Slim fast shakes while pregnant


Pregnancy and slim fast????
How would you feel If a guy was dogging his baby moms out for you who's 2 month's pregnant? Even if I'm not trying to put on weight, I am at least trying to sustain my weight. I know that's not what you want to do, so just respect the commitment you've made to nourish your baby the best possible way you can. I trust that for the sake of your and your baby's health, you are under the care of a doctor and taking prenatal vitamins. This increase is due to the body beginning to shift hormonal balance. This time I've been eating at home at first only because we couldn't afford to but now just because we've seen the benefits!

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Is it ok to drink slim fast shakes while pregnant?

Make a chocolate banana shake by blending together milk, a frozen banana and chocolate syrup. Add a scoop of protein powder or wheat germ for extra nutrition.

Video of the Day. Side Effects of Slim Fast Shakes. What Is in Slim Fast? What Are the Benefits of Slim Fast? Meal Replacement Shake for Weight Loss. Calories in a Slim-Fast Shake. Just know that the chocolate and coffee flavors have caffeine in them you can see how much here: So I'd keep it to a minimum.

But go for it! As long as your note trying to lose weight and they're aren't any stimulants caffiene, pseduoephrine, ephedrine , it would be fine. Slim fast shakes are pretty much the same as drinking carnation instant breakfast and alot of women drink that during pregnancy. Eat a grapefruit instead of drinking juice; the fiber will allow you to feel full longer, and grapefruit is which could help with weight loss. Start your day using eags beacuse eags is made up of more protein.

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Is it ok to have a Slim Fast drink while pregnant? Answer Questions What does this mean? How long were you personally in the hospital for labor and delivery? Could i be Pregnant? Wishing you lots of luck and congrats on your BFP xx. Thats an idea Emma, i have the flu sort thing now and i'm bunged up at present lol.

If it lasts i could use that. I know it will and i know you are right - but i am thinking of baby in a way because a healthier mummy will be a healthier baby. I know i won't take the slim fast lol - i just worry about the risks of heavy in pregnancy xx. Very true minimonkey but you'll be far healthier for a balanced diet combined with exercise.

It'll not be easy though, especially as you are eating for 2, you lucky thing! Take care and try not to worry xx. As an excuse not to drink you could say you have an infection around a wisdom tooth, the treatment is usually the antibiotic metronidazole which can make you violently sick if you take alcohol. Hope this helps x. Please sign in or register to add your reply. Reply Follow Unfollow Continues below ad.

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