely normal, as proven in clinical trials over decades. Yet, like sheep, they continue on — when all the time there are thousands of people who have had heart disease reversed — documented in credible medical journals — who do the opposite of the recommendations here ie. Even insurance companies now encourage a lower fat, plant based diet to reverse chronic conditions. Health effects of vegan diets. Retrieved October 9, , from http: Retrieved November 1, , from http: Retrieved October 10, , from http: Vegans report less mood disturbance than omnivores.

The problem with all of these studies is that they are not comparing vegans to healthy meat eaters, but average people who eat average diets full of heavily processed foods. These average people also do not exercise enough, lead a sedentary lifestyle, have crappy sleeping patterns, barely eat vegetables etc etc.

Vegans are more health conscious, but there are also health conscious meat eaters. I would like to see some studies comparing those 2 groups. My bet is that most if not all of the differences would go away.

Put another way, a diet which ignores fat and cholesterol, but restricts carbohydrates will lower blood cholesterol in most people. But a diet that is low fat, low cholesterol and low carb will lower blood cholesterol for everyone.

Is this what you are recommending, or am I missing something? What a drag, but then is it natural to separate cream from milk and slather our foods with what is delicious, that is, butter? When they arrived and were viewed by the Indians, they looked more dead than alive. However, there is a growing number of enlightened people who actually are changing their diets and improving their health, meanwhile most people are not.

If butter on yams sounds good, go for it, if a glass of whole raw milk, drink it, if a glass of organic wine with pickled herring sounds………. Have fun, make love, eat good food when hungry, dump the junk and be happy. One month after radical change becomes normalcy and the body responds will all sorts of indicators. What we eat that we want to eat matters to the world. You said vegans make you sick, but the fact is eating a vegan diet does great for people and the planet. Nothing has shown otherwise.

Eating vegan can be great, and at least for me it has been. Its not tasteless or bland. Immune Compromised, taking Enbrel…….

My family started getting raw milk from a small farm 2 years ago…and although I was initially concerned for the same reason you stated… I then thought of all the recalls in just the couple years prior from either produce or pasteurized food.

Lettuce, cantaloupe, peanut butter, beef… more recently, chobani yogurt and sabra hummus. Not to mention I eat sushi. I went on the high fat low carb diet and my cholesterol went above from in 6 months.

I have familial hypercholesterol. How many grams of carb are you consuming on average on a daily basis? Lastly , how long have you been on the HFLC diet? Check out this article by Dr.

Can losing weight worsen lipids? Thanks for that link. Two of my family members are practising LCHF diet with some decent results and no downside effect on Cholesterol. I am the one who is doing all the research and applying it on them.

There is not just one thing and source to follow. This link to Dr. I am primarily following Dr. Peter Attia and Dr. You can review most of it on my blog at: There are many variables and none of the scientific knowledge that we acquire is the last word.

Hi Liz This is no advice but it works for me. Halved my total cholesterol level by eating and working less,sleeping and exercising more,much more than a couple of years ago. Got into trail running,hiking and all the activities I had neglected as part of raising a family. Please careful and do your research about cancer and animal fats.

You may have lowered your cholesterol but you could end up with bowl cancer. The China Study by Colin Campbell is an interesting book. Research yourself the links between cancer and animal fats and see what turns up.

We know along with heart disease this is a number one killer. As someone earlier said in this post… No study is conclusive but we know that by eating mainly plants and live foods people go to the bathroom several times a day with ease. Heavy meat eaters without enough plant fibre in their diets get dreadfully clogged digestive systems and constipation which can also lead to diverticulosis.

I realise we all do what we think is best based in the information we find. I just wanted to prompt you to question it from a different angle. Those old diet advice, ridiculous low fat and high carb doesnt works, its already proven! You guys must talk with body builders about what they think about that. If you want lean mass you-ll need some fats and saturated ones, dont be silly. I am 70 years old and have stopped taking Cholesterol drugs and feel much better for not taking these drugs.

I have found that they have done more harm to my body than good. Tim Noakes and am experiencing wonderful health bennifits. I feel like a new man. My husband was advised to get on statins and his total cholesterol is His ldl is a little high. He has stopped eating a lot of cheese and pastas and not over eating at all. He gets his new numbers told to him this week after trying to lower the number for the last 3 months.

My hdl is good but my triglycerides screw this number up. I imagine it is from coca cola. Good on you Peter, I am 68 in May of this year, and am eating LCHF, I just keep putting on fat around my middle, on grains and carbs, low fat medium protein, so switching to fat instead of carbs, and losing waistline. I did LCHF before and went down to a 37 inch waist, a short spell on HCLF, has me back around 40 inch waist, and about 5kg heavier, because I have a high cholesterol, I will eat more mono fats like olive and avocado, but will still eat the fat on my meat, and eggs with yolks, only time will tell, because science seems very mixed up.

It depends on the cheese and the preparation of the red meat. Some cheese actually has sugar in it and depending on your preparation of the red meat also. For a LCHF diet to work you generally have to keep carbs around grams a day. Other wise when you consume both there will definitely be a rise. The reason being is that glucose is the main source of energy in our body and the body reaches for that first.

When you have an excess of glucose which comes from carbs, that will get stored. Anyhow, so when you keep carbs at 50 g, the body will need more energy and utilize the second source of energy which is fatty acids. Saturated fats is one type of fat amongst many and when metabolized becomes fatty acids. So I think there might be something else in your diet that might be causing the increase in your diet. I totally understand what you are sayin but I still need your advice. I cut sugar and refined carbs, lost 11 kilos in 28 days and felt great.

I had v little fat though, eating avocado in one piece of toast daily, usually Burgen bread, and then other stuff like salad and greet yoghurt and a usual tea, usual meats. Then a friend to,d me to eat more fats, and thing went haywire. I ate the cheese, the full milk, the creams on fruit and my weights gone nuts, and chol, high in the family anyway, skyrocketed. Overboard in high fat? Listening to the wrong info?

And weight back on. Go back to what you were doing before. You were apparently getting enough fats and the right amounts that way. I cant seem to eat dairy foods like that as they clog my arteries. Turn to sugar and not the same. I can eat burgers with the bun. I can eat a small baked potato with like a pork chop.

Even a roll with it. But if I try to eat the creamy stuff you mentioned I get tired, my arms get tight from not clearing the stuff as its sticking to me, and fat. Also rashes around mouth with excema from dairy. Hi, Loads of people avoid dairy. I know that when I eat it I notice it through my sinus and feel clogged up. Diary is processed and it you previously avoided it you may have built up a bit of an intolerance.

Save the dairy for special occasions but remember that full cream is the best. I have my own blog http: I can drink milk direct from the cows but not milk from the shops. I can eat real butter sparingly but not the margarine, What ever they add to the produced food does not agree with me frsh is best of every thing but all in moderation. I avoid dairy for the same reason. My nose gets stuffy and I get giant boils on my face, especially with cheese. Incentive enough for me to avoid dairy: Did you eat the high fat while eating the same amount of carbs?

One piece of toast typically has 24g of carbs and for this type of diet you have to decrease the amount of carbs to 50g or less in order to eat above the RDA recommendations and not have increased cholesterol levels. I think your friend might have left out that vital part. Karina, if you have read this article you should already know it. Still if you want to know more, I have compiled lot of resources like articles and videos on my blog http: From what I have understood there is no correlation of Saturated Fats with Cholesterol or Cholesterol with heart disease.

If anything, they are good for you. I want to know about saturated fat and cholesterol intake. Is that true that saturated fat raises cholesterol higher than cholesterol intake does? If yes, could anyone explain to me?

I am from India and the edible oil industry created this misconception that Coconut oil is bad, cholesterol is bad. A south Indian population which predominantly consumed coconut oil, turned toward sunflower oil. With atrocious amount of omega-6, the health of the people got affected. The same is with cholesterol.

Very true and the same has happened in other parts of the world like Philippines and other nations of south east Asia. It has been seen that when people like Japanese emigrate to USA they get all the diseases of North America which were unheard of in their native land. Not only that, when people in big cities like Tokyo gravitate towards Standard American Diet SAD then they get similar diseases in their own lands. Inflammation occurs in an acidic environment, damages blood vessels walls, which call for cholesterol to form plaque to provide protection.

OK let me drop the bomb, hdl is good cholesterol. Lsl is not bad but rather neutral cholesterol. Vldl is the bad cholesterol. You can eat any type of natural food and live healthy and long. Processed meat, including a steak from a corn fed cow is toxic. Margerine is toxic, as is regular butter.

The human body cannot store fat without insulin, therefore by removing sugars, starches and unnatural carbs from your diet vegetables are fine your body has no choice but to lose weight. Exercise is important as it builds muscle mass and breaks down insulin resistance. Alcohol is bad for you as it spikes insulin just like sugar.

Eat only real natural foods as nature intended. All I have posted is well researched and verifiable. Sugar is good for you. If there is not enough sugar in the blood, the body will release adrenaline to break down proteins into glucose.

Sugar in Fruits are entirely fructose; which the body can not even use, it must convert it to glucose. Also, do more research on resistant starches and what it does for the bacteria in the lower intestine.

The body craves insulin spikes at certain times also. The sugar in fruit is not entirely fructose. Low blood sugar triggers all sorts of metabolic responses, the two relevant ones being lipolysis and proteolysis. We have the processes specifically to meet our bodies energy requirements, they do not signal some kind of detriment to health in the presence of sufficient protein and fat intake.

Ok fine, so i had a brain fart about the fruit sugar. What i really meant was they dont hav glucose; what the body primarily uses. They just hav fructose and table sugar, that is all. Why rely on the body and give it more stress to do anything, such as any protein synthesis, when u can jus eat something? Why start with americans as a base? Why not someone else elsewhere, or jus a modern normal person of health?

What is anything about amerika thats normal? Always has been philosophically. I have nothing against any way of eating, just get sick of the preaching that goes on, especially as you are on a LCHF site. This is very interesting. I was only yesterday told I have raised cholesterol. Strange thing is I should be a model for a low cholesterol lifestyle. I am a reasonably fit, ib, 42 year old, female vegetarian.

It may be hereditary or genetic, and not have anything to do with lifestyle. The low saturated fat, low cholesterol, high fiber diet is working for my fiance, very well, in fact. He does get a lot of fish and avocado, which is part of the good cholesterol, which is another thing that helps lower the bad. What does your good cholesterol look like? Alot of how cholesterol is transported has to do with the amount of protein in the blood.

Vegetarianism does not mean inadequate protein. I get protein from regular consumption of legumes, soy products, and nuts. Basically, everything the newer articles including this one are saying is a myth, now. The following are his results, without any medication:. So I will tell you that for some reason, the old advice IS working for my fiance. I am starting to wonder about cholesterol because these new articles are quite the contrary to the experience we are having.

We have a lot of familial heart problems and I am trying to make this stop with our generation if possible! I agree that the weight loss was a contributing factor, however he had normal levels before starting the high fat low carb diet previously, at the higher weight. You mention it rose again, after adding healthy fats.

If he loses any more weight he will disappear. Stephanie, your experiences and take are the most valuable for this debate. I would like to direct you to my blog where I have compiled lot of resources: Start from there and go further to other videos like one by Dr.

In a nutshell, you need to develop your own understanding by educating yourself. From my understanding, I can tell you that you should simply forget about Cholesterol. I am a care provider for a program that is subsidized by the USDA, which requires that we serve milk for breakfast and lunch. We choose to serve grass-fed, glass-bottled, non-homogenized Jersey whole milk. We will share those with families. How about this article by Dr.

A friend and I switched to a low-carb diet about 3 months ago. Recently they had a blood test, and their LDL numbers increased and their HDL numbers decreased — high enough that the doctor started talking about statins. Any idea why their blood results could change so much for the worse? I waited until my weight loss stabilized before getting my blood work done and saw my HDL go really high, while my LDL went down.

I find it interesting that your friend saw the drop in HDL on a high fat low carb diet. What were some of the foods he was eating and avoiding? I avoid breads, grain, pasta, refined sugar, vegetable oil, and soy. I eat healthy fats like olive oil, MCT oil, coconut oil, grassfed butter, avocados, nuts, whole fat cheese and a little whole fat milk, leafy lettuce, kale, spinach, cucumbers, berries, broccoli, grass fed beef, bacon, cage free eggs, wild salmon.

I make my own salad dressing with evoo and apple cider vinegar and even eat the occasional carb now and again. What kind of exercise does your friend do?

I try to walk a brisk pace every day 10 minutes at a minimum. Too much will put stress on the liver. Hi, John, I saw that you backlink to previous articles in this excellent series. Can you edit the earlier articles and forward-link to the next article? Saves time examining the overview page. I held dietary cholesterol to less than mg per day for a month then did a before and after comparison of blood cholesterol.

It is an easy experiment to do, and yields individually relevant results. I am not expert feel taking Niacin will increase HDL level consult your physician khanna.

Indeed, I would view and HDL level of 25 as alarming.

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